As an aspiration, India looks to contribute in every aspect of the global economy and society. However, various institutes are facing a pertinent question that begs an urgent answer. How will they prepare the children to meet these aspirations?

The education system in India has turned into null and void, creating employees with a work profile utterly inadequate. Moving forward with this system will not result in the progress of the country. Some policies are bringing much-needed reforms. However, the pace of these reforms is inattentive. It is important to understand that a child’s thinking is far different from the adults. Over time, as they will step into different stages of life, they develop more sophisticated ways to understand the world.

The active, constructive, and long-lasting learning process hone the skills of the school going kids, teaching them to use their brains more effectively, and stimulate their attention to engage in multitasking successfully, and embellish their memory with a new set of skills. Furthermore, cognitive skill is a prerequisite for evaluating information and analyzing a myriad of issues. Therefore, to improve the cognitive skills of a student, the school and institute should focus on the academic performance of the student.

Enhancing cognitive skills in the school allows students to generate new ideas with the help of previous knowledge. This method up-skills the students to make connections and apply new concepts to what they already know. Furthermore, a deep perception of topics and stronger learning ability can develop the mindset of the students with a positive approach towards the schoolwork.

There are several benefits for the schools to teach their students the cognitive skills for a better future.

Ability to Grasp Knowledge Promptly

A cognitive learning space improves the command of the subjects. In this method, students explore practical ways of implementing what they have already learned, which helps in understanding the “why” behind a topic and how it actually fits into a larger picture.

This process encourages students to take a hands-on approach to learn, allowing them to explore the material and develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

Creative thinking skills involve using strategies to clear the mind so that the generated thoughts and ideas can exceed the limitations of a current problem and surpass the barriers that prevent new solutions from being found.

Improve the Memory and Concentration Level

While the drill-and-kill memorization involves monotonous teaching, which hampers the motivation of students to learn new things, cognitive learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of a subject. It allows students to build upon previous knowledge and ideas. Activities that engage the brain in constant challenging ways are the “exercises” that help improve cognitive skills and abilities.

This method of learning helps the students to make connections and apply new concepts to what they already know. Moreover, creativity and knowledge together are the auto components of human experience as it involves a dynamic relationship between learning and creativity.

Develops Problem-Solving Skills

The cognitive learning space allows the students to acquire the skills which can be applied to any subject and builds a problem-solving attitude.

Activities, such as wool webs, scavenger hunt, skits, build a model out of blocks, crossword, and picture puzzle, refine the problem-solving skills. This strategy clears the mind of students so that his/her thoughts and ideas can exceed the current limitations of a problem and move towards new solutions which are hard to discover.

From word problems in a math class to persuasive speeches and papers avails in the creative thinking skills and rationality of the students to search perspectives and generate new solutions.

Boosting Self-Confidence

Cognitive learning focuses on the mindset, methods, and behaviors, which help to develop the student’s creative intelligence. Moreover, it helps in the acceptance of new changes and to fulfill social and moral responsibilities for the improvement of social situations. Cognitive learning also focuses on experimentation and practice.

A deeper understanding of topics and stronger learning skills, enable the students to complete schoolwork with enthusiasm and confidence. Creativity, along with curriculum, empower the students to be innovative and also motivate them to learn new things.

Instill Keenness to Learn More

The cognitive learning approach gives students the chance to reflect on what they are learning and how it can be applied in reality. Cognitive learning generates the most effective way for the students to retain and its application correctly. This teaching allows the children to learn how a “big picture” approach to learning to understand how smaller thoughts fit into more significant ideas.

Giving students the chance to engage in passionate learning makes it even more fun and exciting. This helps students develop a lifelong love for learning outside of the classroom.

It encourages diversity of ideas, opinions, and perspectives and helps the student to think literally and approach problems from multiple perspectives.

Compared to the traditional classroom approach where the teacher provides face-to-face instruction and communication to the students and does not cater to innovation and creativity, cognitive learning involves a dynamic, effective and abiding learning space for the students to grow. With these skills, students become better learners, increase self-confidence, and develop a problem-solving attitude. As a matter of fact, a qualified curriculum should involve such courses and activities that are connected with creativity, and critical thinking, and science, philosophy, ethics, and cultural studies.

Brief About the Author
Ms. Alka Kapur – Principal, Modern Public School

Ms. Alka Kapur, the principal of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh India, is an icon in the world of education. She has been the custodian of a school’s ideals, of the beliefs it cherishes and its permanent hopes. Under her inspiring tutelage and leadership, the school has marched ahead in full stride. She is a lady of sublime virtues who carve a distinct niche for her in the hearts of students, parents, and teachers. Her dedication and devotion along with the compassionate nature for the weaker sections and downtrodden strata of the society is worth appreciation. The school has reached unprecedented heights of success and has entered into a galore of new glory in her august present.

A Luminary in the Education World

Ms. Alka Kapur is not only the chief steward of MPS but the soul of this wonderful institution. Her novel thoughts and deep insights brought enormous laurels to MPS at national as well as international level. She joined MPS on 1 July 1998 as a Primary teacher and was promoted within a span of 2 years. Under her regime as the Head of the School, MPS made commendable progress and achieved various preset goals.

Alka is a widely-traveled person; she is well-versed with the system of education around the world. Her first-hand experiences with the educators at various conferences all over the world have given leverage to many educational programs in India and abroad.

Responsibilities Conferred Upon Her by Various Institutions of Excellence:

  • An Executive Committee Member of Forum of Public Schools in India.
  • Joint Secretary of Sahodaya Schools, North West Delhi, India
  • A member of the esteemed panel of Inspection Committee of schools across the globe for up-gradation, affiliation, of the schools.
  • Has been a Nodal Supervisor for CBSE Class XII English Examination for almost a decade.
  • Has been working as Environment Crusader in collaboration with TERI, an institution for the research on the environment.
  • Has been prominently associated with various NGOs. To name a few, Cancer Society of India, Red Cross Society, Sarthak Prayas, Old Age Homes
  • A member of Quality Education Asia for Curriculum Development at Primary, Middle, and Senior Secondary level.
  • A member of the Forum of Quality Education for All.
  • A member of various School Managing Committee of Renowned Schools of Delhi.

Awards and Titles 

Alka’s life has been embellished with numerous awards and distinctions for her distinguished service and contribution to the field of education. Her innovative strategies and dedication have made her the proud recipient of the following awards such as Inspiring Educator award by Rocksport; International Educator award 2019 by CED Foundation at Bangkok; Bestowed with Life Empowerment Award by Expressions India, Guru Drona Awards 2018 by Shri. Manoj Tiwari, to name a few.