The Revival of Global Leadership in the Pandemic Times

The coronavirus outbreak has made the world come to a standstill; this international pandemic has exploded with leaps and bounds with a devastating number of millions affected by it. The economy has experienced nightmares, the business world has collapsed, and the rate of unemployment is counting a number higher than expected. The resources are now depleting and the nations at large are struggles to hold their horses in these times of turmoil. Every country is fighting a battle and some have completely isolated themselves to save their capitals. However, the need of the hour calls for an action plan which is team-driven and co-ordination oriented. With utmost solutions and effective planning, collaborating will improve the global leadership scenario and will be a boon to a vast number of organizational leadership.

Screens are the New Offices

Abiding by the protocols of staying at home and working from home has now become more than just a routine; it is now a culture in itself. One has to open their laptop or computer screens which enable them to be present at their office. More importantly, the study table has become the office desk, and videoconferencing via Zoom call has become the conference hall. This pandemic facilitated professional life has become the new normal and the workforce hustle culture has seen its end. The various pros and cons related to the “work from home” situation have left the global leadership second-guessing their choices and day-to-day decisions.

A Call for Action for the Global Leadership

A game plan is a must to overcome challenges. The mounting failures in the business world should be addressed and considered for reassurance with regulatory measures. With one step at a time, the collaboration of business communities and leading partners can bring a sense of relief to many failing organizations. Experts can help analyze the bigger scenario and consultants can get one covered with an insurance or backup plan.

Global leadership can mark its presence over with an inspiring, dynamic, and exciting offer to lead the future to better times. Recently, many countries are working on vaccines for combating the virus. This is a ray of hope to bring back the world on its feet; the business world is also seen experimenting with new techniques and models to resolve the current pandemic crisis with excellent management to structure to a constructive outcome.

A Word of Praise

Recently, the leading global executives have lauded India for its high-class performance and principled approach to fighting the virus. An eye for innovation and disciplined conduct has helped India in its vaccination drive against the coronavirus. The Drug Controller General of India has approved the COVID-19 vaccines Covishield manufactured by the Serum Institute and Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech, which are soon going to have a smooth rollout for restricted emergency use in the country.

Applauding India for this massive success, the global tycoons’ tweet on Twitter their statements:

It’s great to see India’s leadership in scientific innovation and vaccine manufacturing capability as the world works to end the COVID-19 pandemic,” Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tweeted on Monday, tagging the Prime Minister’s Office. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization tweeted that India “continues to take decisive action & demonstrate its resolve to end #COVID19 pandemic“. “As the world’s largest vaccine producer, it’s well placed to do so. If we #ACTogether, we can ensure effective & safe vaccines are used to protect the most vulnerable everywhere,” stated Ghebreyesus and tagged India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

World’s biggest COVID-19 vaccination programme set to begin in India. For this, the country is proud of the contributions of its scientists and technicians,” determines the Indian Prime Minister. Addressing scientists at the National Metrology Conclave, Modi states that the ‘Made in India’ products should not only have global demand but also receive global acceptance. Giving reassurance to all the nations, the Prime Minister asserts that the Indian vaccines will help all humanity in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.