Dhiraaj Badkar

Dhiraaj Badkar

Revolutionizing Teaching Through Perfect Coaching

Possessed by a burning desire to teach and make a difference in the field of education, identifying talented souls and dedicating himself to transforming them into successful intellectuals, identifying the worldly academic needs and crafting the individuals beautifully accordingly, are just some of the many extraordinary powers that Mr. Dhiraaj Badkar, the pioneer of the Inspire Academy, Mumbai, has embraced. He is bestowed with an immense passion for his work as an Education Academy Chief driving his fellow tutors to imbibe in his students, a sense of healthy success combined with a craving to give out brilliant results through their academic performances making themselves and the institution beam with pride.

It all Began with a Fantasy for a Transformation

Mr. Badkar completed his Graduation in BA economics and education and got certified from Central London College, the UK in Oracle. He is the innovator of Inspire Academy. After working in the education industry for 20 years, gaining adequate experiences based on freelance accomplishments like homespun teachings and before attaining the obligatory skill sets and knowledge in 2015, he thought of starting his own conservatory to impart knowledge on a wider scale and a larger platform. In addition to the home tuitions mentoring and guiding students which were based only on the topics surrounding Aviation and Hospitality and spun around them, along with Interview preparations, he thought that they had to undergo a thorough study with a duration of 480 hours, and then realized the need of an academy which would fulfill numerous other educational yearnings of the students which were necessary to keep them high in the tough fight of intellectuals. So, he finally settled on the thought of coming up will full-fledged academy to run similar courses.

Journey to the Final Destination

Founded in 2015, Inspire Academy is surrounded by professionals from Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Tourism Industry and through the relentless efforts of Mr. Badkar, in 2002, a journey to engender the institution started with home tuitions, guiding students with Aviation and Hospitality careers and Interview preparations and finally from 2015 the project commenced as Inspire Academy in Andheri West. Mr. Badkar has been solely responsible for enriching the student performances through sophisticated teaching-learning practices.

The Academy offers well researched and flexible courses in Air Hostess, Ground Staff, Hotel Management, Travel Tourism & Cruise Ship that helps one’s to prepare for the Industry. It has not only mentored thousands of individuals but also assisted them in attaining global careers in the field of Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Tourism Industry under the undulated guidance of Mr. Dhiraaj. Inspire Academy is honoured to teach, motivate and inspire individuals who wish to make careers in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Tourism Industry.

Mr. Badkar quotes that the major source of motivation happens to be from the renowned successful educationalists and socialists who have had dealt greatly with reforming the Educational Institutes for the betterment of the society. Based on Teaching, expertise, and experience from Aviation and Hospitality, Dhiraaj and his team tried to utilize honed skills in a similar fashion for the betterment of the society leading to providing career opportunities in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel.

The most challenging part of the journey, he says, is converting an average student according to the Industry expectations and making him participate in competitions where he/she has to succeed. To overcome the hurdles faced by the pupils in the run-time environment, Mr. Badkar has innovated varied ideologies to keep them motivated, focused and monitor them. One of the philosophies he has cited includes a discussion with their parents and rousing them healthily to advance and work stealthily.

Hacks that Enumerated the Vision and Mission

Mr. Badkar mentions that it is not a specific hack that works wonders. Instead of implementing or testing a particular hack, he quotes that the success of any stuff lies in the implementation of a combination of effective hacks. It should be a gradual process and the beneficial part of this process is research, invent and implement which technique works in all forms in the sector.

He aspires to provide Quality Training to aspirants in order to offer a highly skilled workforce, who would meet the expectation of Industry. He aims to make all the students departing from his institute to be ready to face the real-time challenges.

In the next 2 years, Dhiraaj and his mates will be coming up with more centres in metro cities and in the next 5 years, coming up with centres in tier 2 cities and ultimately, his long-term vision is to have centres highlighted prominently at the intercontinental whereabouts.

He aspires to provide Quality Training to aspirants in order to offer a highly skilled workforce, who would meet the expectation of Industry. He aims to make all the students departing from his institute to be ready to face the real-time challenges.

The Pioneer Advice to the Folks

The Inspire Academy team works together as a family irrespective of work position, says Mr. Badkar. He strictly yearns to follow transparency and honesty.

He emphasizes about there being lots of career opportunities around the globe in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel. It is just that one has to get skilled, work hard and succeed.