A Sensational Online Platform Empowering Distinctive E-Learning

Established in 2018, LearnApp is an online video education platform that brings the best minds in the major domains of trading, investing, business management, and communication to learn from a relevant and skill-driven curriculum. Its objective is to redefine and reimagine education for the 21st century. With the world changing at a rapid pace, constant learning, and upskilling has become essential to success. At LearnApp, one learns what it takes to become an industry-ready, disruptive, and leader.

The Fantastic Four

LearnApp is the collective vision of four go-getters- Prateek Singh– CEO and Founder, Ankush Oberoi– Co-founder, Head of Business and Production, Swati Sharma– Co-founder, Head of Productions, Sohail Alam– Co-founder, Head of Technology. The founding stone of LearnApp is based on experiential and practical learning. With an actionable and object-driven syllabus, the students excel to their maximum potential and have an excellent learning experience, which is in sync with the Ed-Tech revolution. A healthy space encouraging off-beaten ideas and bringing innovation for a bigger picture is the philosophy of the organization. At the helm of LearnApp, they go above and beyond to ensure the best possible resources and environment to work in.

The leaders aim for universal accessibility and outreach for LearnApp. Instead of monetary growth, the core team focuses on expanding the scope of impact a high potential product like LearnApp will bestow in society. The leadership is a vocal proponent of consensual decision making, hands-on leadership, and inspiring people in the power of a transformative idea and change. Tackling challenges effectively, the team is all set to put LearnApp on the global map.

The Journey towards an Ed-Tech Platform

LearnApp has had a long and eventful journey since its conception in 2014, when Prateek sensed a market gap in terms of online education about trading, investing, financial markets and more. Prateek started three companies exploring the same idea. LearnApp is Prateek’s 5th startup and this time it’s doing well because he has great co founders. LearnApp is their brainchild of producing affordable, accessible, insightful, and top-notch content as the e-learning space is unstructured and poorly defined in terms of experiential, sequential learning, which is essential for every learner who is just starting.

With access to industry experts who are best suited to guide learners using their stories, insights, experiences, and mistakes, LearnApp is uniquely positioned to put forth a solid framework in place. While E-Learning is still dominated by conventional learning patterns, LearnApp provides a dynamic and interactive learning interface to the user to learn and practically understand the real-world applications of these concepts. The app is designed with a wide range of categories like learning options strategies, trading profitably in the market, understanding the art of investing, and managing the portfolio effectively. This user-friendly long-lasting experience is one of its kind learning modules, which provides a definitive starting point and a sequential path for the user to start learning. This is not just beneficial for a new learner, who has a learning map charted for systematic, structured learning; but also for an intermediate or advanced learner, who aims to enhance certain aspects of their understanding regarding the subject. A well-defined learning map can help them focus on what is most important and relevant from their perspective.

Bestowing a Comprehensive Platform

LearnApp’s idea is to make learning enriching, industry-driven, and engaging. It is an experiential, film-like crash course into a lifetime of insights and knowledge offered by each industry legend. Each course is designed in a way that aims to offer best-in-class insights by organizing a lifetime of a mentor’s experience into an hour. This is further enriched by the voiceovers, animations, and graphics which provide ultimate results. The live classes provide a direct opportunity for users to interact directly with the mentors from Raamdeo Agrawal teaching the art of investing to Utpal Sheth explaining portfolio construction to experienced traders explaining various trading strategies; LearnApp gives you a chance to learn the best from the best.

The curriculum is designed by the world’s intelligent minds spanning 4 major subjects. Its 150+ courses cover various concepts of investing, trading, communications, and business management extensively and are shot cinematically, with insights, stories, and experiences of industry veterans. All of this comes with a hyper-curated, in-demand, relevant, and continuously updated curriculum that is designed by the top echelons of the industry.

It offers in-depth, insightful, and application-driven frameworks of learning to professionals and students in the age group of 19-30. It also offers a personalized curriculum that hones a well-defined skill set and mindset for a successful career. With each course, you get one step closer to thinking like a leader.

