Nooraini Binti Youp

Nooraini Binti Youp

Nooraini Binti Youp

A Woman aspiring and assisting Students for the Next Career Move

Taking leadership and entrepreneurial skills at a different level to embark on a journey of optimistic actions, Nooraini Binti Youp – a leader is changing lives with her strong mind-set and glorious personality. She has been successfully handling all hurdles, hardships, burdens to create a platform that is life-defining for her students. Her go-getter approach and passion to deliver high-impact resources have helped her shape a fairer world in the education fraternity. Let’s have a look at how her illustrious facade is conquering titles, winning hearts, and signifying reforms.

A Take on her Elaborate Career

Nooraini in her almost three-decade-long career span has handled, governed, and curated many roles with the help of her astounding capabilities and solid discipline. Currently, she handles a bunch of leading positions that include:

• A Director OUM Taiping and Senior Lecturer OUM.

• A Board Director for Koperasi Tunas Muda Sg Ara Bhd, Penang.

Chairman for Debt Collector, Exco member for Development Project, and Chairman for Sri Tunas Edar, Penang.

• An accomplished Director with domestic and international experience in operations, P & L oversight, and marketing involving both start-up and growth organizations.

Her diverse profile defines her as a results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market identification and strategic positioning for multimillion education industries.

Her Multifaceted Character

Nooraini is a woman of choice and composure, just as her professional stature- she has lived her personal life with utmost grace and dignity. She is a single mother with four kids, all the children are well-groomed with the right prospects of good education, health, and wealth. At home as a mother- she has fulfilled all her responsibilities with compassion and warmth. As a working woman, Nooraini has excelled with her high-quality performance and driven the organization in positive revenue growth. Her business-oriented person and result-driven style have hit a track record of increasing sales and growing the bottom line while spreading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs.

She has flourished in dynamic and demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Her decades-long experienced in the manufacturing and education industries has helped her to deliver outstanding leadership with integrity and a committed work ethic. Her pleasant personality has secured her cordial relationship with all teams and especially a great rapport with stakeholders.

The Love for Humankind- A Do Good Way of Living

Nooraini- a kind-hearted woman who believes in being and doing good to all people. Her people-friendly nature boosts human interaction and connection above all. She believes in bestowing value to each one involved in the whole process. “Believing in being good to all people, has encouraged me to provide distance learning programs to the adults’ learners as to provide them with second chances to improve their life’s better.”

The institute provides the full range of education programs from diploma, degree, master, and Ph.D. level at Open University Malaysia. Every one of my students has their success and failures stories in life, as such the university has been able to improve their life to greater heights. The students come from all walks of life with different ranges of ages with one intention to succeed in life. As a leader, she adheres to accomplish each of their goals and guides them towards a brighter future.

When Life gives you a Second Chance – Grab it

Initially, Nooraini was a purchaser in the manufacturing industry. Gradually, she shifted into education in the year 2009 taking a 180-degree change in her life and adapting to a new career path has been challenging, yet she has been able to get many students throughout her striking journey. In the education fraternity, she explored, learned, and discovered her interests and faced every challenge with the perspective of an opportunity. She founded her vision of helping and supporting more learners while upgrading their education a notch up higher and better.

With thousands of students turning their dreams into realities and coming back over and over again to accomplish their many goals, visions, and aims are teaching us an inspirational and motivational lesson. As a leader, there is no greater satisfaction than to see the successful faces of those who you choose to lead. With the help of a second chance, learners have been able to fulfil their life-long dream of learning and growing with leaps and bounds. Such initiatives hold a special place in our hearts and lives.

About the University

Open University Malaysia was established in August 2000 with the motto “University for All”, OUM believes in the democratization of education, giving everyone a chance of self-actualization and fulfilling their potential. The vision is to be the Leading Provider of Flexible Learning with a mission to widen access to quality education, provide lifelong learning, offer a conducive and engaging learning environment at a competitive and affordable cost.

OUM is a private university owned by a consortium of Malaysia’s first 11 public universities which gives us the unique advantage of leveraging the prestige and expertise of the stakeholders to add value to a wide range of academic programs. Since its establishment, the institute strives to become the university of choice for part-time studies and provide quality and recognized programs that emphasize accessibility, affordability, and flexibility.

The New Global Way of Learning

One of the adult learning programs is distance education. Distance learning involves a positive commitment to the widening of access to education and the promotion of learner autonomy. Since adult learners are the fastest-growing segment of higher education in Malaysia especially due to their work and family commitment, increasingly, distance learning programs have seen a tremendous increase in enrolment by the adult learner in the past ten years.

This has been the third pillar in the Malaysia Blue Print 2020- 2025 for Malaysian economic growth. By providing second chances education to adult learners, the adult learners can reach using their participation such as job advancement, acquisition of new skills, and knowledge or development of new social relationships. “I have been able to convince and motivate the adult learners to gain interest in upgrading their education level at whatever level they are at present. I have managed to make the changes to their world, improve their education, improve their lives, and upgrade their earning with the education they have obtained”, words of wisdom by Nooraini.

The Profound Benefits of OUM’s Adults Leaders

The Adult’s Learners Education platform brings the best out of each individual and encourages them to various social, cognitive, and holistic factors as:

• Improve their social relationships, to make new friends, associations, and collaborations.

• Improve their external expectations, comply with instructions from someone else, to fulfill the expectations or recommendations of someone with formal authority.

• Improve their social welfare, this has improved their ability to serve mankind, prepare for service to the community, and improve their ability to participate in community work.

• Improve their advancement, they have achieved a higher status in the job, secure professional advancement, and stay abreast of competitors.

• Manage to escape; by relieving boredom, provide a break in the routine of home or work, and provide a contrast to other exacting details in life.

• Change their cognitive interest, by changing to learn for sake of learning, seek knowledge for its own sake, and satisfy an inquiring mind.

The Covid-19 Cloud Hovering over our Heads

The Covid-19 pandemic that everyone is currently facing has been challenging at all levels. The new norms that need to be adopted are difficult but a need of the hour that needs to be embraced to maintain the safety guidelines. “The usual way that we do things has forever changed and we are now living in a world where social distancing, constant hand washing, and mask-wearing are the new normal.”

In line with these changes, OUM has initiated fully online learning for all its programmes covering all teaching and learning activities, from registration to exams. The learners need not worry about disruption to their studies as they can safely learn from the comfort of their homes. In 2021 and beyond, the institute will continue to embrace the digital revolution so that anyone, anywhere can study with OUM. The various new developments in teaching and learning are being explored to make learning even more flexible, enriching, and suited to current demands.