Statuetting the medication whirlwinds into the craving ocean of therapeutic needs

The foundation initiated by the dynamism of the Yawatmal Zilla Vikas Samiti, P Wadhwani College of Pharmacy stands highlighted as an epitome of generating the best ailment aiders as pharmacists since its establishment in 1994.

The institute was formulated to revolutionize the debugging of the prevailing maladies. It stands with an aim to carve out perfect pharmacy officers out of the relentlessly ambitious students.

Following its affiliation to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, it has been acknowledged by the AICTE, PCI, and the Directorate of Technical Education to formally train the aspiring generation in a wide range of Pharmacy programs comprising of D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, and Ph.D. program. The institute is regarded as a nucleus for generating all-around Ph.D.’s for the benefit. The institute has gained 2(f) and 12 (B) status of University Grant Commission, New Delhi. The institute has won Silver rating in AICTE -CII survey of Industry Linked Technical Institutes 2018.

To ensure a sustainable and universal developmental agenda, the institute creates platforms to pave the way to the strict professional success of its students. Numerous students bag the GPAT scholarships on being fueled technically by the institute. The aspirants, upon graduating can perceive higher education abroad with the assistance of the international college policies of which the UK, USA, and Australia are a few to be named. The amazing recruitment cell of the institute facilitates the embarking of the deserving students into the renowned ventures of the pharmaceutical universe of which Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Sun Pharma, NM Pharma, Genetek Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. are a part.

Instigated for a change, fueled by talent

The distinct desire of the incredibly prestigious and talented assets of the Yavatmal Zilla Vikas Samiti, instituted in 1985 to craft a mediocre revolution and contribute to the world of medical science led to the foundation of PWCOP. This burning desire till date has been constantly guided and reinforced by the Hon members: Mr. Mukul Wasnik, Ex-Minister, HRD; Mr. Shivajirao Moghe, Ex-Minister for transport and employment, and Hon Chairman of the institute, Mr. Jagdish Wadhwani. The successful legacy of the college has been well sustained by the new pioneer of the college, Principal Prof. (Dr) Anil Chandewar.

Before its commencement, PWCOP has been efficacious into maximizing their outputs to offer the best and medically prepared professionals to the society. It has been a trailblazer in the field of Pharmacy, statuetting its academia according to the contemporary curative needs of the date.

Accenting the Assignment (Mission):

Contingenting a plethora of guidance and a proactive learning platform for the advancement of a multidimensional temperament is the aim which is given thrust upon by the institution. Repetitively evolving a sagacity of ethical and communal responsibilities along with indoctrinating the professional and obligatory ethics amidst all the staff, management and students.

Fashioning a state of the art infrastructure, research conveniences and a proficient milieu for the facilitation of a complete all-round advancement of students and mentoring them to gross up the prevailing comprehensive practical tribulations along with bestowing castigations and deliberate teaching course-wares. Commencing a collaboration with industries, academic and health care societies for more precise up-gradation of research and placement opportunities.

Cherishing an enduring relationship with its alumni and recognition of their special relationship with the college.

Comprehending the Perceptions: (Vision)

Contemplating an ideal draft of the administration to transmute the institute into becoming the most reputed Pharmacy College offering the best opportunities for Pharmacy education and research for the betterment of society.

Being one of the unsurpassed institutes for Pharmacy, PWCOP delivers state of the art edification, exceedingly augmented courses in Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm), Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm) in the subjects Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Quality assurance, and Pharmacology. It is a renowned center for Ph.D. Program.

The utmost anticipated features that apprehend the reckless learning process are the plush green campus, a glorious building with spacious, efficient and hi-tech classrooms, laboratories which are well equipped with sophisticated instruments and a library thrived with thousands of volumes and over 50 national and international journals.

The Superfluous Event Consolidations

To formulate the students for an improvised and spontaneous industry equipped temperament, an Industry- Institute Partnership Cell that was put in place a few years ago ensures a good interaction with the Pharmaceutical industries.

