The 10 Revolutionary Educational Leaders to Watch 2019

The 10 Revolutionary Educational Leaders to watch 2019

In this issue, we bring forth to you a few revolutionary educational leaders around the globe who are enlisting and guiding the talents and energies of teachers, pupils, and parents toward achieving common educational aims.

Cover Story Profile 

Srinidhi Naidu

A Leader Committed to Elevating Wisdom

Srinidhi Naidu, a valiant soul, her mind and heart comprising of an empathy towards individuals willing to learn beyond imagination, she aims to encourage an independent learning platform to make people conversant through her unique teaching-learning saga, her emotional connect with her passion to shoot up the educational qualities of the society…

Between Our Pages

Amol Shinde

A Personality Connecting the World Technologically With an Ambush of Talents

What can the IT sector provide? A question which has been answered by a flourishing IT services hub, Knowzies Technology Solutions (Knowzies), through its incomparable amenities and elegant passion-filled software solutions which are the pillars of the inflexible hi-tech era…

Ashton Horn

Revolutionizing the Process of Teaching with Impeccable Coaching

With the aim to make the students apprehend the concepts the way a teacher attempts to illuminate it to them, Ms Ashton Horn is an English teacher, writer, model, a former softball player who played for 15 years and was an All-State pitcher in high school…

Baishali Mukherji

Mentoring the Intellects beyond Academics

A portrayal of all-round talent, a soul filled with immense passion to help people around her reach their full potential, and a proud champion for reform of education pedagogy and role of technology in it, Baishali Mukherji along with her team in Fundamentor has been silently playing her role in the revolutionary changes that the traditional education system is experiencing these days…

Dhiraaj Badkar

Revolutionizing Teaching Through Perfect Coaching

Possessed by a burning desire to teach and make a difference in the field of education, identifying talented souls and dedicating himself to transforming them into successful intellectuals, identifying the worldly academic needs and crafting the individuals beautifully accordingly, are just some of the many extraordinary powers that Mr. Dhiraaj Badkar, the pioneer of the Inspire Academy, Mumbai, has embraced…

Diane Ravitch

A Soul Who Studies to Empower Generations

A quest for truth, a belief in the supremacy of knowledge and evidence, a conviction that it is her responsibility to make the ecosphere a superior place for others, a sense and that she has an obligation to promote the general welfare, not private interests, Diane Ravitch pursues her passion as an exponent of education…

Dr. Srimathy Kesan

Implementing the Dream to Reach & Unveil the Interplanetary Wonders

Dr. Srimathy Kesan, a gallant soul, with the vision of fulfilling every child’s curiosity of reaching beyond the blue blanket, rousing her students through her exciting life story and is educating the heady minds with her venture, Space Kidz India for mounting their eccentricity at the global level by her knowledge and passion for teaching…

Jeanie Naozer Aibara

Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow 

With the dream to reach out to every student’s physical, social and emotional well-being, and with the aim of discovering a new world of learning, Mrs. Jeanie Aibara, has brought three decades of her valuable experience to head Ambience Public School, New Delhi. Prior to this assignment, she spent eighteen years as an English teacher at Delhi Public School R K Puram…

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