St. Mira’s College for Girls

St. Mira’s College For Girls

One of the Miracles of the “Mira Movement in Education”

St. Mira’s College for Girls is an undergraduate and postgraduate women’s college situated near the beautiful Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra.

It is a realization of the dream of the progressive, visionary, saint, philosopher Sadhu Thanwardas Lilaram Vaswani, an Indian educationist who initiated the “Mira Movement In Education”.

Established in 1964, St. Mira’s holds the rare honor of being the first city college, affiliated to Pune University, to be accredited by NAAC and also the first accredited Arts and Commerce College to go autonomous.

It is a highly acclaimed institution supported by The Sadhu Vaswani Mission. It has succeeded in carving out a distinctive path with an outstanding record of high academic results, well-placed alumni, accountability, well-established self-correcting mechanisms, and healthy practices.

The story of the inception

The journey of a thousand miles began by adding one class each year to the pre-degree courses. Accompanied by a small group of eager learners and a handful of dedicated teachers and staff who did not even expect remuneration for their efforts, the college grew in leaps and bounds!

Year after year, St. Mira’s has evidenced a significant expansion in the number of young and bright-eyed students from 62 to over 3500 enrolments, among which includes many girls from low-income and first-generation learners.

In each student, the college identifies potential that can be drawn out— for that is what St. Mira’s believes true education is. To each aspirant, the college offers the best values for that is what the MIRA ideal is all about.

Mission and Vision Statement

Pushing the institution to achieve new heights, St. Mira’s College adheres to its defined mission and vision, leading to its current position as one of the Most Valuable Colleges in India.

Mission Statement: To empower and equip women students through an integrated education of the head, hand, and heart, to successfully meet the challenges of competitive work life and inculcate in them the art of true living.

Vision Statement: To grow into a Centre of Excellence providing quality education and empowering women to take their place in society.

Delivering excellence

Ever since its beginnings, St. Mira’s College is dedicated to continuing the legacy of The Sadhu Vaswani Mission, supporting and enabling the women students for the next generation learning challenges.

The institute runs several post-graduate courses to meet the aspirations of the students and the growing needs of the industry and is on its way to becoming a research center. To enhance learning, the college also conducts national and international workshops and conferences on various topics.

To equip its students with the skills required to become qualified therapists, St. Mira’s College hosts a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Music Therapy-in collaboration with The Music Therapy Trust. The Dept of English is collaborating with City University College of New York.

Unique Programs at Glance

The college has acquired the considerable reputation of delivering wonderful and enjoyable learning experience by offering unique, purposeful and relevant career development programs in their curriculum.

St. Mira’s offers a broad spectrum of programs and courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, attracting some of the brightest young women in India.

At the undergraduate level, the college offers academic programs like

  • Bachelor of Arts – (English, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Commerce – (Banking, Cost and Works Accountancy, Marketing, Business Administration and Business Entrepreneurship)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – (HR, Sales, and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – (C.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) – (Computer Science)

At the postgraduate level:

  • Master of Arts – (Sociology, Economics, and English)
  • Masters of Commerce – (Business Administration and Advanced Accountancy and Taxation)
  • Master of Science Programs in Computer Science

With the outstanding stock of the degree courses, St. Mira’s has additionally launched Credit Courses for its undergraduate students which aims to add value to the degrees conferred and better equip them for a competitive world. The college has a number of programs to offer like Software Testing, Advanced Image Management, Tally 9, Spanish, Content Writing, Embroidery, Travel and Tourism, Insurance Practices, Certificate Program in Financial Markets-Sales & Operations, Diploma Course in Dance Movement Therapy, Certificate course in Disabilities, just to name a few.

What Makes it different

The curriculum under autonomy is evaluated and framed with the perspective of molding students for a better tomorrow. It intends to deliver excellence and pupils are trained in such a manner that they sustain themselves in today’s highly competitive environment. Students here are also guided to be socially responsible and committed to a better future.

To have a thorough practical understanding, St Mira’s has made the ‘experiential learning component’ a mandatory part of the programs whether it be field visits, internships or labs. Also, there is a profusion of extra-credits and certifications, which students can choose from.

Autonomy has been adopted for reformation, to strive for the best, inculcating quality education, improvising on subjects which blend modernization and values whilst students learn to think out of the box and maximize creativity.

About the leading light

Dr. Gulshan Gidwani- The Principal and Director of Mira Education

The woman behind this great foundation – Dr. Gulshan has been a dedicated advocate for education and empowerment of women, proudly serving St. Mira’s College for Girls with a long-standing teaching experience of 39 years and 18 years as a principal.

Dr. Gulshan is a highly motivated leader, who steered the college towards setting itself up as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ by chartering the course towards expansion and autonomy. Under her leadership, the college has been reaccredited with ‘A’ grade by NAAC in the third cycle and selected twice for College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) scheme.

This has been made possible by implementing leadership systems that are democratic, participative and distributed.

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