KIS International School

KIS International School

A Contemporary and Comprehensive School Offering Global Education

The KIS community aims to inspire students and other community members to challenge themselves to become better people, who in turn become inspiring individuals who help make the world become a better place.

Established in 1998, KIS is a full International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Initially, it started as a primary school that offers the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and eventually advanced to include the IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and the IB Diploma. In the span of a few years, the school has experienced steady growth and has gained a name for itself for its remarkable performance. Its “demand of spaces” approach has expanded the school from two classes per grade level to three classes per grade, currently accommodating 800 students from 55 different nationalities.

The Charismatic Personality

The school recently welcomed its new Head, Paul Johnson. He has a rich leadership experience of over two decades and has worked previously at international schools in Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, Morocco, India, and the USA. He has reckoned the perfect blend of nurturing a safe and vibrant learning environment with a strong sense of community and high academic standards. Paul’s zeal and passion combined with his leadership personality are well suited for the international culture at KIS. His calm and reflective approach, style, and sense of humor are the key assets for inculcating a family-friendly community at KIS. Paul describes that working extensively for many years around the globe has shaped his international commitment along with an understanding and admiration for host cultures.

Paul recalls his first day at KIS, “Oh wow! This school has really got their act together. It was comforting confirmation that the community was strong and that students and faculty were happy. When I met with the student council members, one elementary student exclaimed, “I love being here as much as my own home!” Parents I met with clearly loved the school. Teachers were engaging and students were learning. I felt like everyone is working towards a common goal and that the school is student-centered. Additionally, there is a part of my personality that drives me to desire continuous improvement. This matches with what I see in the rigorous and holistic curriculum at KIS. Positive energy, friendliness, and warmth – these are the immediate impressions I had of KIS.”

The Triangle of KIS

KIS International School helps students embrace a balanced atmosphere to think critically, be open-minded, and develop a respect for different cultures. It works with a mission to be an innovative community providing its students with knowledge, inspiration, and spirit to become proud and responsible people. Elaborating these three key drivers of the school’s core values:

Knowledge: Students at KIS are able to interact with a rigorous and dynamic international curriculum developing the knowledge, skills, and characteristics that will support them in the pursuit of their goals and in becoming lifelong learners in an ever-changing and diverse global community.

Inspiration: KIS provides a safe and supportive environment, where students and community members are encouraged to be creative and passionate about learning, share their ideas and inspire each other to be their best.

Spirit: The KIS spirit is evident in every aspect of the community and provides a sense of belonging. It can be seen in actions taken to encourage and help each other, and in providing service in the local community and beyond.

A Holistic Education

KIS International School has worked meticulously to become one of the best schools in Bangkok. Over the years, its performance has surpassed other schools and made it a brand entity amongst all. It focuses on inquiry and a student-centric approach. The students are trained under the world’s finest teachers ensuring their overall development and keeping them motivated to pursue their talents. KIS graduates are well rounded and academically strong, which results in them being offered positions at the best universities on a global scale.

Apart from academics, the school bestows the students to develop skills in many areas such as creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, socializing, collaboration, time management, and many more sculpting them to become the innovators of the future. KIS has an exemplary level of achievement. Authorization by the IB and accreditation by CIS gives assurance that high standards are maintained in academics and the way the school operates.

For KIS safety comes first and hence it adapts safety protocols and protection for the well-being of its students and community members. It celebrates an active environment surrounded by lush green trees and a divine campus. Located at the city center, it comprises of playgrounds for different age groups and amenities like well-equipped science labs, design workshops, art and drama studios, libraries, auditorium, sports facilities, indoor air-conditioned courts, canteen, and three swimming pools. The new facilities include a fully equipped design suite with a CNC machine, laser cutters, several saws and other machinery for the design of large objects. These complement the existing 3D printers, molding equipment, and large format printer. The building also hosts a multipurpose hall, a new school shop, a carpentry room, and several offices, including the admissions office.

Educating about the environment and the world is a must in today’s given time. The students at KIS are ready to tackle challenges and make a potential difference. These students are doing an excellent job of helping their fellow students, people, animals, and the environment and broadening their vision on the on-going momentum.

Overview of KIS Programs

KIS students learn through the International Baccalaureate curriculum, which is well-known, recognized, and respected throughout the world. The IB programs are designed for increased adaptability and mobility of students and there are more than 1 million IB students in over 5,000 IB schools in 157 countries. It was one of the first PYP schools in the world and has had graduating classes since 2010. The IB programs guide children from 3 to 19 years old in their journey of learning. Unlike at some other international schools in Bangkok, where the IB may be offered to selected grade levels only, at KIS, students across all grade levels partake in the IB, through the IB Primary Years Programme, the IB Middle Years Programme, and the IB Diploma.

There are also playgroups for toddlers, which are structured, providing routines like enjoying music, arts, and crafts, story time, indoor and outdoor play in a school environment.

A Take on Future

KIS delivers a strong academic programme, but understands the need for a balanced education and students to develop important skills that go beyond academics. The school has advanced technology to boost students’ performance and here are a few words of wisdom by Paul to conclude it all. “Being the Head of School allows me to take KIS to a future where it is not only well respected within Thailand but also recognized as one of the top international schools in the region. My experience in a variety of respected international schools and with the organizations that support schools like ours are extensive and wide-reaching and my commitment is to lead KIS in its journey of self-reflection and continuous improvement. I’m impressed with what KIS has to offer as KIS is a school on the move and I am excited to be part of that. I am a strong believer in the International Baccalaureate curriculum and see how this helps students prepare for the future. I am delighted that KIS is, and always has been a full IB World School that offers the IB to students of all ages. This is an important part of preparing students to be ready for the future.”