Mangalmay Group of Institutions

Mangalmay Group of Institutions

One of the premier NAAC accredited Institution

Mangalmay Group of Institutions – the foundation who is celebrating the 17th anniversary of its establishment and imperial aspirations is one of the most dynamic hubs for the graduate and postgraduate programs in Uttar Pradesh.

An institute of long-standing reputation is among the best and top MBA and Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, Ranked as top B. Tech colleges in NCR, Best Institute offering MBA, BBA, BCA, B.Com. and earned much more fascinating accreditation for their signature educational offerings.

The graduate and postgraduate programs offered at Mangalmay Group are duly approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and are affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), Lucknow (formally known as U.P. Technical University) while other professional programs viz., BBA, B.Sc. (Biotechnology), BCA, B. Com, B.A. B.Ed. are affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut and are approved by UGC/ Government.

The Eco-friendly campus of Mangalmay Group of Institutions covers about 6 acres of area, is located amongst an extensive network of Conglomerates, MNC’s and Multi-diversified Companies.

Mission and Vision

Mangalmay Group is progressing with a vision to create a vibrant and responsive Institution and aimed at attaining outstanding academic levels through inputs of excellence, thereby shaping professionals of tomorrow with the purpose of adding value to society thereby contributing towards nation building.

And for realizing the defined vision, Mangalmay Group of Institutions have identified a few missions for themselves and are like

  • To inculcate professional skills in our students to be “Krishna and Arjuna’s” of the professional Mahabharata.
  • To create a pro-active environment, conducive for overall professional growth.

Setting benchmarks in higher education

The foundation is closely modelled on educational philosophy, with splendid academic excellence, holistic education, innovative approach, and global relevance.

The institute has continued its long-term pursuit of creating new standards in education practices while imparting quality education in synergy with industry requirements and along with their mind-bending provisions, Mangalmay Group of Institutions has held its focus on developing multi-skilled, Competent Engineers / Managers/ Researchers that all work in tandem with social responsibilities.

While defining and directing the purpose, The institute quotes – Although we value effort, we don’t think that “trying” is enough. We value the actual achievement of results. Therefore Mangalmay Group envisions high-quality education by focusing on the quantitative difference with the incorporation of Knowledge, Industry experience, Research, and International exposure in the curriculum also the initiative widely focuses on Innovation, Excellence and Nurturing global leaders for a sustainable future and is ceaselessly growing up towards the extension with the excelling efforts.

Unique programs at a glance

Mangalmay group strives to develop global leaders with insight on emerging markets with the carefully-crafted MBA program that incorporates practical industry applications with a precise, research-based curriculum.

The Post Graduate Degree in Management has demonstrated its excellence in fulfilling its objectives to the Business and Social community in education, research, and consultancy, in all the functional areas of management.

The administered programs at Mangalmay Institutions encompasses a series of advantages that make it extremely effective to help students not only acquire new skills, techniques, and knowledge on key business areas, such as, Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Ethics, and HR, but also to integrate and inter-link these concepts to an enterprise level. This constant focus on imparting quality education has transformed several mid-career professionals to global business leaders.

The excellent source of provisions

Mangalmay Group of Institutions has always taken pride in churning out global leaders through its different Programs. It provides an outstanding platform for multiple things like the educational environment, events, organizing competitions and parent interactions, Alumni selection, professors, staff and use of all the innovative tools and devices.

Mangalmay Institutions highlights some innovative and effective strategies for improving student success across each dimension of the student experience and for enhancing the learning experience, they have drawn their attention to some key areas like:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Stay in Touch with Students through Remarkable Presence of Different Social Networking Sites
  3. Educational Events for Students and Parents altogether to Create Awareness about Education Environment
  4. International and National conferences, Seminar, webinars etc.
  5. Use of Videos to communicate with Students
  6. Regular Articles, Blogs etc.

Best Campus Placement in Delhi NCR

Apart from their signature education offerings, the most unique thing that makes Mangalmay Institutions superior from other institutions is the unswerving commitment towards transforming students into professionals and equipping them with exceptional qualities.

The Mangalmay Institutions have a highly dedicated Placement Division who is keen to provide Placements and Career Assistance to students from every stream, they keep track of all the running trends in the Job-Market with the objective of optimally providing the right fit for the stakeholders.

Every year, The Campus placement drive sessions touching new heights, the placements Engineering & Management have continuously been one of the best placements not only in Greater Noida but in Noida and Delhi NCR.

The result of vigorous Training and continuous updating of Engineering & Management education at Mangalmay Institutions has indeed paid to the students handsomely to find the top placement and wide acceptability in the corporate sector.

The Exceptional Cynosure

A Businessman by acumen and Philanthropist by heart, Mr. Atul Mangal is the enterprising Chairman of Mangalmay Group of Institutions. A well-known personality who never leaves a chance to play his part towards humanity is always willing to help the needy & deserving students in the form of scholarships & free-ships.

Mr. Atul Mangal is a Dynamic Entrepreneur and Administrator with Strategic Planning and Value addition skill par excellence. His transformational leadership has helped the institution to claim a position among the best Institutes in Delhi/NCR.

He recognizes that in 21st-century change at a more rapid pace than previous generations. Rapid advances in technology have expanded the quantity of work we are capable of accomplishing, and also where it’s accomplished. Reckon with this fact; Mr. Mangal hired a highly educated workforce, Mr. Mangal blooms the essential skills to motivate their employees, effectively communicate with others, fine-tune critical thinking skills, and build and leverage partnerships. Mr. Mangal is also visionary; who identifies trends and the courage to be innovative.

“Meaningful progress on student success will not happen overnight”.

Institutions foster the culture, skill sets, and infrastructure necessary to support a student-focused environment. As the magnitude of the challenge grows, institution witnessed significant results.

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