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Studying abroad is a life-long dream of many students, who wait for years to pursue their higher education from a reputed college and look forward to this experience. Every year, there is a smooth rollout of students, who secure their admissions in their preferred country and university and step into this new world. This in itself is a toiling process, and the pandemic crisis has ruined the situation as students endured panic and uncertainty overall. Many questions about studying abroad are doing the rounds, how to adapt to the new normal, should one apply for the next semester, what are the current rules and regulations, and much more. To clear the air, here are a few of the answers that one can refer to for further details.

  • Are Universities still accepting International Students? 

Universities are willingly accepting all applications and it is possible to study abroad, however, there are some abiding concerns to check off the list. Most universities follow a standard admission procedure for the enrollment of students depending on the country and choice of degree. This process may now involve a few additions to the new COVID-19 guidelines. More importantly, the documentation process of visa applications has started as visa centers are slowly reopening as lockdowns have been uplifted.

Also, the COVID-19 PCR tests are mandatory in most universities and the respective Governments have taken the following safety measures to ensure the utmost protection of the students, teachers, and various staff members. Challenges will come along the way as the online admission might be delayed due to the processing of documents or restrictions of movement, but with feasible solutions, the hurdles can be defeated. This in itself is a positive sign to go ahead with the international study process.

  • Travel Plans Eases back 

Traveling in the times of COVID-19 can be overwhelming for students considering the journeys are long and anxiety can kick their well-being if flights are delayed or canceled. So, what is suitable in such cases? Many universities are offering online classes and students are willing to participate as well, but the whole point of studying abroad is to experience a new place, language, lifestyle, job opportunity, and industry exposure. The institutes along with the government and embassies are offering a helping hand for students to travel for their semesters and be present for their academic year. This enables the students to move to the new country efficiently and not put their careers on hold.

  • About Student Visas 

The visa applications usually take three months, so make sure to apply well in advance. The operations of the visa office have returned to normal and information regarding the visa processes can be available on the embassy websites or any third-party professionals can help here. Also, there are special visa departments in universities to guide students through the application process.

  • Accommodation and Healthcare 

For international students, accommodations and healthcare are top priorities to figure out before moving abroad. Buying health insurance and making sure about the safety policies at the place of accommodation is a must for all students. For any emergency treatment or medical condition, students must check in with the country-specific regulations and what cover under their insurance term plan.

  • English-Language Certificate

All universities require international students to complete an English language test which includes IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, iBT, TEEP, and more. After the completion of the test, a certificate is provided for the application process of the respective university. Due to the current condition, there are online options available for the tests and also some institutes have created their tests.

So, here are a few of the answers that were most popular amongst the international study niche. Also, the campuses are kept safe and are sanitized regularly ensuring a clean environment around to study. So, overall with regulatory guidelines for safety, students can pursue their abroad dream education and complete their degree.