Srinidhi Naidu | The 10 Revolutionary Educational Leaders to watch 2019
Srinidhi Naidu | The 10 Revolutionary Educational Leaders to watch 2019

A Leader Committed to Elevating Wisdom

Srinidhi Naidu, a valiant soul, her mind and heart comprising of an empathy towards individuals willing to learn beyond imagination, she aims to encourage an independent learning platform to make people conversant through her unique teaching-learning saga, her emotional connect with her passion to shoot up the educational qualities of the society, her desire fuelled by her unremitting hard-work and dedication has led her to become a dynamic alleyway Director of EduconIndia, as an efficient CEO of the knowledge purveyor firm since the last 15 years. Her mindset principally spun around interior designing and architecture. She even shadowed her father’s footprints and fused with his striking interior designing and construction firm. But deep down somewhere, while working, she realized that she did not belong here. She had now become very sure of her passion being something else and that undefined passion was pulling her away from her perpetual job to make her realize her true worth.

Srinidhi Naidu was like a simple, ordinary girl as a youngster. Her journey from being ordinary to extra-ordinary is overwhelming. Her journey to fulfill her passion after she discovered it, was no less than an adventurous journey through a raging thunderstorm of setbacks, difficulties and moments of failures. But it only resulted in making her more strong and capable to handle and surpass hurdles with broader perspectives and perseverance. From being a consultant herself to running a consultancy, the road only got smoother with her dire efforts to bridge the knowledge gap prevailing in the society. While working under the role of being a consultant, she figured the gap in the medical consultation vertical and took it upon her to fix it. The mere thought of being ‘the right mind’ for the many medical students who aspire to fly across with progressive results excited her to devoting her soul for progress such as aspiring learners.

Motivation- A Word That Defined Success for EduconIndia

“Being motivated is always the secret keep to keep you going, not just going but getting closer to achieving dreams,” says Naidu, who pioneered the vast domain of EduconIndia to build a better and developed version of an educated community. She was sped up by the fact that the most reliable and strongest form of motivation comes from within. The fact that kept her going despite critical problems was her will power to face glitches with a determined attitude which arouse from persistent self-motivation. Her stubborn decisions in the process to fabricate the new generation with quality education came out from concluding the fact that the education system itself has collapsed, which puts students in a predefined list of universities and not where they deserve. She then decided to overcome these shortcomings of the traditional education system and commemorate a new learning system, which would be new dawn to the intellectual development of the society.

Talking of the fond memories of the successful individuals that were born from the womb of EduconIndia, Srinidhi cites that what stays closest to her heart is her first student whom she offered consultation. She remarks that at times, getting to watch his success stories fills her with virtuous refinement. He is one among the most illustrious doctors overseas and it gives her the utmost pleasure to have steered him precisely.

She recites a mantra that fuels her to keep going: “A river cuts through the rock, not because of its power but its persistence”. She makes a way out of distress by repeating these lines to herself as she believes that the solution to every problem is remembering your passion and keeping yourself motivated by your visions to pioneer a change.

The Classic EduconIndia – Who Assembled and Instituted the Intellects

Today, EduconIndia is distinguished to be the unicorn of medical educational consultancies. It visualizes and pitches in to create a tomorrow with no enticing promises. The firm provides the students with opportunities keeping an understanding of the preeminent aptitudes. It strives and thrives to conduit the slit between the medical universities abroad and the ambitious doctors of tomorrow. It empowers and encourages the students to adopt their ways of learning while we monitor their performance graph. The timely updated study materials, the assessment tests, and the live interaction made accessible between the student and tutors aimed to boost the erudition process and do a farfetched job in assisting the learners. The institution conquers the most obvious fears of their apprentice and comforts them with options, ways, and approaches to acquire and win over the obstacles. Along with discrete learning, the corporation distinguishes and understands the students to make them contented and resolute and does everything conceivable to get away from the dreary, ordinary and obsolete customs of coaching. Srinidhi, shortly, with her treasured team, aspires to shape EduconIndia as an inevitable spring for triumph stories, linking reveries and realism together.

