The Problem 

Teach A Class works with teachers, a largely ignored, yet important stakeholder in education.  The ever changing and accelerated pace in advancement of innovations has created high levels  of friction in discovery, exploration and access. There is a gap in Indian classrooms as teachers  struggle to maneuver a largely unfamiliar landscape of teaching and learning in the 21st century.  Education solutions and interventions adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, and are deployed  without taking into account the role of the teacher.  

Core Beliefs

Teach A Class believes that teachers need voice, access and agency. An effective teacher has a  transformative role in nation building. Teachers create real value in an economy.  

Teach A Class:

A marketplace for teachers and solutions  Teach A Class is building a marketplace centered around teachers. A one-stop-shop for teachers,  aimed to solve a teacher’s friction of discovery and access. Teach A Class connects teachers to  affordable teacher-focused solutions, inspired by what they need. Teachers decide what  resources are helpful, what ideas are great and what really works. Teachers have the opportunity  to engage and connect with a resourceful, mobilized community, and are equipped to  successfully lead themselves and their classrooms in the 21st century. 
The model at Teach A Class is informed by on-the-ground realities experienced while deploying  solutions in classrooms. The idea around designing for teachers and giving them choice is  inspired by their desire to challenge the status quo. Teach A Class believes teachers are  motivated, they work painstakingly hard to educate their students, but the system fails to listen to  what teachers really need.  

Scale and Presence

Teach A Class launched its pilot in 2019 and connected 135 teachers from low-income private  schools, government schools and after-school and community centres across Mumbai, Pune,  Lucknow and Hyderabad to 5 curated solutions. Solutions are selected after running surveys and  interviewing teachers on what they need.  

Teachers on ​​ use one of the following solutions: 

  1. ClassCloud by Zaya Learning Labs: A personalised learning programme 
  2. SchoolWiFi by Zaya Learning Labs: An offline video library 
  3. piCards by 22bate7: An instant feedback mobile application to check for understanding 
  4. Library-in-a-Classroom by Pratham Books: A portable library of 100 story books  differentiated by reading fluency 
  5. InClass Science Kit by Experifun: A tactile science kit mapped to the syllabus, explaining  concepts 

To read more about the teachers in the program, visit: 

Connecting Teachers to the Right Solution

 Every year, ​​ runs two calls for applications for eligible teachers to receive  solutions. For every solution that a teacher from a high and mid-income school selects, the  marketplace is able to provide an under-resourced teacher with a curated solution and support  free-of-cost. 

Teachers in Low-Income schools:

  • Eligibility Criteria​: The teachers must be employed by a registered/recognized English  medium school in Hyderabad, Pune or Mumbai and have their Headmaster’s approval. 
  • Offerings: ​Teachers have access to a free solution, on-the-ground support in using the  solution, and access to events and opportunities for professional development.   

Teachers from mid/high income schools 

  • Eligibility Criteria​:  ​The teachers must be employed by a registered/recognized English  school, have their Headmaster’s approval and fundraise through for the  solution 
  • Offerings:  Teachers gain access to a solutions customised to classroom units, weekly  support calls, access to engagement and mentorship opportunities  

To avail a solution they need, teachers answer a few simple questions that help the organization  understand the resources they have, challenges they face, and the solutions they need. Once a  match is made, a campaign is created on ​​ to raise money for solutions.  Teachers in the program receive weekly check-ins and monthly classroom observations from the  Program team and are encouraged to reflect on classroom feedback. 

“My students shied away from Science  classes because their foundation in the  subject is really weak. But since I’ve started  using Experifun in my classroom, I see an  excitement and curiosity in them. They’re  finally able to see the real-life use of Science. I too enjoy teaching Science more  now, since I love interactive classes.” 

-Arti Nigade, teacher at Ashraya Initiative for Children, Pune, India

Plans for the year

The Teacher Hub: A Community of Teachers 

Teach A Class aims to connect and engage with the larger teacher community by creating  a Hub that enables an exchange of ideas and solutions around challenges faced by  teachers. The Teacher Hub is currently in process and will be up on soon.  


Over the next couple of years, Teach A Class aims to reach 500 teachers from schools in  Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad across curated innovative solutions. The organisation  recently partnered with Box of Science, an activity-based Science kit, and Butterfly  EduFields, a do-it-yourself STEM kit, Leo and Mike’s Teacher Training Programme, Kiwix,  an offline content library, Tinkerly’s Science innovation lab, Val-Ed Initiatives, a value  education program and Sundaram’s E-Class as new solutions which teachers can apply  for next academic year.  

If you have an interesting teaching solution that Teach A Class could use, reach out to them on 

Teach A Class is also currently looking for motivated teachers who want to access effective  classroom innovations free-of-cost. Teachers can apply using this link: 

Teach A Class also supports any innovations or entrepreneurial activities initiated by teachers  and is open to running experiments with teachers who have a unique idea or innovation but lack  the funds to implement this with their students. 

Support: Funding and Advisory 

The organisation has been supported by Fidelity International, Morgridge Family Foundation, The  Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation and Oppenheimer and Co. 

Teach A Class has also been awarded a Gold ‘Seal of Transparency’ by GuideStar in 2019 and is  a ‘Top-Ranked’ organisation on the donation platform, GlobalGiving. 

With Sonia D’Souza, ex program-market development at Teach For India as the Executive  Director, Deval Delivala, ex-Director of Process and Analytics at Uber, Neil D’Souza, Founder of  Teach A Class, GetSetUp and Zaya Learning Labs, on it’s Board, and close working relationships  with leading organisations in the sector, like CENTA and ISLI, the organisation receives expert  support and thought partnership. Maya Menon, founder of The Teacher Foundation and Siamack  Zahedi of Green Acres Foundation act as Advisors to the organisation. 

For further information contact:
Trisha Agarwal&nbsp
Ph. No.: +91 8999590125
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