MIT Arts, Science & Commerce College

MIT Arts, Commerce & Science College

Delivering the Educational Provision Extraordinarily

Working for the progress of every student’s career by providing them with excellent facilities, infrastructure, and proper guidance to shape their future for competing globally, is what every institution today aims for. And it seems that MIT Arts Commerce & Science College, Pune has surely marked its presence. Established in 2007, under the aegis of Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), Pune MIT College foresees its students to emerge first class in all their respective accomplishments. The college is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University. MITACSC has its roots deeply infiltrated as one of the finest educational hubs of the country, making it the most suitable and excellent learning center with top-ranking facilities and infrastructure for academics as well as research aspirants for their overall development.

What Keeps Their Nerve and Grit So High?

MITACSC firmly believes in the principle of inclusion and equal opportunity for all. The college promises excellence in education and research by improvising their capabilities and offering world-class amenities to the students’ aids. It strives to refine the brilliant minds to live up to their aptitudes and work towards the opulence and welfare of the society and the country. The college visualizes its gates to emerge as the prominent education center with top-notch facilities for academics and research combined with a healthy and lively environment that would cheer the students to embrace their extra-curricular skills and develop comprehensively to vie at the global level.

The college inculcates the students with values that inspire them to deal with the ups and downs of life and ring true to the prospects of society. The values include spirituality, entrepreneurship skills, professional skills, and research aptitude. These core values are responsible for the college’s perseverance.

The Dynamic Trio

The college stands today because of the three important personalities –Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, who is the Founder, Trustee & Executive President of the college, a man with a great vision and insight, who keeps the lamps ignited for the enlightenment of the young minds and aims to refine each student with the necessary expertise. Dr. Sunil Karad, the Executive Director who believes in finding unpretentious solutions to stimulating problems only with the help of the right education. Dr. B. B. Waphare, Principal and an academic visionary who is dedicatedly involved in imparting quality education, inculcating research aptitude, social, and moral values which help to develop students and mark their identities at the international forefront.

Activities, Training, and Conveniences That Certify the College’s Excellence

MITACSC is a complete educational hub for any student wanting to enroll for either of the three streams, Science, Commerce or Arts. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs like Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business), Bachelor of Business Administration (Computer Application), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and Master of Science (Computer Science). The college has settled abilities for the students to make sure it develops as a completely evolved professional with the best skills and experiences with modern systems. The college has started Skill Development Courses in contemplation to the development of various progressing skills among the aspirants.

Being the Local Chapter of SWAYAM and NPTEL, the college also encourages the undergraduates to indulge themselves in online courses available just at one touch on the screen. Apart from these, the college also undertakes English Language Lab sessions, regular theory and practical classes, Remedial classes, bridge courses, add-on courses, workshops, and hands-on training, keeping in mind the need of the hour. These arrangements have abundantly resulted in the favour of the college, making the minds competent to globally accepted trends of research as well as acquiring exceptional job opportunities. Along with which the students are proficient with skills like in-depth knowledge of the core subjects, Soft-Skills such as Communication skills, Managerial skills, Team Building, Leadership, Technical skills, Life skills, moral values, etc.

Traits That Sets the College Apart

Along with the regular curriculum going on in the classes, the college ensures that students also participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to groom their various skills. Concerning which several forums like Competitive Examination Cell – “Eklavya”, Anubhuti, Young Speakers Club, Photography Club, Economic Planning Forum, Jagruti Munch, Skylark, Film Club etc. are made available; Weeks that include Commerce Week, Management Week, Science Week, IT Fest are celebrated; Competitions, Quizzes, Celebration of various days such as Yoga Day, Annual Sports Day, Annual Social Gathering, etc. are also conducted where students get opportunities to project their talents

The efforts put behind to sharpen and safeguard the future of the students have earned the college prestigious honor in the form of accolades that encompasses Best Placement among Educational Institutions in Pune- by Brands Academy, Wipro’s Outstanding Contribution to Industry-Academia Partnership, International Institute of Education & Management, New Delhi’s Best Educationist Award, University Level Best College Award by Savitribai Phule Pune University for conducting Student Development Activities and ranking in India Today Best College Rankings 2020.

Promising a better future for an aspirant needs total efforts, patience, and determination to stay stable and guarantee you a result. MITACSC has surely lived up to the expectations of the students who completed their education and are willing to be a part of it. To speak of which, the college has settled an alumni association called “MAITRI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION” where they could talk about their success stories and inspire others about their contribution at a leading position in national and multinational companies, giving their best in performing arts, pursuing higher education and budding entrepreneurs, etc.

Future Opportunities and Planning for a Long Run

MITACSC doesn’t fail to provide career development opportunities which aid the students to excel in their life after college. As a part of which activities like training for interviews, aptitude test and self-presentation, industrial visit, expert interaction, participation in intercollegiate competitions are recurrently organized. Implementation of various programs through Research and Development Cell, NSS, Student Development Cell, “Unnat Bharat Abhiyan” keep the students engaged in social activities. On and Off-Campus Placement Drives support the students to get placed in renowned companies. Faculty support and guidance assist students to achieve their goals.

For ensuring the students’ stronghold in the industry and providing the students with a closer look inside the industry environment and functioning via communicating with industry personas, the college collaborates with several bodies that comprise from academic institutions to multinational companies. To name a few – CCA Education Pvt Ltd., Apex Language Solutions Pune, Quick Heal Foundation, Cognitive Exchange, MIGHTY IT Networking Academy, Core Code IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Looking for the future requisite, the college has planned to widen the academic and research wings with – Research Extension Centre, Foreign Language Centre, Skill Development Centre, Post Graduate Programs in commerce and science streams, Industry-Academia collaboration and International student enrolment. MITACSC believes to expand its boundaries and leave no stone unturned to secure a prospering future for its alumni.