Lead College of Management

Lead College of Management

Smearing Unconventional Approaches to Inculcate Resourceful Managerial Skills

A career in management studies encompasses a journey of vast experience, life-lessons, challenges and hurdles alongside opening up various opportunities to learners around the world. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy, Dhoni’ (LEAD), Palakkad, Kerala, as a stand-alone MBA institute, affiliated to the University of Calicut and approved by AICTE and accredited by NAAC is one of the leading colleges in Management Studies around the country offering specialization courses in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, International Business, and System.

In 2011, LEAD was initially started with a single program, an MBA with mere 120 students and today, with the strength of more than 400 students (180 admissions for Indian Nations and 27 foreign students) has successfully established itself among the top 3 institutions in Kerala within a short time. The institute focuses on maximum employment of students’ dynamism and functioning capacity to the core that they come up with pioneering ideas consistently.

To reach its zenith, the institute focuses on creating a better-quality and advanced education system to produce individuals and develop them into socially committed efficacious frontrunners and entrepreneurs. LEAD visualizes to indoctrinate the central qualities of entrepreneurship and managerial skills into their students to cultivate them into nurturing citizens of the society in addition to identifying their capabilities and talents to turn them into advantageous and benchmarking philosophies for the nation.

To achieve what they have achieved today, the institute has given importance to three main aspects while implementing the academic schedule along with some fruitful policies for their students:

  1. Committed to delivering a carefully designed blend, which includes rigorous learning from international academicians, regular exposure to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  2. Provide more scope for student-driven initiatives, peer learning, experiential learning, community service, and numerous other social activities that make ‘LEAD’ experience a transformational one for our students.
  3. To make the students realize and utilize their potential to the maximum.

Unfaltering and Vibrant Leader

Dr. Thomas George, a passion-filled and valiant soul, is the founder chairman of LEAD College of Management Studies, with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training and coaching industry. He has a B. Tech. (Electronics and Communication), M. Sc. (Applied Psychology), MBA from Calicut University and Ph.D. in Psychology. Since 2000, he has been associated with ‘Turning Point’ a training program for youth. Best known for holding Guinness world book record for delivering 72 hours lecture on management, Palghat Management Association’s, Edupreneur of the Year Award, 2016, NFED’s Distinguished Entrepreneur Award, 2015 and NIPM’s Best Institution Builder Award are also some of the accolades garnered by Dr. Thomas.

Initially starting as Prompt Computers in 1994 that developed into India’s largest touch screen network for Indian Railways, Dr. Thomas has since taken no turn. In 2002, he started giving soft skill training to youth and students, thereafter he realized his passion for teaching. It is rightly said, “Leading an organization or a team is not everybody’s cup of tea.” An individual should possess certain qualities and skills for earning a niche in their particular chosen arenas. In 2011, Dr. Thomas established the “LEAD College of Management” with the motive to bring state-of-the-art learning techniques to students from all parts of the world.

A Zealous Approach to Craft Prolific Environment

Ensuring that the students have gained enough practical knowledge of the respective subjects, the institute compulsorily sends the students for a three months internship. Dr. Thomas George says, “Owing to our constant efforts to enhance the lives of our students at LEAD, we have associated with a range of organizations, especially with the industry giants of Palakkad, which is known as the second industrial district of Kerala.” The institute engages the students with dynamic activities and training, by arranging three-day programs such as Break Through and Turning Point, where the number of students and professionals from other organizations comes at the LEAD campus to participate in the management and adventurous activities like fire walking, river crossing, meeting etiquette, cubicle etiquette and many more. LEAD aims its prime emphasis on penetrating and elevating the entrepreneurial insights of the students to help them develop into successful future entrepreneurs. LEAD has developed a Centre for Research Consultancy and Publication (CRCP) inside the campus that aims at bestowing cutting-edge research knowledge from around the world and thus helping in engaging the students and faculty members in research works in addition to improving and adding value to the personal learning process.

Speaking of the consequences, Dr. Thomas George shares, “Through these activities, the students are prepared for a smooth transition from the campus to corporate life. Learning and competing with students from other institutions let them earn valuable skills and experiences.” The students of LEAD are tutored by a team of faculty members who hold stable and ample industry and academic experiences. There are teachers with a doctorate having an abundance of industrial exposure alongside carrying academically privileged qualifications of having worked with the topmost institutes of management studies in India as well as overseas which has helped in building a diversified learning environment inside the campus.

Apart from this, the college also provides various career development opportunities such as all-round personality development initiatives, mock interviews, and GD training, with the help of dedicated placement team & exclusive trainers, connect with corporate and head hunters, and organizing campus interviews, campus visits of recruiters and campus visits of industrialists as well as promising quality placement with packages above Rs3.2 lakhs salary.

The Significant Methodologies for Imparting Knowledge

Outcome-Based Training (OBT): OBT wing provides a three-day adventure camp for professionals and students to explore nature and encounter challenging experiences. It benefits the individuals as it enhances alertness and readiness, builds confidence, conquers fear, team building, imparting knowledge through exploration and utilization of resources, enhances practical wisdom, etc.

Jumaring (Jugging): An activity where the second climber (the one who belays the lead climber on the route) uses ascenders to climb the rope instead of climbing directly on the rock. Balance, perseverance, strength, and concentration are key elements that are required for Jumaring.

Rappelling: Rappelling is sliding down the rope in a controlled manner. In this activity, if one wants to descent they can either walk or climb down or can rappel. When the terrain is easy walking or climbing down is the best choice. But when the terrain becomes too difficult rappelling is the faster, easier and safer solution.

Valley Crossing: Valley crossing or river crossing is a technique usually used by military personnel to cross a river or mountain cliff. Ropes are used to bridge the two sides and participants have to cross the barrier hanging in the rope.

Fire Walking: The activity involves a terrifying experience of walking over a fire for the participants. They are made to walk over burning wooden coal. The activity enhances team building and leadership skills in the three-day intense program.

Bridges and rope-based activities: The activity incorporates the passing of a chain of bridges and nets to measure a person’s alertness. The responsibility of being a team member and its spirit is revealed here.

Management Games: The training program also includes a lot of management games which helps to enhance managerial skill and team orientation e.g. resource procuring, cloggers, strapped race, obstacle crossing, etc.

Turning Point: The technique is introduced to contest the hardships of students, after critically analyzing the psychological and emotional factors, thereby making them face realities courageously. It aims at praising the competencies of every individual and set goals to help them achieve those in addition to evolving interrelationship of individuals, building confidence, public speaking, etc.

Achievements So Far

LEAD has been cherished by several state and national level organizations.

  • 6th emerging business schools in India by Price water house Coopers (PWC) named LEAD.
  • 5th higher Education Review among institutes providing industry exposures.
  • 49th position in All India Ranking of Business Schools by Business India.
  • The coveted award entitled “EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD” was received by Dr. Thomas George.

Effervescent Future

With the speed at which LEAD is growing, it is soon to become one of the top self-financing institutions in south India. To keep their pace and ensure quality education to students, LEAD intends to start a business incubation Centre for developing entrepreneurship, obtain accreditation from NBA, AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, and also become Centre of Excellence in various domains including business analytics.