Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School

Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School

An Intimate Campus with a Family Atmosphere

Established in 2014, Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School (BYIS) is a joint venture between the Yamsaard School Group and Beaconhouse School System. These independent schools decided to collaborate and combine their extensive experience in delivering educational excellence and embark on a new journey to become an international brand entity. The first landmark event was to open Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School in the Prawet district of Bangkok. BYIS offers unique 21st-century skills and knowledge-based curriculum, based on the National Curriculum of England for Early Years and Primary.

Family Atmosphere at BYIS

Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School (BYIS) is a family school where the principal (who knows everyone by name), teachers, students, and parents greet each other with big smiles. BYIS aims to ensure that students and teachers always establish meaningful relationships. Teachers understand that students are forming attitudes toward learning that they will carry their whole lives. They understand that if a child feels un-welcomed, it may affect their whole school career from then on. They understand and deeply care about engaging their student’s hearts, as well as their minds. This is why, at BYIS, students are supported and encouraged to discover the best version of themselves in an atmosphere where it is warm and family-like.

Fusing Creativity and Compassion at BYIS

We believe that children deserve a curriculum that enables them to develop both their intellectual skills, as well as thinking and motivation. Our curriculum is designed and built upon a Play-Based Approach. Learning through play allows students to make sense of their social worlds through engagement with their teachers, peers, objects, and environments around them. There are four steps that play-based learning is strengthened in our classrooms:

1. Engage

  • Enhance students’ learning through activating their meaningful experiences
  • Ask students strategic questions in relation to their interests
  • Encourage students to wonder and be curious about what they are learning

2. Develop

  • Allow students to explore learning topics by themselves in greater depths
  • Facilitate and provide opportunities for students to learn by making and doing
  • Allow them to work together with peers

3. Innovate

  • Encourage students to develop their own voices and thoughts about learning topics
  • Facilitate students to apply their ideas and prior experiences relating to learning topics
  • Allow students to find solutions to problems they encounter

3. Reflect

  • Allow students to collaborate with peers and demonstrate reflective talk
  • Encourage students to reflect and share their thoughts about learning topics

“Kindness Makes the World Go Around”

At BYIS, we always believe that students should feel welcomed, cared for, and loved. By welcoming and caring for students, teachers make them feel more open to understanding the world around them and to be kind to others. Teachers nurture students’ positive behaviors through encouraging them to respect, to be kind to one another, to help other students who fall behind and to actively participate in classes. In this way, students at BYIS build a positive attitude towards learning in which they can achieve higher learning goals.