Hitting the Bulls-eye with a Realistic Approach

LearnApp’s live classes have received rave reviews and excellent views and thus, it wants to explore this dimension of user-mentor engagement in the most effective manner possible. This is visible in its high user retention rate of 80%, which is higher than the industry average. More than 80% of its users consume the content in entirety and stick around till the end of the course. One of the many reasons for LearnApp to stand-out amongst its competitors is its extremely low-priced, almost at Rs. 10/ course. And all of this at an affordable price of Rs. 375 per month (charged yearly) or Rs. 500 per month (charged 3 monthly). LearnApp is a customer-centric platform that helps in maximizing its impact and diversifying its learner community.

The Golden Moments

LearnApp has managed to gain significant momentum in a short span of 2 years. It has currently more than 2 lakh registered users and an expanding learning community. It has more than 600K streams on the paid platform, which is a testimony to the quality of its content. The customer engagement has grown 5 times since the lockdown and is fortunate to have had the continued support of its users. More than 1, 00,000 comments have been resolved on its website, proof of how invested the LearnApp community is in gaining hands-on education.

It has also been able to reach out to more people with the help of customized and vernacular subtitles for the various video courses to supplement understanding and knowledge retention. Having built an efficient system with regards to customer satisfaction and service.

The Pandemic Outbreak

As the world adapts to the new normal of the Covid-19 pandemic in all spheres of life, education is a sphere that is on the cusp of a massive transformation. Building a solid online educational architecture has never been more important. Keeping this in mind, LearnApp is incessantly working towards creating a more personalized, curated, relevant, and user-focused learning environment. LearnApp is in the process of launching LearnApp 2.0, an enhanced version of its current platform, where it incorporates several new and revolutionary features.

LearnApp 2.0 will have a personalized learning map for each learner to aid them in customizing and charting their learning curve in the right direction. This learning map is being built with careful consideration for all types of learners. The mobile application will also feature the option of offline content personalized for the user to make learning seamless, limitless, and without the bounds of time and connectivity. What’s more, users will also be able to test their knowledge most efficiently with interactive quizzes, which are being built with the intention of testing user knowledge and practical understanding in the most holistic way possible. Moving ahead from plain MCQs, LearnApp quizzes will have interactive questions and live problems that will require users to pool in their hands-on understanding to answer correctly. This will be acknowledged by a credible certificate to boost user confidence.

On the technology front, the team is constantly putting their best foot forward and is in touch with its learner community on telegram to keep incorporating their feedback in work regularly.

Key Advice to E-learning Students

The single most significant advice to learners who are adapting to e-learning as the world of education goes online is to align its priorities and expectations with the paradigms of new-age learning. E-learning is a unique interface to clarify doubts, enjoy experiential learning, and all of this at your own pace and time. One should extract most of every lesson, every module, and every educational experience. Keep questioning often as to whether or not what has learned is actionable, relevant, and positively complements the existing knowledge and skill set.

It is imperative to know that the platform is evolving with its users. Constructive feedback on what one wants should be provided for active user experience by communicating thoughts and recommendations. For any e-learning platform, their users are their biggest capital. Education is a two-way street and nothing is as lasting as immersive and interactive learning.

A Radiant Future

LearnApp aims to become a pioneer in insight-driven and practice-based learning. It aims to add 10 million more people to the community and bring them a step closer to learning directly from industry leaders. The vision is to become the world’s largest education portal, where industry leaders and practitioners teach the future and shape them into doers and go-getters.

It envisions intensifying the content generation process while fully keeping up with the highest standards of research, depth, and quality. With this in mind, it wants to streamline the process of releasing two new courses every day to have a solid repository of high-quality content on every topic imaginable. It wishes to shift the focus of education from merely certifications, degrees, and traditional learning to a skill-based, result-oriented, and performance-dependent culture where the skills and work of the professional are given far more important than the college he/she has graduated from. This, in my view, is the future of every industry, including education. And LearnApp wants to be at the forefront of this positive revolution.

It is looking at diversifying its outreach by including courses and content in vernacular languages like Hindi and more. The full potential of LearnApp will be actualized only when every individual of its society will benefit from the courses in some way. And for that, it feels Hindi is a great medium to communicate, explain, and diversify its user base. Providing the current courses in Hindi and expanding into Hindi and other vernacular languages will help bring about a change in perception of education at a more fundamental level- education is not about what you learn, but more about what you can do and how you perform.