Rishihood University launches Center for Water for better policymaking in conservation and sustainability of water resources

~ The initiative will provide insights into India’s pressing water-related challenges and their most practical solutions, apart from training 10 Lakh Nisarga Rakshaks (water saviours) ~

22nd, April, 2021: Underlining its commitment to creating lasting social impact, Rishihood University (RU), India’s first impact-oriented university with a mission to enable equitable access to education and opportunity for all, recently launched its Center for Water. The initiative will bring together stakeholders from the government, academia, and the private sector, in order to focus on bridging the gap between theory and practical application in the field of water policymaking, conservation, and sustainability.

The Centre will also work towards sustainable, community-driven initiatives to solve India’s growing water crisis at the grassroots level and raise awareness about water literacy. To this end, it aims to train 1 million Nisarga Rakshaks (water saviours), one for each village in India, in collaboration with social organisations, volunteers, and institutions. Project implementation is planned at multiple levels via four divisions, namely, State, District, Taluka, and Village level.

Speaking at the launch, Suresh Prabhu, Founding Chancellor, Rishihood University, said, “With several top cities reaching zero groundwater levels, the fact that India is staring at an imminent water crisis can no longer be denied. The situation is expected to get even worse by 2030, when the demand for water will outstrip its supply by 100%.TheCenter of Water has been launched with the express purpose of mitigating this situation by providing policy support, training and research facilities, and solutions to water-related challenges. We aim to provide a conducive environment to discuss, debate, strategize, and mobilise optimal approaches to reverse this alarming trend.”

Rishihood University’s Center of Water is designed to offer insights to faculty, students, and the public into pressing water-related challenges and their most practical solutions. It will assist the government in drafting water policies while also providing state-of-the-art research and training facilities to water planners. Sanjay Gupta, Director, Center for Water, Rishihood University, said, “The alarming scarcity of water will eventually lead us to water wars of an unprecedented scale if the issue continues to remain unaddressed. Our initiative will help in defining more relevant and effective strategies for conserving water, an essential natural resource necessary for human survival. We aim to utilise the great potential of our youth for the right management of our water resources throughout the country.”

The university is also in advanced stages of rolling out the ‘Nature Protector App’. Participating environmentalists will be able to combine time-tested experience and consistent entrepreneurship. The app will continue to be an open platform for all young and old volunteers, from school children to senior citizens participating in the campaign.

Sahil Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO – Rishihood University, added that, “The Center of Water at Rishihood University is designed to integrate technology and data with best practices in the field of water conservation,sustainable usage, and rejuvenation.Through this, we are providing a platform to all stakeholders from students, faculty members, and general citizens to policymakers, government bodies, environmentalists, NGOs, and private players to come together, share knowledge and insights, and develop solutions aimed at tackling the water crisis.”

For more information please feel free to visit: www.rishihood.edu.in/center-for-water/