Delivering World-Class Tutoring via Contemporary Conducts

Considering the thought of the right to education and education for all, EasyShiksha, an endeavour of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd., was started in 2012, with a purpose to make learning fascinating with distance learning solutions. This initiative delivers the right education to educators and learners alike. EasyShiksha is a platform that may look like a start-up, but is a lot like education itself; for it helps the aspirants to locate their field of interest, favourable online courses, and available career options for further plans. Thus, making EasyShiksha, the leading online platform providing multiple services at one time. With an eye-catching tagline “EasyShiksha – A way of Simple Learning”, it is progressing enormously by offering online courses, online internship programs, enterprise plans, campus ambassadors, “Career Helper”, test series, and many more.

A Man with a Mission

Realizing the necessity for quality education and equal opportunities for all, especially in small-town areas, Sunil Sharma the CEO of HawksCode Softwares, initiated the EasyShiksha program. Sunil is a man with a striking persona, excellent communication skills, a “tech-pundit”, and above all a passionate and valiant soul, committed to a pioneering online education. Coming from a rural background and having overpowering the hurdles from the beginning while pursuing his education, Sunil understood the importance of quality education and creating an identity in front of the world. An innovative individual, who believes in experimenting with his potential abilities, Sunil has helped various companies in India and abroad. Some of which are HawksCode, EasyShiksha, National TV, Navhoo (a ride-sharing platform in the UK), AQT Australia, Amstore Innovation UK & Grasshopper Australia, Maccabiah Israel, Qstomize & Podify Israel, Make My Styles, etc.

Sunil is extremely gifted when it comes to technical know-how. He is described as an inspiring and motivational leader with first-rate interpersonal skills, who is the guiding light of the company. Today, students around the world have easy access to the online learning platforms, but when thinking of the rural areas where there is lack of these amenities, information, and guidance about the current education fields, Sunil believes it becomes difficult for them to understand their skill-set and hence are undersupplied to have a brighter future. Sticking to the need of the hour, he quit his US-based MNC job in 2012 and founded EasyShiksha, which is based in Jaipur. Sunil was since then devoted to working for these kids, making them get the best out of contemporary education.

A Journey Full of Adventures

EasyShiksha was started as a simple website that provided details about thousands of colleges across India. Gradually, the portal became a medium to provide the students with the necessary tools required to help them sort out the education field and the jobs and career prospects regarding the same. In the following eight years, EasyShiksha developed programs such as Career Helper which helps the learners by providing data based on their strength, interest, and talent. It includes tests like IQ test, Basic Test, Advance Test, and Psychometric test. EasyShiksha Magazine, introduced on April 5, 2018, was a small prototype of EasyShiksha’s web portal. A mini EasyShiksha also aims to provide all the information related to the field of education case studies, opportunities, new updates in the education world, and informative articles.

EasyShiksha is a leading platform developed to provide online education to remote areas by their certified internship training programs, Career Helper, Online Test series, Campus Ambassador Programme, Enterprise plans for colleges & universities, etc. With the world going digital, EasyShiksha helps users explore thousands of institutes with their courses, faculty, facilities, and placement details from where they can choose the right institution for higher education and job opportunities. The website is also home to colleges and universities to publicize their courses.

Hurdles, Disputes, and Achievements

Every success story is incomplete without overcoming challenges. EasyShiksha did overcome most of them, which has only resulted in making the program stouter and firm towards achieving its goals. Endeavouring to provide the best has kept EasyShiksha moving towards development and progress. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has acknowledged the significance of online education, which has massively impacted the evolution of the EasyShiksha portal. Though online learning platforms cannot completely replace a college degree since they would not provide a student with all the skills that he can acquire in an instantaneous environment. Still, the tutors and pupils are heavily hinged on online means to teach and learn skills that they are obligatory or are engrossed in.

With the students being habitual to traditional learning approaches, it becomes difficult for them to properly absorb the main features of e-learning methods. Plus there are many other challenges such as lengthy to-do lists, hectic work schedules, and several other distractions, before designing one’s online courses’ schedule. Also, sometimes a student is not able to grasp the value or benefit of the e-learning course, and its importance and practical implementation in the real-life scenario. To overcome this, an aspirant has to engage himself in the overall digital learning process in addition to which they also have to be aware of how the content is fruitful in real-world situations.

The efforts by EasyShiksha are extraordinarily identified and bestowed. It has been recognized and awarded one of the top start-ups by Vasundhara Raje, Hon’ble CM of Rajasthan, in 2017. Along with which, Easyshiksha has also been featured in “Top 20 EdTech Start-up – 2018 in India”, “India’s 10 Best online Education providers, 2019” and “Global Educational Influencers 2020”. Correspondingly, EasyShiksha receives over 100,000 views per month while adding 40 percent additional new users every month.

The Future That Lies Ahead

Knowing what to work for, simply aids the efforts. EasyShiksha has predominantly marked its way in the digital learning era. With students and educators bringing their eyes onto online searching for desired courses, the portal is striving to introduce more and more variety of online courses, training programs and even planning to launch online academic courses in the coming future. Moreover, EasyShiksha is trying its best to partner with leading colleges, universities, organizations, advocates, etc. which will give it an upper edge in the e-learning sector.