EduconIndia is a consultancy privileged with a PAN India license. EduconIndia has made itself a unique, unmatched spot among the numerous overseas consultancies. It has a reputation for setting standards for the excellent coaching and student guidance. Briefing it, the organization is a progressively booming professional association that offers Overseas Educational consultancy services to its students who are passionate about studying abroad. EduconIndia has a peculiar recognition for its Student Training and consultancy Program methods targeting Global Professional Entrance Examinations including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. From getting hands-on the initial application process to the student’s final oversees settlement, EduconIndia provides the best ever-reliable features. They have a unique curriculum including exclusively hosting Kaplan, bringing down faculty from the US for benefit of the students, customizing the study material and the learning processes, best fit to serve a sure exam-qualifying shot. The digital material, online resources, question banks, and assessment test quicken the mastering of subjects.

In-Person, Live-Lectures is their key to connecting students and subjects. They bring down the award-winning medical science faculty from abroad and ensure to hold a batch of aspiring students preparing to meet their futuristic goals of cracking their medical examination. The institute is no doubt a hot spot to cracking USMLE!

Hindrances That Shot the Success Too High

Unveiling her determination despite obstructions, Srinidhi quotes, “Obstacles tease your confidence but when you set your mind onto something, ensure that it entangles your goal completely. They will transform to only grow your confidence with time and tide.” The company faced many tribulations in its process to transform the world into a better place. To make EduconIndia the most reputed place as an education hub, she had to do an in-depth homework of all the prevailing educational practices that led to the undermining of the students as a whole. It was her responsibility to set up the groundwork and plan the future works and bring the company to everyone’s notice. Obstacles had been many for her as a woman; ranging from various folds of life. It could be with setting up and waving the organizational flag across the skies and with the responsibilities that followed setting up a business, the ultimate settlements and compromises made to make the teaching-learning innovation a reality or maybe more. But her undulating attitude to solve each of them with enriching wit and wisdom, she blossomed her dreams into the ripe flowers of reality by growing one step wiser and closer to achieving and declaring her next milestone. She recollects about how her team had very little time to spread the word around. Luckily, she met this team of young digital marketers, Binesh Gaddam- the founder of ‘VHonk Digital Media and Marketing’ who worked rigorously to reach out to the targeted crowd. She soon had a class-filling batch willing to work their ways to win their dreams.

Hindrances That Shot the Success Too High

EduconIndia made news for the right reasons. Its success saga was on the media, newspapers, blogs, and articles for the progress the company made and the career goals it set. Recent accomplishments include- 2019’s one among the most reliable consultancies, the firm got featured in the renowned business magazines like Knowledge Review, Silicon India, Start-up city and a few others. In their 13 years of passionate service, EduconIndia has tutored over 10000 students through 200 batches undertaken. They have taken the quality of the institute to the next level by initiating tie-ups with renowned internationally acclaimed universities and thus compromising nowhere to provide world-class tutoring to the students. The institute has developed a tradition of hosting professors from renowned institutes like Kaplan.

The “In-Person Live-Lectures” is their key to connecting students and subjects. They bring down the award-winning medical science faculty from abroad and ensure to hold a batch of aspiring students preparing to meet their futuristic goals of cracking their medical examination.

Apart from the media coverage, their accomplishments are the success stories of their students, the badges they wear with the bride all the smiles of students accomplishing their dreams through the institute.

A Vision to Activate an Intellect-Prone Society

Srinidhi and her team aim to guide aspiring students through the study-abroad process and ensure their success through their pursuit of motivated training. They aspire to create potential methodologies involving technically driven strategies to meet with flying success, the spectrum of study-abroad options. To serve and retain the quality study methodology for the benefit of passionate students aiming to study abroad and ensure their success all along is the ulterior motive of the company. They stand and strive to cater to the educational options of the broad student community-based in India.