Birla Technical Training Institute

Birla Technical Training Institute

Cultivating, Incubating and Divulging Technical Knowledge

Imparting the technical education to the future of India, Birla Technical and Training Institute (BTTI) is one of the leading technical institutes contributing in making the learning experience more innovative and unconventional with effective and contemporary equipment. Established in 1988 by the leading industrialist Late Syt Basant Kumar Birla, BTTI has hugely impacted the technical educational sector of the country by its remarkable efforts towards the expansion of anticipated skills required for the industry. Spread over a land of 9.15 acres, BTTI has all one needs for getting a tremendous learning experience with hands-on practices and a staff of dedicated and experienced faculty.

The institute is affiliated to Board of Technical Education (BTER), Jodhpur, Rajasthan and acknowledged by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The institute is an evolving center of excellence in the field of engineering offering Polytechnic Engineering Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical & Computer Science Engineering.

A Mission That Identifies the Esteemed Institute

The institute aims to increase and impart knowledge of the technical field to the emergent minds. The staff at BTTI is devoted to accomplishing and nurturing the skills required for the industry. BTTI targets creating a bunch of brilliant minds with essential skills and expertise in equipment handling and imperative technical wisdom. The students are nurtured to withstand the changing scenario of growth and development of society and to meet the increasing technological advancements of today’s world. The institute envisions becoming a prominent hub of technical education in the country. With a striking mission and the service for delivering high-quality education for aspiring students, the institute aims to emerge as a ‘center of excellence’ for knowledge, which helps them make the students ‘Atmanirbhar’ (independent).

Apart from preparing them to have expertise in technical knowledge, BTTI encourages and acknowledges the students to set values that build their personality which is unique on its own. They are told how important core values like respect, self-confidence, passion, responsibility, commitment, and lenience, etc. are and how they frame a person’s mind to achieve the desired goal. The Institute favors the kids to have a zeal for the work they do which would aid them to stay committed and give their 100 %. As they believe, “Self-reflection and an earnest desire to continually improve is an integral component of every level of the organization.” To take responsibility for realizing quality, BTTI maintains a ‘no excuse’ culture which enables them to push themselves in crafting operative and viable solutions.

The Walls of the Structure

A building is incomplete without its founding pillars and walls. Similarly, BTTI is incomplete without renowned industrialist Late Basant Kumar Ji Birla who established it in 1988 and contributed immensely to the success that the institute enjoys today. With the able leadership of Director Dr. S M Prasanna Kumar and the principal of the institute, Mr. Manoj Kumar Gaur, it has become possible for BTTI to stay committed for quality education and help the students to groom their skills and develop themselves into future professionals and technocrats. Acting as a constant beacon for the learners has made the students proficient to combat challenges and also to contribute to the demanding requirement and competition in the global market.

The Hunger for Brilliance

Providing the best, progressive and contemporary education is the need of the hour. Every institute hustling in the educational field is working towards the same goal. So, what are the qualities that set BTTI apart from everyone? The endeavor to be better and the wisdom for the right choices has helped the progress of the institute and its alumni. At BTTI, efforts are made to make sure that the students are completely groomed according to the demands and standards framed by the industry and market. The institute is keen on providing the students with a journey full of thrilling adventures to unravel the secret and skills of the engineering field. They are encouraged to involve in different activities along with their compulsory academics. The students engage themselves in co-curricular and extracurricular activities throughout the academic year.

The institute organizes different programs for the students. Some of these include sessions such as guest lectures and entrepreneur talk wherein the students learn about the other way of the engineering profession and how they can hone their skills via building combining business with engineering. Sessions relating to the academic curriculum are also conducted. Industrial Training and Industrial Visit are organized for the undergraduates to get well-informed about the working inside industry. The faculty offers the students with Industry Oriented Project work to expand their minds into designing mini projects with an industry point of view. In addition to that, the students also undergo job interview preparations to improve their communication skills, gaining confidence for public speaking, and attain the ability significant for competing in the market.

Personality Development, Alumni Recognition, and Future Opportunities

The institute aids the students with career-building opportunities by organizing personality development seminars wherein they get to improvise their leadership skills, communication skills, organizational behavior, interpersonal behavior skills, community cooperation, and teamwork spirit. These essential tips for personality guides help students to adjust themselves in the corporate world and emerge as leaders of the growing technological scenario. The students come across the “Meet Personality” program which is an open talk program with the renowned personality of the nearby area. They get to interact and ask their questions to a prominent individual which in turn teaches them to cope up with problems of the corporate industry and inculcate their leadership skills.

The institute also conducts extra-curricular activities in the form of cultural programs like Fresher’s Party, Tech-Utsav (7 days cultural technical & sports test), Farewell Party, Rama Katha (3 days), Dramatics, Bhajan Sandhya and Art & Craft exhibition. These programs act as a change to the ongoing academic pressure to the students and also helps them to enhance their skills by participating in them. The student celebrates their culture with equal enthusiasm. The institute has international collaborations with the French universities and also with the Layam group, Chennai for the industrial training & placement of the students.

For its dedicated efforts for students’ development, the institute has been nominated as the best polytechnic by the Department of Technical Education Rajasthan for the “Outstanding Institution Award”. The alumni of BTTI are all well settled with the excellent working environment and describe the institute as “BTTI is one of the best institutes and played a big role in our life-changing events”, “The institute has a best in class foundation with well-prepared labs, workshops, library, and qualified staff to help understudies in achieving highest measures in scholastics and expert aptitudes” and “We can never forget the time which we have spent in BTTI”.

The Future Awaits

The institute has completed 32 years of excellence in the field of technical education and as promised, they have followed a remarkable trend of producing top rank holders in the BTER merit list. The credit of which the institute gives to the zealous staff. The institute aims to increase its course streams in the coming years. BTTI also has aimed to equip the labs and workshops with up-to-date and resourceful machines and systems. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the institute is conducting their online lectures regularly.