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The term “Education Consultancies” covers a broad spectrum of support services – essentially a category of private educational opportunities that exist outside of school, for students to utilize and or hire, to further their international education dreams.

At the outset, especially after the scandalous reveal from US Admissions from the last admission cycle, it seems that educational consultants, offering exclusive services are monetizing on a vanity emotion. But digging a little deeper shows that this is a situation, resulting from the Top Universities, inability to create more seat year on year, making way for stiff competition amongst high achieving international students. As such, the role of admissions support consultants and their significance in the education ecosystem becomes immediately amplified, as they are able to offer personalized, high-level support to students willing to pursue the Ivy route, independent of the school system a student is affiliated to.

One could argue that education consultants act as foreign representatives of universities – offering them a visible space in their countries and giving them potential international applicants. But the other side of this coin has consultants working to help the students and not just the universities. As is widely popular, top schools across the US and UK, are the first choice for most Indian students and consultants mentor them, assisting them to identify the school best fit for them as well as help them build a competitive profile.

Top-level admissions support consultants, such as us – Crimson Education, help our students identify and strategize the right IVY League school, fit for their aspirations and goals, while also offering them a realistic assessment of the dedicated effort expected from them. This is quite a variation from the generic cookie-cutter approach of most in this space, with only a handful of education consultants working directly with students than with top Universities. That being said, we have a rich asset network with Teachers, Strategists, former admission officers, and mentors who have been associated with the Ivy Leagues and other top schools (either having graduated and/or previously or presently associated with these schools).

So let’s delve into what this support looks like to a student, who aspires to secure a seat in the Ivy Leagues. To start with, a candidacy assessment is conducted and like most other exams, we always insist our students start early as possible, to widen the runway for their take-off. Our advisors assess a student’s goals, preferences, and dreams to identify where they might need support to develop and excel their profile. This leads to an assessment of the next steps in the student’s Crimson journey. Our approach is 100% personalized and every consultation is crafted to suit a student’s individual needs.

Crimson advisors evaluate a candidate’s odds of admission to the university of their choice and based on their profile, create a program built to complement the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. At Crimson Education, each student’s journey looks vastly different from the other – with a unique team of advisors, mentors, and strategists.

And now that you know what a student’s journey with Crimson looks like, let’s understand how this helps the Universities. With the consistent increase in more and more international students seeking to apply to these very selective schools, the counselling that consultants such as Crimson offer the families, only the most dedicated students end up being a part of the Ivy community. This might come as a surprise to many of you, but the Ivy League schools don’t just look for the academically brightest students. They seek students who showcase how they are always striving to be impactful participants in their communities. One of the most cherished aspects of the Ivy League heritage is their student community or their alumni network. Not only do these communities help students on campus, but their professionally successful members end up being lifelong supporters of future generations of students from their Alma Mater.

Yes, education consultants do play an important role in promoting Ivy League Colleges and add much more than simple promotional value to their brand equity. But, they ensure that high achieving students, who do secure admissions at the Ivies, are naturally conditioned to grow into productive members of their student communities and alumni networks. A skilled education consultant, such as Crimson Education, helps students build competent profiles, to compete in the already cut-throat environment. With years of experience and specialized knowledge, like access to world-class teachers, former admissions officers, etc, to name a few – Ivy League consultants certainly are designing the future landscape of university admissions.
To make the entire process as rewarding and profitable as it can be, it is important for both, the students and the parents to choose an admission consultancy wisely which is globally recognized, trusted, and earnestly describes their mission that resonates with your higher education dream.

About the Author-

Kunal Mehra, Country Manager, Crimson’s India office

Kunal Mehra is currently the Country Manager for Crimson’s India office. He has spent over 16 years in the Education sector across different verticals including holding positions at some of the world’s leading education and technology companies such as Coursera and the College Board. At the College Board, Kunal was the Director South Asia at the College Board, looking over the expansion of College Board programs such as SAT and AP in India. Kunal was also part of the core founding team at a Law and Technology company, Rainmaker, which built the Bar Exam in India and also built one of India’s first asynchronous learning platforms – Kunal graduated with a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Delhi and had admits from the Wharton School (MBA) and the North-western University (Accelerated JD). The views in this article are the personal views of the author.

The views in this article are the personal views of the author. The author can be contacted at