The institute associates with distinguished firms like Cognizant Mumbai, NM Pharma, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and Gentek Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, Wardha add to the improvement of the pupil’s industry experience leading into being an individual potentially ready to face unexpected technical encounters.

Following the inclination of the society towards the corporate assertiveness, the individuals on the institute are exposed to various DST sponsored Entrepreneurship development programs in association with MITCON to promote various Central Government schemes like the Start-Up India and the concept of Make in India.

The Institute regularly systematizes various state and national conferences. From 3 rd to 4th August 19, the Institute organized a two-days national conference subsidized by AICTE on ‘Advances in genomics and pharmacogenomics in Global Health’. About 160 envois from different parts of the country participated in this enormous affair. Correspondingly, several curriculums and sessions are structured frequently for the overall progress of students and teachers.

Success Crafted with Extraordinary Talents

  • Prof. Dr. A V Chandewar, the captain of the college crew, was honored with Dr. S.G.Wadodkar Memorial Teacher of the Year Award-2014 on 28th Nov. 2014 at APTICON-2014 National convention. Also held a prominent appearance in the International Conference on Recent trends in P’Sciences, Management, Engineering Technology at BIT Offshore Campus –Ras al Khaimah, UAE in Nov 2015. Besides, he co-opted as a joint secretary of APTI for 2016-19. He worked as a Dean of Faculty of Medicine, SGB Amravati University, Amravati. Recently, he is awarded with Best Principal Award by SGB Amravati University, Amravati.
  • Prof. Dr. Nitin I. Kochar & Prof. Dr. M.D. Kshirsagar has received a grant for RPS & MODROB from AICTE.
  • Mr. D.S. Mohale, Mr.J.P. Lavande, Mr. V.M. Darwhekar received the best poster presentation awards in National conferences.
  • Prof.Sameer Sheaikh, Prof.S.K.Bais., Prof (Dr) A.V.Chandewar crafted an E-Book which was published on Mucoadhesive Tablet, in LAP, Lambert Academic Publishing House, Germany.
  • Prof Dr. Anil Chandewar & Prof. Dr. Deepak Mohale has published a book on Practical Manual of Pharmacology
  • The institution broadcasts its uncluttered access to transnational journal: the International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Technology for Pharmaceutical Scientists. Many fledgling canvassers and faculty of the college has received a travel endowment to attend the conferences in India and overseas.

The Bushwhacker Saga

Shri. Jagdish G. Wadhwani, Chairman, Yavatmal Zilla Vikas Samiti, Yavatmal

Mr. Jagdish Wadhwani has inherited the healthy and benevolent legacy of his intellectual ideals. He is a man of high ideals and uncompromising defenders of individual freedom of conscience. He contributed with his power to realize the intellectual dreams of the Wadhwani family to revitalize educational progress in the area. He showed unconditional dedication to the cause and dissemination of quality education. Its promised mission is to illuminate and vitalize the pedantic abilities of young minds and broaden the horizons of their thoughts and feelings. His commanding attitude and charisma to have a tight grip over the administration of the institute facilitate the all-round development of the same.

Prof. Dr. Anil V. Chandewar, Principal

A powerhouse of knowledge and experience, Dr. A V Chandewar has been relentlessly serving the institute since its foundation. He was bestowed with the Ph.D. for his outstanding thesis. With his tons of teaching-learning sagas and his powerful command over knowledge, he published a book entitled-“ Pharmaceutical Analysis” to incorporate a sense of out of the league learning environment for the students. His other books include General and Dispensing of Pharmaceutics I, & Practical Manual of Pharmacology. He has a number of research publications in national & international journal of repute. He vitalized the fact of the discovery of contaminants in “Triphala Churna” marketed in India and comparative determination of potential contaminant in marketed “Triphala Churna”.

Combining the experience and the strategic attitudes of these enigmatic personalities, the college has been traveling rapidly towards its aim to become the epitome of the finest institutes of the era.

For more details, please visit the website:- http://www.pwcpharmacy.edu.in