Creative Hut Institute of Photography

Creative Hut Institute of Photography

Attaining Prominence through Persistent Enthusiasm

Starting as an unheard-of educational hub in a field which is disregarded and sought trivial, and emerging out successful through continuous hard work, perseverance and resilience is not everyone’s cup of tea, unless it is Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Located in God’s own country, Kerala, the institute is blessed with the perfect combination of nature and its elements that are suitable for all kinds of photography branches. In progress since 2007, with the motive to fulfil every Indian photography aspirant’s dream of learning and gaining hands-on experience in photography, Creative Hut is India’s only residential institute imparting photography knowledge.

Residing among the beautiful components of nature, the institute focuses on the traditional Gurukul way of the education system. The learning is imparted via the sharing of knowledge with modern tools and techniques between faculty and students living together around the campus. Managed by non-profitable trust i.e. National Education and Research Foundation, the institute provides diploma courses in Art of Photography, Wildlife Photography, Fashion Photography, Travel Photography, Product Photography, and Photojournalism.

The Man behind the Remarkable Vision

Mr. Abin Alex, the founder-director of the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, is a well-known photographer having expertise in portrait, street, macro, wildlife, and documentary photography. He is a post-graduate in Master Design and MBA (Design Management). Mr. Alex is also a recipient of the Honorary Doctorate for his vital role in the research and invention of the World’s first Photography history calendar, World’s first Photography Board game, and World’s biggest and unique photography wheel.

When Abin Alex established Creative Hut Institute of Photography, he focused on ethical values, genuine hard work, devotion and commitment to bring together the students and construct their career up in Photography; which eventually resulted in enticing admiration and popularity for the institute and building the strong network of high profile experts as alumni ensuring complete satisfaction. He once received an opportunity to share photography knowledge and his experiences with prisoners at Sabarmati Central Jail, Ahmedabad Gujarat during the celebration of world photography day on 19th August 2012. His passion has to be an inspiration for aspiring student photographers and his works are acclaimed and supported by various leading newspapers and magazines.

His travels and visits to different places like MICA, BRDS, etc. and workshops conducted at Nirma University, IIT Gandhinagar, Chaudhari Institute, Rotary Club in Gujarat and St. Thomas College, Kerala has divulged him with abundance experience and knowledge from other professionals which he aims to cultivate in his students at Creative Hut. He believes that “It doesn’t matter how long you live but what counts is how you live. You spend your whole life acquiring more and more but what you have achieved at the end will be the way of life you have spent. Knowledge is endless but your knowledge gets meaningful when you share it with others.”

Mission and Vision That Embolden through Thick and Thin

Creative Hut Institute of Photography aims at creating an environment that perfectly crafts the brilliant minds, who aspire to achieve high in this unique field of photography. The institute seeks to provide every possible aid to the aspiring students to excel in their skills and express their talent of photography at the international level. The institute encourages the students to become morally successful in their lives by guiding them to enhance their ethics and core values. This will enable the students to take risks and advance their career graph.

Favourable Activities and Teachings to Support the Students’ Aims

Being the only residential photography institute in the country, the institute is responsible to offer the best facilities, amenities, and infrastructure for the complete comfort and ability of students. Without a doubt, Creative Hut is providing the learners with smart classrooms as well as the experience of learning between the natural airs of the surrounding. The students are asked to expand their minds and think creatively. Their works are maintained by the institute to motivate them and offer them wide recognition via an exclusive website.

The students are experienced with hands-on practices of photography which include macro photography, bird’s photography, fashion photography, product photography, etc. that are practiced usually in the institute campus itself or by building outdoor setups. To construct a healthy team spirit and inculcate the moral values of hard work, self-confidence, and enthusiasm, the faculty encourages the students to indulge in live programs. The students get a chance to listen to renowned guest faculties during sessions, photography research, and exhibitions that are regularly carried out and photo walks and photo talks are scheduled to involve their minds and allow them to get exposure to more real-world awareness.

Getting Globally Acceptable through Personality Enhancement

“Life should be a vision to create something, not an ambition to become something,” believes Creative Hut and wishes to embrace the same into their students. Building up communication skills is the most important criteria for surviving today’s world. Therefore, the institute focuses on improving the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of students to connect them with the outside world. Personality development classes are scheduled for them to learn the qualities of sharing, respecting one and all, discipline, independence, character building, and self-confidence, which play a vital role while following the Gurukul way of learning.

The institute not only promotes intellectual knowledge but also focuses on students’ health as well. At Creative Hut, the students actively participate in various extracurricular activities, which allows them to think positively, work together, and enable the team spirit among fellow peers. Regular exercise and yoga have proved to be an important part in shaping the personality of students. The Gurukul way of learning privileges the students with 24*7 faculty availability for guidance and constant learning.

The institute is equipped with the latest technologies inside the library, classrooms, editing rooms, and equipment. The largest studio for practical indoor lighting is provided for entire places where 8 to 10 studio setups can work at a time. The butterfly garden is the center of attraction, comprising the beautiful scenery and 28 species of insects for perfect photography. The organic garden brings the students to experience the cultivation of fruits and veggies. Students and faculties together nurture it and enjoy this way of learning through nature.

The dedication has proved fruitful to the institute and its alumni. The works are record holders in Limca Book of Records, National Book of Records, World Records India, etc. Commendation Certificate awarded by Office of Additional DG & IG Prisons, Gujarat State, Commendation Certificate from Technical Education Department of Kerala, State Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Most Admired Photographer award by Entrepreneurs Council of India, Indian Star’s Best Photo Mentor Award, Vidya Shiromani Educational Excellence Awards, Visionary Leader Awards for Excellence in Education from Career Options at 3rd Higher Education Summit, Asian World Records for World’s first Photography are some of the honorary awards claimed by the Creative Hut.

Opportunities and Future Prospects

There are various opportunities for students in Film industry as Cinematographers and Director of Photography, Official Photographer for Kerala Blasters Football Team, Photojournalists, reporters and cameraman, Sports Photographer, Official Photographer for Election Campaign, Faculty and assistant faculty for photography and media in different media colleges, Function and event cinematographers at varied companies, Architecture Photographers and product photographers for e-commerce companies and many more.

Creative Hut aims at putting enthusiastic efforts to accomplish its vision and create a remarkable stand by developing the infrastructure and improving the skill set. The institute aims to create a vintage camera museum, an exhibition art gallery, a research and project center, and a media channel to completely enhance the learning experience for the students.