Walnut Knowledge Solutions

Walnut Knowledge Solutions

Cracking the Nut of Curiosity to Empower Young Minds

Established in 2014, Walnut Knowledge Solutions is a Bangalore based EdTech start-up that aims to keep the innate curiosity of children alive by inculcating a questioning mindset and life skills to be confident and aware learners, thinkers, and performers in an ever-changing global society. In the last 5 years, the company has engaged over 80,000+ students, partnered with 80+schools pan-India, and engaged 2000+ students and parents online. The flagship product QShala is a curiosity-based learning platform, which fosters young minds to develop a learning mindset and equips them with 21st-century skills through questions, quests, and “quriosity” delivered on online and offline platforms.

The Curious Masterminds

Walnut Knowledge Solutions is the brainchild of Raghav Chakravarthy and Sachin Ravi, former corporate lawyers and passionate quizzers at heart, who sowed the seeds of their curiosity company in 2014. This dynamic duo has always set their eyes on curiosity and scale has been a key factor in driving them to places far and beyond on their quest for curiosity. To complement the offline mode of learning with partnership schools, the company wanted to extend its offerings to the e-learning platform.

Hence, it started delivering with QShala classes online at the request of a school in Bangalore and that gave us headway of about five months before the pandemic crisis hit and made everyone turn to online classes. The curiosity catalysts wanted to ensure that the Qshala learning experience is engaging and interactive catering to the rising demand to deliver a meaningful experience for children and parents online during the lockdown months.

A Captivating Journey

Before the establishment of Walnut, Sachin and Raghav piloted various quiz based formats in schools to allow the children to discover their textbooks and explore the “why” behind the “how” and the “what” of information. To build curiosity in textbooks and beyond, QShala has curated the potential Discover and Insight Programs. While children explore curriculum like Science and Social Science through Discover, they have the opportunity to become independent and well aware through skill-based activities and quizzes through Insight Curriculum.

As curiosity catalysts, Walnut aims to ensure that one is constantly in touch with their curious side. The company has launched its QShala app which not only has questions but also gives parents insights about their child’s learning journey. It engages with the audience with nuggets of information from across online platforms, varying from Instagram, YouTube, to LinkedIn ensuring that e-learning is an ongoing process.

A Myriad Range of Value-Added Services

Over the years of experience of working with school children, Walnut Knowledge Solutions have created a unique curiosity centric curriculum, where curiosity lies at the heart of learning. It consists of building critical skills for children to navigate an ever-changing world and also be equipped with tools for better decision making and enabling a child to develop as a compassionate and responsible citizen of the world.

To keep the spirit of learning alive, curiosity underlies the various formats. Quizzes are the cornerstone of the program, which are not just based on general knowledge and current affairs but also school curriculum making learning relevant and engaging. To build soft skills and technical skills, the company has introduced certified programs through seminars. From Coding to Public Speaking to Harry Potter Seminar, a child can choose to specialize in his/her area of interest.

It is also leveraging technology to create an effective curiosity-based learning AI platform through the QShala App, that can give insights to the child, parent, and other stakeholders on the learning journey of the child and his/her interest thereby facilitating an informed career choice. Be it offline or online, the organization strongly believes that learning should never stop, and hence it is conducting a series of teacher webinars to equip them with the latest tech tools to keep the learning going.

Award-Winning Moments

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Abiding by this quote, Walnut Knowledge Solutions defines its brand by marking curiosity as to its permanent resource of achievement. The company is the only quizzing company in the world to conduct quizzes on all 7 continents and win a Limca Book of Record for the same. Over the years, the team has worked with dedication to deliver the best educational experience to its children and kindle their curiosity to be lifelong learners.

From Swachh Quizzes for the Government of Karnataka touching about 20,000 children, science and technology quizzes organized by Agastya Foundation, and Texas Instruments touching about 40,000 children, it has been able to reach out to over 80,000 children in the FY 2019. For parents and kids to engage in a fun yet intellectually stimulating experience this lockdown, it released an experiment of the QShala Family Quiz, which started with 50 families and has now grown to be about 8,500 families participating not just from different parts of the country, but also from Norway, Japan, Denmark, UAE, and the US.

A Variant of Uniqueness

While quizzes continue to be the mainstay, in-house curiosity catalysts iteratively curate different formats of quizzes that appeal to all age groups. “We believe that age is no bar when it comes to learning. Right from a child to Grade 1 to corporate employees from HP, every participant pushed his/her thinking to the “why’s” and “how’s” behind the what of information”, added Walnut Knowledge Solutions.

In light of the ongoing crisis, the financial year 2019-2020 has been a very interesting and landmark year for the organization.

Confronting the Pandemic Scenario

The most challenging aspect is to take decisions in the light of uncertainty and take calculated risks with bold moves without full information. As much as possible the company uses quick prototyping, user interviews/feedback loops, and accountability conversations/structures to ensure minimizing the risks. The team is constantly building mental models/checks and a balance, which helps it avoid making grave mistakes but continue to move and take bolder bets.

Walnut Knowledge Solutions states, “To keep the flame of curiosity burning, one must stay updated with the latest updates in the tech world, which is dynamic. It unlocks doors to the multiple avenues of learning, where one can keep adding to their knowledge and resource bank”. Carving the path ahead, the organization envisions building the largest school/learning platform in the world empowering the children with tools and skills which help them lead fulfilling lives.