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UAE’s operator for government schools and kindergartens, Emirates Schools Establishment, urged that students from grades four to twelfth will appear for online examination in June studying at UAE’s state school. With this, the operator also clarified that the pupils in grades one to three will not sit for online exams and will be adjudged on an assessment basis.

It is considered that ESE ratified a strategy for the remaining school days of the ongoing academic year and will adhere to distance learning after the examination period on June 17. The operator clarified that the third-term exams mark the end of the curriculum but not the end of the present academic year.

Post examination, in the allocated four hours, the schools need to introduce several extra-curricular activities related to subjects like remedial education and skill refinement for the pupils which will benefit those in the future academic years. It recognized areas for pupils in grades four to 12 to develop their literacy, proficiency, and coding skills, linking theoretical and practical education.