State Institute of Hotel Management, Balangir

State Institute of Hotel Management, Balangir

Inculcating the Culinary and Cordiality Skills for Profligate Acknowledgement

Hotel Management and the Hospitality industry are one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. With increasing demand and the necessity for promising teaching methods and applied practices on cookery and hospitality skills, State Institute of Hotel Management (SIHM), Balangir, Odisha is the one making its way for extemporizing the outmoded methods. Initially settled at Patharajpur- Jajpur, Odisha in 1997, the institute was later shifted to Balangir in 2004. Having a slow start, the institute managed to develop as a leading hub with its impeccable approaches, committed struggles, and a vision to provide value-based education for everyone. The institute has been set up with joint assistance from the Government of Odisha and Government of India to train and guide students for the vibrant Hotel and Tourism industry.

Mission, Vision, and Values That Aids the Buildout

“To develop individuals with multifaceted personalities who will shoulder the responsibilities of the family, the Society, and the Nation.”

The institute aims at creating an environment where the students can observe, learn, and apply the techniques and skills that shape them into industry-ready professionals. SIHM, Balangir strives to imbibe the students to “the sense of Duty, Discipline, Responsibility, and Service to the Nation and Society” by offering them affordable educational facilities.

“To be a leading educational institution by providing world-class education in diverse emerging disciplines to produce conscientious and learned professionals who significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.”

The institute yearns to impart knowledge covering the theoretical and practical approaches to the latest developments in their branches of study. SIHM, Balangir ensures they present the peers with informed and progressive technical facilities and faculty from and with the best institutions in the country, making it one of the paramount institutions of hotel management.

SIHM, Balangir aims at mounting the occupancy of modern hospitality and tourism tutoring into the life of socially and economically backward pupils of the KBK districts of the western part of Odisha. Along with imbibing them with qualities such as respect, updated learning, rigor, entrepreneurship, and relevance.

The Backbone of the Esteemed Institute

No structure is prolific without its resilient support. Same stands for SIHM. Shri Suresh Kumar Eknath, the Principal/Secretary I/C of SIHM, Balangir. Shri Eknath is a passionate soul, entirely devoted to framing the careers of the students at SIHM, Balangir. He believes instilling strong values combining with academics and extracurricular activities in his students, making them socially acceptable, innovative professionals, entrepreneurs, self-reliant, and independent citizens of the country. He visions to create an environment for the students where they can think, learn and create innovative solutions, digging deep into the roots of the hospitality and tourism industry, to bring out the never known procedures and techniques for the businesses.

Shri Eknath also wants the students to be an acceptable and responsible citizen of India, making them fierce and industry-ready to face the challenges soon. In his view India will show the fastest growth rate in the world and the Travel and Tourism Industry, the growth rate will go up to 9.4% per annum according to the present inventory of three million-plus rooms, it is expected to extend to six million rooms by 2021. So, he expects ample opportunities for employment, first track growth, and financial gains. He considers how parents’ support is equally responsible for crafting the child’s future. He says, “I am confident enough that the SIHM, Balangir will make them stronger day by day, adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the Institute.”

SIHM, Balangir achieved the milestone today with the continuous support and involvement of Sri Vishal Kumar Dev, IAS (Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt., Tourism Dept.) the Director, Tourism who is the Administrator of SIHM, Balangir, Sri Sachin Ramachandra Jadhav, IAS for his prompt action in the infrastructural development of the Institute.

A Fervent Approach to Craft Fruitful Environment

SIHM, Balangir offers a variety of courses, covering the entire outline of the hospitality and tourism industry. The courses include Diploma in Food Production, Diploma in Food & Beverage Service, Diploma in Front Office Operation, Diploma in Housekeeping Operation for 10+2 pass out students, and also has introduced Craftsmanship Certificate Course in Food & Beverage Service and Craftsmanship Certificate Course in Food Production for 10 class pass out student along with a Degree course in Hotel Management in the year 2019-20. Situated in the outskirts of Balangir, surrounded by the unobtrusive and aesthetic environment and facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, R.O. water system, modern boys & girls hostel, library, classrooms, computer laboratories including a gymnasium for both (boys & girls), indoor & outdoor game facility, etc. makes students at SIHM capable of exercising their learning and practice with contemporary equipment. The institute safeguards the students by affording well-versed and experienced faculty from across the country. Thanks to their enthusiasm, SIHM, Balangir’s placement records have been 100%.

