Amol Shinde

Amol Shinde

A Personality Connecting the World Technologically with an Ambush of Talents

What can the IT sector provide? A question which has been answered by a flourishing IT services hub, Knowzies Technology Solutions (Knowzies), through its incomparable amenities and elegant passion-filled software solutions which are the pillars of the inflexible hi-tech era. It is a community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to use technology for providing value-added digital elucidations for large and medium enterprises, Not for Profit organisations, and Startups, which is being led by an individual, the CEO of the firm, Mr Amol Shinde, compassionate to refurnish the material-dependent world with a techno-savvy atmosphere and thus revolutionize the ace and pace of the physical services provided into complete online networks and make the human domain a modest place to live in.

Knowzies as an organisation through its services, sets up an environment for evolving individuals who aim to start their own corporate web in this competitive ether. They perform the dynamic function of transforming the innovative learning/ training ideas of their clients into the success stories of the future. The company strives earnestly to create business solutions which result in being of some use to the technophile realm through their clients. They innovate the existing technology and mould it into refurbished merchandises which work wonders when they are actually operated by the potential patrons.

The Bold Step and the Obsession-powered Stimulus

After the successful exit from his first start-up (which was focused on Microsoft and IBM technologies), Amol got exposed to the digital learning space which is expected to be $30 billion markets by 2030 (Ref Gartner report). This prompted him to form Knowzies Technology Solutions which is a venture concentrated around this expanse. His first venture taught him voluminous things about business and following those learnings, he commenced his passionate innings in the custom of Knowzies, which has been an overwhelming and amazing journey so far. His urge is to shape an organisation that is the most ideal place to work for his team and most trusted place for his clients to work and showcase their demands for a perfect solution without any uncertainties in mind.

Coming from a B-town and not having any family corporate history and traditions, it was absolutely a new expedition without any anterior supervision and familiarity. Conversely, he always cherished a wild reverie of creating a great value system which would contribute towards the ecology and that is the only thing which fuelled him to always go for fulfilling his aims.

Being a Civil Engineer and MBA in Marketing he believes that education is a continuous process in everyone’s life and that after going through numerous learning experiences, he feels amazed with the kind of learning opportunities that are available everywhere for everyone. He had always been passionate to create a difference in the corporate education space and hence pledged to focus on developing innovative learning solutions in the education and L&D segment.

Genuine Success Despite Tedious Hindrances

The journey of the company has so far been like an ECG and like any other entrepreneur, along with his dedicated team members unduly had many highs and lows during their tenure of becoming the unsurpassed amenity benefactors. The best experiences that they have today is that they make an undoubtedly prodigious squad which is playing a key role in the growth of the corporation and that they are able to craft an ecosystem which is facilitating the cause of the nation. The company along with its pioneer targets to achieve the milestone of being the highest-rated software companies the generation has ever visualized through their outstanding performance into fulfilling the client demands phenomenally.

The adequate growth of the company brought with it a package of critical situations which the team had to tackle vividly. The regular technical challenges that arouse required skilled mind-sets and an ample of man-power. But the team, having solemnly resolved to overcome them, handled the problems and figured out quick and permanent solutions thus rendering dauntless services to the technical aura. Mr. Amol quotes that the growth comes with its own challenges and changing demands of the business and always brings new opportunities and experiments and that they have been no exception to this cycle.

Needless to say, one of the hurdles the organization has successfully overcome is to establish the right team with the right set of entrepreneurial potentials. They have been flourishing with a great team who is taking Knowzies to intense heights of accomplishments.

Imbibing Confidence to Empower and Conquer

Mr. Shinde is a strong believer of investing deeply into the company culture and people to build an organization that lasts. He also pressurizes on sharing lessons learned; the wins and the defeats; and to empower the other syndicates to do the same. The open and transparent culture helps every individual to be the owner of their own tasks, learn something innovative every day and initiate new ideologies for the upliftment.

He quotes that there are humungous opportunities in and around for providing quality education through digital technology and that’s the biggest source of motivation that has kept him going in his endeavour.

Under his dynamic leadership and influence, Knowzies has been able to establish its strong foot print in the countries like USA, UK, UAE and India. Knowzies also works with some not for profit organisations and have developed a healthy relationship with them to promote and grow digital learning initiatives in some of the underdeveloped countries like Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Albania, etc. Mr. Amol’s aim is to help these countries to grow digitally and mark their existence.

Mission and the Strategies that Matter

Knowzies has set its visions to earn the affection of customers, partners, and employees by delivering superior experience and value, thereby making them their ambassadors.

Knowzies is an emerging Learning Technology Solutions company focused on helping the organization to build the digital learning culture for the future workforce. Their vision is to be the most admired and responsible Integrated Technology Company with a global presence, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.

The firm also focuses on the beneficial hacks that boost the intellectual level of the team members through their initiation of e-Learning platforms- the most competitive and creative field in today’s digital age. Over a period of time, with its unique approach, Knowzies has mastered the art of creating amazing learning solutions keeping the right target audience in mind and hence is considered as the most preferred technology partner by its customers.

They just follow an unpretentious philosophy: Keeping it simple, being focused and Keep on learning.