Jeanie Naozer Aibara

Jeanie Naozer Aibara

Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow

With the dream to reach out to every student’s physical, social and emotional well-being, and with the aim of discovering a new world of learning, Mrs. Jeanie Aibara, has brought three decades of her valuable experience to head Ambience Public School, New Delhi. Prior to this assignment, she spent eighteen years as an English teacher at Delhi Public School R K Puram. She is an honored beneficiary of the State Teacher Award by the Federation of Public schools, New Delhi; Principal of the year award 2014 by Indian Education and Radio Delhi City Icon Award for Excellence in High School Education 2018, for her selfless efforts towards the overall development of students. She is also a recipient of the Innovative Leader Award by North School Merit Awards 2018 in addition to receiving an award as a Principal for Leading Educationist of India Awards 2019 in the field of Education by Hon’ble Former Governor of Sikkim.

Ideology of Education

Mrs. Aibara belongs to a family of teachers. Her passion for excellence in education has helped her raise the standard of education at her school. A believer in flowing with the times, she has introduced numerous new initiatives at her school. She believes in letting children hone their creativity using the method of discovery and innovation. She advocates holistic education that goes beyond academics to include life skills. Skills that are needed for success in today’s world. Soft skills such as communication, honesty and integrity, time management, work ethic, are all as important as the teaching of other academic subjects.

Humanity First

Ambience Public School is a firm believer in its motto of ‘Humanity First’. Students are encouraged to follow a righteous path and value morals and traditions. Under the guidance of Mrs. Aibara, Ambience Public School’s ultimate motive is to channel creative young minds towards becoming fruitful and contributing members of the country and the world.


Ambience Public School conducts a program called the ECHO Teacher Mentorship Program, grounded on the viewpoint and example of project ECHO in healthcare, which aims to extend the expertise of teachers from all over the country. The program mentors participants using an online participative model and helps them to learn from each other and share knowledge. Through ECHO, mentors are provided with resourceful supervision and hi-tech expansion which helps them take forward their learning to students. Teachers are supported in the areas of early literacy, Math, Science, Mindfulness and Reading support for struggling students.

Individualized programs

A firm believer in inclusive education, she has set up the special needs department at her school. Mrs. Aibara believes that great learning takes place when you bring all kinds of children together. Neurodiversity is the need of the hour. We need different kinds of brains for today’s world. It is her endeavor that every child gets the best of education by providing the right kind of environment for them.

Ambience Public School, in collaboration with Venkatesh Trust for Education and Excellence, runs a program for gifted children. It is Mrs. Aibara’s endeavor that each child gets what they need. In the Ambience Enrichment Program, students selected by the screening process are placed in the Gifted Programme where they are introduced to several challenging concepts in addition to their existing curriculum. The classes in this program are designed to have a small group of students where they receive individualized attention to further hone the skills they have. For this progressive initiative, Mrs. Aibara received an Award for Supporting Gifted Education by Venkateshwar Trust in 2019.

Value-Based Education

Ambience Public School aims to provide an education which goes beyond textbooks and the curriculum. Along with their overall health, students are taught life-skills which help them frame their personality by adopting the values of being respectful, honest, responsible, courageous and trustworthy, through brainstorming sessions, role-plays, checklists, peer reviews, and movies.

Mrs. Aibara effortlessly guides her teachers and school-counselors to develop the life skills curriculum. The sessions involve sharing and operating different creative modalities like collaborative art and movement techniques, engaging activities, and reflection.

True to their motto, a day at Ambience start on a bright note as the teachers conduct guided sessions on Mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to being fully present and engaged in the moment. Children as young as age four are taught simple breathing exercises and calming down strategies. These are skills that will take children a long way to survive and cope with the times we live in.

For junior students, the Morning Circle or the Morning Meeting is an essential ritual to practice, where the child imbibes the customs of the classroom community and culture. The goals to be discussed comprise socioemotional skills as well as life skills which aim to create awareness of self and others, truthfulness, cooperativeness, and decision-making abilities. Mrs. Aibara considers the storytelling process to be the most effective in getting across messages to children. Therefore, stories based on plots like self-awareness, believing in self, relating to others, etc. are recited which promotes empathy, courtesy, consideration to others and mutual respect for the good of others.


Mrs. Aibara presents her heartfelt acknowledgments to her mentor Dr. Shayama Chona, who is the Founder-President of Tamana Association and the former Principal of Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world- that is the myth of the atomic age- it is being able to remake ourselves,” says Mrs. Aibara.