SIHM, Balangir seeks the best methodologies to bring out their students’ potentials, and collaborating with industries to engage aspirants to opt for internships is one step towards their goal. Having experienced the industrial environment and multiplied the knowledge of practical approaches to hotel management, the students are encouraged to prepare reports. Along with this, the students are also presented with a regular session by a reputed Chef, General Manager, F & B Manager, Housekeeping Manager, and Front Office Executive of various backgrounds. Collaboration also aids the institute as the peers are stimulated to craft research papers and project models on regional cuisine, changing trends of hospitality, and forgotten and lost recipes of the various regions.

SIHM, Balangir believes that “trained entrepreneurs become catalysts of developing industry and economic progress.” Therefore the institute focuses on building entrepreneurship values into students’ minds where they can utilize their brains to generate ideas that can help them develop their ventures. SIHM also partakes in LokUtsav, wherein the students are indulged in creating innovative food items and earn a profit. The institute focuses on the overall development of its students via career development programs. These programs influence the virtues of responsibility, self- control, hard-work, goal-oriented approaches, and presence of mind, which helps them grab lucrative opportunities in the future.

Achievements So Far and the Inventive Future

With students placed across the country and abroad, SIHM, Balangir is absolutely a first choice for the aspirants. The seeds sown by the institute have proven fruitful, and thus their works are recognized. SIHM, Balangir has been ranked as no. 1 institute at All-India level and bestowed with Best SIHM Award (all-round performance) at National Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Education for the consecutive years 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Some of the brilliant minds who graduated from SIHM, Balangir which proved the effectiveness of SIHM, Balangir’s teaching-learning methodologies can be seen in the achievements of its students; for instance.

  • Mr. Sudhir Singh, a student of Diploma in Front Office Operation trade ranked All India Topper in the Annual Diploma Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2007-08.
  • Consecutively three years Food Production department students won All India Level First Rank namely: (1) Soumya Panda – 2009, (2). Sunil Mahapatra – 2010, (3) Priya Ranjan Mallick – 2011 in the Annual Diploma Examination conducted by NCHMCT.
  • Ms. Sumitra Sahoo, a student of Diploma in Housekeeping Operation trade ranked All India Topper in the Annual Diploma Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2016-17.
  • Ms. Samparna Nayak, a student of Diploma Food Production trade ranked All India topper in the Annual Diploma Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2016-17.
  • Mr. Banti Choudhury, a student of Diploma in Food Production trade ranked 2nd in the Annual Diploma Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2016-17.
  • Mr. Akash K Pillai, a student of Craftsmanship Certificate Course in F&B Service trade ranked All India Topper in the Annual Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2017.
  • Mr. Bansidhar Seth, a student of Craftsmanship Certificate Course in F&B Service trade ranked All India Topper in the Annual Examination conducted by NCHMCT in 2019.
  • Ms. Pradayeeni Dash, a student of Diploma Housekeeping trade ranked 2nd in the Annual Diploma Examination-2018-19 conducted by NCHMCT.
  • Mr. Anup Ekka, a student of Diploma in Housekeeping Operation trade ranked 2nd in all India in the Annual Diploma Examination 2019-20 conducted by NCHMCT.
  • Miss Sukanti Gandha, another student of Diploma in Housekeeping Operation ranked 4th in all India in the Annual Diploma Examination 2019-20 conducted by NCHMCT.
  • Mr. Subhendu Dash, a student of Diploma in Front Office Operation trade ranked 5th in all India in the Annual Diploma Examination 2019-20 conducted by NCHMCT.

SIHM, Balangir plans to send students to other countries for internships and training, where they would learn more about the hospitality business. Along with which, the institute prepares for expansion by Introduction of international level degree courses, Introduction of carving courses, French and other modern language courses, bakery, and confectionery course, and organizing international workshops and seminars on changing trends of contemporary hospitality.