iDreams Education

iDream Education

An Icon of Excellence Promoting a Proficient Ed-Tech Platform

Established in 2016, iDream Education is a social Ed-tech organization with a vision to provide easy access to an active and personalized digital learning for all learners in a ton of different local languages, irrespective of their location, social, cultural, or economic status. With a tagline of “Play, Learn, Grow”, iDream Education is a holistic platform committed to student’s upliftment and performance, which brings forth a pool of talented and potential aspirants from rural regions of India.

The Dynamic Duo

The pioneering personalities, Rohit Prakash and Puneet Goyal were batch mates from business schools, who had a common interest to create a platform to serve learning and growth requirements to potential learners in their native language.

The duo believes that the foundation of a world, which is progressive, peaceful, sustainable, and equitable, lies in the education of its children. Hence, they strive to break open psychological barriers and lead students and teachers to naturally adopt digital learning. The solutions offered by iDream Education are designed in an ideal way that is easy to set up, use, and manage resulting in regular hassle-free usage and high engagement whether in school or at home.

Throughout the journey, the students and teachers have been at the heart of the iDream Education center, aspiring to empower them in all respects. Both founders are driven by a culture of progressing towards excellence through self-survey and consistently making inner advancements as the best approach to life and work.

The Journey to the Forefront

Initially, both founders recognized an insight into an emerging trend and one genuine gap in the learning for rural learners. With the advent of touch-based devices pervading into the rural most parts of India like never before, the natural adaptation towards them was a sight to experience. The massive response was an indicator that this can be further leveraged to offer students a platform for exceptional e-learning. However, the gap for an integrated platform that could serve the students with all forms of digital content in local languages was experienced. And this is how the foundation of iDream Education came into the picture to serve future students with a readily balanced platform.

iDream Education’s utmost innovation leads the way for students and schools to engage in the management of the hardware while bringing together different categories of learning content. It has also redefined the way ICT labs can be set up in government schools to provide tablet and mobile-based digital learning projects and solutions for any state across the country. To address the challenge of historical learning gaps, iDream Education offers students access to the content of all grades enabling them to learn in a completely non-judgmental manner. “Our inspiration behind innovating is driven by our stakeholders. We constantly ask ourselves how can we improve, improvise and optimize our solutions, content, platform, our process of training & support to serve our students and teachers in the best ways possible”, state the founders.

iDream Education’s Curriculum

iDream Learning App: An android based multilingual mobile learning app that gives students access to interactive educational and life skills-based content. Sticking to the core proposition students can:

⮚ Build concepts with animated video lessons

⮚ DIY experiments from STEM project videos

⮚ Access course books

⮚ Read stories, poems, and thousands of books on varied topics

⮚ Build mastery and be exam ready using Practice and Tests

⮚ There is also a Life Skills section with beautiful stories and video lessons on health, hygiene, sanitation, and much more.

iDream Coach App: A unique app designed for the teachers to create virtual batches, add students, and then assign them video lessons, books, and assessment. Students receive notifications of these tasks on the iDream Learning App from their respective teachers. There is also a chat feature to resolve student doubts in a group or individually. Especially, in these Covid-19 times, it is relevant to connect with students at home and ensure proper learning.

Learning Tablets: If the availability of the internet is a challenge, digital content can be delivered offline to students preloaded on the tablets. Each tablet comes with a screen guard and a protective book cover to ensure students focus only on learning. Student-wise reports are recorded offline on every device and periodically synced to the teacher’s iDream Coach App and a web-based reporting dashboard with unique logins for CSR project teams, NGO coordinators, State government officials, and project management units for continuous monitoring of projects.

TABLAB: This is an integrated tablet-based Smart ICT and digital learning lab custom-designed for government schools and NGO learning centers. It consists of tablets, multiple categories of local language content aligned to state boards, storage, and a charging rack. Tablab requires no extra space, furniture, or wiring for the setup and is completely handy for everyday use.

PC Free Smart Class: This is a single equipment smart class consisting of an interactive flat panel display or a smart TV and a pen drive plugged in with offline digital content bestowing an excellent Ed-Tech service.

Every solution of the organization is designed to suit even in the last mile regions of the country. This is what makes iDream Education an ideal choice amongst all of its competitors, it is a one-stop nationwide platform delivering USP’s like Focus on Local Languages, Bridging the Historical Learning Gaps, Bringing together multiple categories of digital content, and many more.

The Accolades Corner

iDream Education has cherished some winning moments in its journey, it has excelled and aced the appraisals with its quality of performance. To name a few of its noteworthy recognitions are:

  • Under an MoU with the Indian Army, iDream Education is digitizing Army Goodwill schools in Kashmir with Smart Class and Tablet-based ICT Labs
  • Implemented Tablet-based ICT Labs for government schools in Karnataka under a project by the Department of Education, Govt. of Karnataka
  • iDream Learning App was adopted by the education department of UT of Ladakh for all their government schools and students
  • Awarded by Google India under “Impacting Change through Digital”
  • Selected by Yes Foundation as one of India’s Top 25 social impact organization
  • Partners to DIKSHA platform through which our Hindi medium animated digital content is used by thousands of students across several states
  • Worked with the MHRD to share inputs on the revised ICT Scheme and draft the Digital Learning implementation roadmap for Govt. Schools by the Education Ministry.

Keeping up with the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization launched the iDream Learning App, which empowers students from 15 states to access free content for six months. The need of the hour- Online Learning has tremendously increased during the pandemic. Hence, the organization will continue to be at the cusp of all innovation to provide its users with a proactive environment.

Regardless of whether it is academic, experiential, practical, reading, life skills, or hobby-based content, iDream Education aims to serve every requirement of a student. Additionally, it is planning to expand the outreach of iDream’s apps and solutions to serve students, teachers, and schools over all states in India in the upcoming future.

A Word for Budding E-learning Platforms and Customers

iDream Education requests e-learning users to be patient, as the online learning industry evolves and creates content in local languages, mistakes are bound to happen. Hence, the customers can provide a helping hand to the social digital learning segment in India to keep improving and achieve perfection. When the NGOs, CSRs, content developers, and Ed-tech companies come together, the dream of an advanced India can be achieved. “To people and organizations, who are providing e-learning products and services, we would say let’s collaborate. Considering the scale of challenges in a country like India, we all need to stop competing and consider ourselves as ecosystem enablers. Let’s focus on our strengths and simply collaborate for a much larger and bigger impact”, conclude the founders.