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The pandemic has exposed a myriad range of changes that over the last year has picked up as trends. The COVID-19 crisis has challenged every industry and sector, and education has had its share. So, what has changed in the field of education and how are students, institutes, and various educational platforms coping along with it? When the pandemic happened, the world went digital and with this, every company, business, and organization marked its presence online. Education too stepped into the virtual world and turned their schools, colleges, institutes, and universities online making all the classes available at home on student’s respective screens.

More importantly, this had led to Education and Technology synthesizing together for a power-packed future. Adding momentum to this broader spectrum are EdTech platforms, which are delivering students with an insightful experience, embodying the practical and theoretical knowledge in a structured layout. Leveraging this new set-up everywhere, some trends are doing the rounds. According to a survey, the tech market is expected to cater to a whopping number of million users and grow up having a huge share market of 1.96 billion dollars by 2021. Let’s dive into the trends now:

  • AR (Augmented Reality ) and VR ( Virtual Reality )

AR and VR enhanced user experiences are cool as it sounds, augmented and virtual reality has gained popularity over the years due to its hi-tech appearance and engagement. The students find it appealing to attend lectures along with such advanced technology helping them learn in a detailed manner. This in turn is an advantage for the teachers as well, as students are keen to discover more about the subjects and are active to learn the concepts and models. Making a teaching-learning process a smooth-sailing ride, the AR/VR technology is here to stay for a long period.

  • Robotics

This is yet another evolving technology set to spread its horizons with time. It is widely accepted now in the K-12 education syllabus helping students realize their passions and giving them a blueprint to become potential tech leaders. The 21st century has become progressive in ways one can only imagine, but the reality is showing a different picture and bringing it to life. Hence, robotics is a vast topic that is an asset for students to showcase their hidden talents and capabilities. With the help of robotics, the understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has become immersive and provided a path for non-stop innovation.

  • Cloud-based EdTech Platforms

Online education platforms are in full swing and with the help of the right technologies that assist real-world developments, the cloud-based EdTech platforms are playing a massive role everywhere. The various education organizations benefit from this technology as they don’t need to buy, own, and maintain servers and data centers by themselves but rather use the cloud databases, storage, and services as required. Additionally, the security level on the cloud is trustworthy and everything can be efficiently managed using the technology. It offers EdTech platforms with a wide range of academic amenities like online classes, homework, assessments, evaluation reports, and many more. Moreover, it also provides administrative tasks such as admissions, fees management, parent-teacher meetings, conducting open days, and handling the various day-to-day activities.

  • Digital Master-classes / Webinars

As students are currently learning through the Internet, the digital master-classes / webinars are an added benefit to the already holistic syllabus. So, why is it that one needs to attend these kinds of sessions? Well, the answer is easy, it provides an abundance of knowledge, but along with that, these sessions are usually conducted by experts, who have extensive experience in their field of work and are willing to educate the future generations to achieve mastery in their performance. The students gain a sense of confidence from such informative classes to excel in their academics and to also pursue their dreams.

So, here were a few of the trends floating in the EdTech sector and bringing a set of new changes accordingly.