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In the quest of teaching the qualities of diplomacy & sustainability to the children in UAE, Ban Ki-Moon has been appointed as the Ambassador for the Model United Nations (MUN) at GEMS World Academy schools. Ban Ki-Moon is one of the most venerated leaders and the former secretary-general of the United Nations.

He will take the charge for next three year, where he will be sharing his proficiency and understandings with the students in UAE. MUN is the model developed with intention to educate students about UN and worldwide relations.

Ban believes that youth should take the charge about world we live in and education takers should encourage students on matters of environment and sustainability to negate effects on generations to come. He also feels that collaboration with GEMS Education will help to reach the audience, resulting in improvement of human.

MUN’s upcoming conference is scheduled and Ban will be opening the same, here GEMS Academy Dubai will get exposure to General Assembly replicated sessions where they will be guided on diplomacy and effects on 21st century.

Founder and chairman of GEMS, Mr. Sunny Varkey urged that association with such impressive figure having great skill set of diplomacy will receive great learnings. This will develop the diplomacy skills and will also educate students about the current scenario helping them to become global residents.