Bangkok Patana School

Bangkok Patana School

A Holistic School Blending Curriculum with Innovative and International Standards

We develop global citizens who shape their world through independence, empathy, creativity and critical thinking.

A school is a basic foundation for every individual to nurture their interests and talents and become global thinkers and responsible citizens. To achieve this goal, schools aim to create a highly focused and curative environment for its children with an excellent curriculum, advanced infrastructure, and future career opportunities. Over the course of time, the schools have started executing resourceful initiatives like collaborations, associations, conferences, and events for the development of their students. It encourages its students to actively participate in these programs for their personality development and professional journey. One such school ensuring that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community is Bangkok Patana School.

The School’s Journey to the Forefront

Age often gives the opportunity to establish a good reputation and the school is a perfect example of it. It was established six decades ago in a backyard garden playhouse of the founder Rosamund Stuetzel. She had a vision, “To keep families together while ensuring that the children were able to attain an education equivalent to one gained in the UK.” Her vision has helped in achieving many goals on every step of the journey and over the course of this long period, it has evolved from 28 students to more than 2, 200 students with a widespread campus of 22 hectares.

The school is well-known today and has become a successful brand because it has stood true to its roots and virtues. Its underlying principles remain the same and are reflected in the school’s guiding statements, the cornerstone of which is the importance of community, diversity, and enabling every student to fulfill their potential.

The school got its name from a combination of the city in which it is located and the Thai word which means “development”. This name was derived from the founder’s original intention of having a school in Bangkok, which is student-centric and meets the requirements for fostering its students. It’s an organization that would never simply rest on its laurels and continues to set benchmarks with its ideal performance.

“As a not-for-profit, independent school, the focus of all development in school is on how it will affect the children’s learning. We are not academically selective because we understand that children mature at different ages and we hope to enjoy the myriad of differences they bring to the classroom.”

An Influential Leader

A charismatic personality, Matthew Mills is the Head of the School. He has been the school’s longest head having completed a decade at the school as he moves into his 11th year. Matt is a New Zealander and grew up in the Pacific islands. In his professional journey, he has worked in many international schools across Hong Kong, China, and Europe before joining Bangkok Patana. Under his leadership, the school has undergone its ten-year master plan, which has seen a renovation of more than 50- acre campus.

He is a keen listener, who has always kept his doors open to new ideas and innovation. He believes in his students’ voice and they have had much impact on the development of the school. One such example is the large solar panel project which began from a Student Environmental Committee proposal to the School Board. Currently the school produces an incredible 1.2MW of power. Under Matt’s skilled leadership, the academic staff/ teachers are challenged to ensure the use of the right techniques, methods, and sensibilities to embrace and nourish their students with affection and care. “His gregarious, friendly style is infectious and he’s just as comfortable reading to three-year-olds as he is in leading discussions on the future of education with his peers.”

The Righteous and Robust Curriculum

We are honored to see our students develop into respectful contributors to local and global communities.

Bangkok Patana School describes its voice as “Culturally and British Proudly International”. As the oldest British international school in Thailand, Bangkok Patana is proud to embody the best of British values with an international outlook. The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum, which offers an international edge to the students seeking a global perspective in school education. Right from the former years to formative years i.e. Nursery to 18 years old, the school follows a progressive British curriculum based on the English National Curriculum with assessments taking place at key points.

The school holds (I) GCSE exams in the 11th year, it also embraces the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile and students complete the IB Diploma Program in their last two years at school i.e. in the year 12th and 13th. For the overall growth of the students, apart from the academic curriculum, the school also hosts robust extra-curricular programme which features more than 400 different activities each week. The five academies – Swimming, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance and Drama, and Football – offer a year-round specialized training along with competitive and recreational development. All the activities in the extra-curricular (ECA) programme follow the school’s values of developing well-being, learning and global citizenship. Over 90% of student take one or more ECAs. Bangkok Patana is well-known for its strong performance in sporting and academic pursuits.

The school is committed to the rigor of British education and emphasises diligent application, integrity, strong moral principles, and equality. These are the key drivers for building deep knowledge and developing students as lifelong learners, thereby preparing them for an every-changing future. It provides diverse opportunities for students to explore new areas and discover their passions. The strong pastoral system supports student well-being and allows them to realise and excel to their true potential.

“We are truly an international school with a very diverse student body. We develop global citizens; world perspectives are woven through the curriculum and extra-curricular programs. Our enduring principles of inclusivity and diversity ensure that we are empowered by our interculturalism, making us proud to be part of this caring British international community.”

The Core Values and Competencies

Bangkok Patana School cherishes a healthy environment that is driven by a triangular approach incorporating Well-Being, Learning, and Global Citizenship. These three principles are further elaborated as:

WELL-BEING: We are protected, safe and secure, motivated and engaged, responsible and honest, kind and compassionate, balanced and fulfilled.

LEARNING: We are rigorous, inquisitive and creative, collaborative and confident communicators, critical, reflective thinkers, passionate, resourceful and resilient.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: We are committed to integrity active volunteers diverse, inclusive, ethical, and informed empowered by interculturalism, inspired to improve global sustainability, and respectful contributors to digital and local communities.

These are the key pointers that define the school’s overall existence and performance. Also, Bangkok Patana leverages it’s more than 60-year experience with the adoption of leading-edge pedagogical practices. The school maintains an average ratio of 1:10 (teacher: student), which depends on the age of the children and the complexity of senior students’ courses. Under the guidance of remarkable teachers, the children develop passion and persistence, learning to become independent thinkers and fulfill their dreams. The school’s strong professional development practices ensure that teachers are at the forefront of pedagogy.

Despite being academically non-selective, the school’s results are on par with other top international schools. The Class of 2019 achieved a 96% pass rate, against a world average (WA) of 77% in their IB Diploma and many have matriculate to top universities and specialist programmes around the world. These include acceptances to Oxford and Cambridge, the Berklee School of Music and a Division 1 golf scholarship.

Innovative and Modern Learning Environments

The teachers and students of Bangkok Patana have been an integral part of campus development resulting in learning environments that are amongst the best in Asia. The school indoor/outdoor style campus boasts wide open spaces with natural light, flowering shrubs, trees, and other greenery throughout the school’s purpose-built learning areas. Primary school children enjoy a ‘neighborhood’, small-school environment within the larger community, as each two Year groups share their own building and playground. In Primary, the classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, and playgrounds have been specially designed for each year group. The Secondary School faculties also have purpose-built learning environments which include a state-of-the-art and well equipped Science Centre, an Arts Centre with two theatres, sound-proofed music rooms, numerous Drama studios with mirrors and sprung floors and Art classes abundant in natural light. The Sports Complex has eight tennis courts and four full-size 11-a-side football pitches (in addition to the pitches on the school side). The Primary Well-Being Room and the Secondary Well-Being Hub with counsellor support show the commitment to the school’s first value.

We take our role as a good organistional citizen seriously. With our long history we work with local authorities as a mentor and guide for good education? The school is an active member of the International Schools Association of Thailand, supports local and rural schools with resources, and often hosts learning walks by representatives from different government authorities in Thailand tasked with improving education.