NIVA American International School

NIVA American International School

Reinforcing a Highly Vibrant and Curated Education Experience

The vision of the school is to inspire every student to aim high, to be highly successful, and to live with integrity.

Established in 1991, NIVA American International School (NAIS), started as a private study centre, which catered to students studying for the IGCSC. It later spread its wings by opening an overseas school and later, an international kindergarten. When the count of students reached a number of 250 students, NIVA decided to become an International School in 2002.

With its meticulous performance, the name, “NIVA” is known all around Thailand as a brand that builds the students’ skillsets for excellence and provides a holistic education for developing the whole child. The school was considered as one of the Best 10 International Schools in Thailand in 2018 and still holds its title up to this day and is accredited by the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

A Man with a Midas-Touch

A beacon of inspiration, who held his passion for education deep-rooted for several decades is Mr. Nathan Anthony, Founder and President of NIVA American International School. He is a veteran teacher, entrepreneur, educator, writer, speaker, and trainer, having a rich experience of four decades in the education and business fields.

Nathan has manifested his goals in every step of the journey by his commitment to NIVA and its students’ happiness, development, and success. With his dedication, NIVA is able to continually strive for excellence through innovation and creativity. Being a leader, he has helped thousands of students, numerous teachers, and administrators around the world to become highly successful in their preferred professions, leadership, and businesses.

Reminiscing his humble past, he claims his present-day reality is a result of the thought-provoking challenges of his initial life, his commitment to integrity, and his unwavering focus on success and achieving results. He is always grateful for the numerous people who have helped him throughout his life and imbibes the virtue of charity, which every human must engage in.

Nathan’s invocation for himself and others is that everyone should find their purpose in life and live accordingly. He believes in the ideology of putting everyone first and helping them grow, which will eventually lead to his growth. He preaches and continues to inspire everyone to work with diligence in their profession, for everyone’s well-being, humanity, the environment, and the world. He aims to build a community to care for the Earth and everything in it, on it, and above it.

He has endless ideas and inspirational thoughts about individual, communal, and national successes that can result in national and global cooperation and collaboration for the world to succeed as a glorious planet. In his book that he is currently writing, “Breaking through Education”, with the subtitle, “Making a Transformational change in Individuals and Nations for a Better World”, he talks about coming together as one and making the necessary changes to make better sense of everyone’s lives in the world. He expounds, “If the world is to continue to offer us its abundant resources without problems, we will have to learn to be better stewards and caretakers of our Earth.”

Cherishing the School’s Virtues

Each individual is unique and able to optimize his or her emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual faculties to their full potential.

The school celebrates a family-based environment, where everyone enjoys each other’s company and makes learning a zealous experience. The voice of the school is its students, who are the young minds of the 21st century representing NIVA’s culture and authentic learning skills to the world. By maintaining a strong lifelong relationship, the school provides the students with proper guidance to transform their dreams into reality and become responsible global citizens.

NIVA conducts programs that cater to culturally diverse ethnic backgrounds of the student population through events and performances. To name a few are the International Day, Chinese New Year, and Loy Kratong Day. The International students participate in all the activities and also take up leadership roles in the school to become Student Government Presidents depending on their talents.

The school’s guidance department helps in securing scholarship opportunities for students and also offers financial aid to selected excellent students.

An Emphasis on Support Programs

NIVA emphasizes on three support programs to help second language learners accelerate their learning. The Intensive English Program (IE) is designed to help students gain knowledge regarding the English language skills to join the mainstream classrooms. The English Language Development Program (ELD) gives more support to students in a class allowing them to accelerate their English skills while learning the core subjects. The After-school program emphasizes on different life skills such as Drama, languages, music, sports, and many more.

An Overview of NIVA’s Education

NIVA uses the American curriculum and caters its instruction according to each student’s capabilities Based on the teaching strategy of “Authentic Learning”, the students learn by incorporating lessons that are founded on real-life models and work on projects that solve real-world problems and issues.

NIVA is a K-12 school that consists of the following grade levels divided into different departments: Nursery and Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School. The Nursery and Kindergarten uses the “theme-based” approach to learning. It is where lessons are grouped into themes and students learn more when the lessons are based on a theme. From grade 1 to grade 12, the students use different strategies on Authentic Learning. Elementary emphasizes on inquiry-based learning to help them get the solutions through inquiry. Middle school and high school students have an emphasis on project-based learning and researched-based learning to experience real life situations in their lessons.

The high school students are also primed for SAT and AP exams, project-based learning, and public speaking. A vital emphasis is placed on leadership and a special class called “Leadership Class” is held, where students take charge of leading and running over 80% of the events held on campus. NIVA students are not only ready to enter university but are also ready to lead from the forefront. Being an American International School, NIVA graduates have the flexibility to join any university program in Thailand and around the world.