As per the College Assessment Report, the MCI has detected that is scarcity of faulty in government colleges at Amritsar and Patiala, which is one of the necessities of the increased MBBS seats. Due to lack of requirements state might lose 100 MBBS seats, which carried the increased seats from 2014-15 (150 to 200 seats).

Situation has derailed with Gain Sagar and Chintpuri colleges failed and medical institute at Mohali failure and reduction of 100 seats have taken the crises to other extent. The said institutes carry 20 percent of deficiency of faculties.

The MCI has asked for the clarification and wants to fix this issue. Failing to work this out MCI may put remarks for cancelling the increased seats.

Governing council developed by Union government has stated that colleges failing to keep the faulty deficiency below 10 percent after final verification will be denied letter of renewal for the academic year.
“The MCI had asked for an explanation over staff shortage. We have already sent our reply. On the day of inspection, our faculty was in Chandigarh due to some reason” said Sujata Sharma, Principal, GMC- Amritsar.

Guidelines say that post increase in MBBS seats, the MCI inspects on annual basis till the commencing batch passes out of increased seats for five years. This is done to validate the capability of the said colleges.

This step comes as a disappointment for the candidates looking to pursue medical education as government medical colleges in Patiala and Amritsar will lose close to 50 seats each denting the count of MBBS seats on Punjab state.

State has not new a new medical college since 1973 when it was started at Faridkot. However, state government has assured to start three new colleges which looks improbable