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The coronavirus outbreak has no end in sight, the new strain is setting off its alarm and the number of cases is hitting all records. The news constantly flashes creating havoc among the masses to reconsider the way of living and adapting to the new normal. With every industry undergoing a breakdown, higher education is no exception. According to a survey by UNICEF, the COVID-19 pandemic has stagnated the educational systems including schools, colleges, institutes, and universities around the world, affecting over 1.5 billion students, which is almost 90% of the world student population. However, the education field cannot shut down and risk the careers of millions, the education stakeholders have switched to alternative ways of providing education to ensure the continuity of teachers and learning.

This is where most countries rushed to online distance education using the various online platforms, encouraging e-learning around the globe and shifting to a virtual content creation space. In the time of setbacks, innovation drives the need of the hour and resolves the hurdles arising on a day-to-day basis. Marking a new era in national and international study, the education system is rebuilding itself and discovering the new learning methods delivered in a blended format. The education committee is now more than willing to join hands and collaborate through public-private partnerships to leverage 5digital technology for the best outcome.

In these transforming times, every educational institute should build a new strong foundation for itself and impart an excellent skill set and mindset required in the 21st century. To become a global digital leader in the upcoming times, here are a few key essentials to look for:

  • Blended Learning

Mixing the best of both worlds, blended learning provides students with a flexible approach to learn and grow to their maximum potential. The flipped classroom model is one of its kind’s setup encouraging students to discover more on a personal level. This type of user experience offers students more than what meets the eye.

  • Resilience

The COVID-19 situation has affected the overall line of professionals, everyone has fought a battle and challenged themselves to outperform during these tough times. Be it the Government, the Education Sector, Teachers, Parents, or Students, everyone has contributed to coming along for the online learning experience without creating any hindrances and showing great resilience. Here are a few pointers to enhance your personal resilience:

  • Take time out to Self-reflect and build Self-awareness
  • Practice Responding rather than Reacting
  • Have an Open Mindset
  • Address your Emotions
  • Set Boundaries and Goals
  • Critical Thinking

Thoughts reap actions and further define success, so think clear and crisp thoughts by allowing deep thinking, understanding, and performing based on facts and detailed information. Most seasoned professionals are critical thinkers, who are disciplined to think, respond, address, and gather information for the success of their business. Here are a few of the steps for critical thinking: identifying the problems, collecting relevant data, analyzing and assessing the data, interpretation, making a decision, presenting the data to the concerned authorities.

  • Creative Zone

Everyone has a creative side, but it should not fit a particular definition and should only match the idea of one’s authentic content. There is not a predefined process to be creative or invent new products or developments; it is completely a personal and original process depending from person to person. One way to master your ideation process is to write down the ideas crossing your mind every now and then to help to remember them for later use. Innovation and Creative are elements of personal exclusivity that stand out in the crowd and are beneficial in the longer run.

Apart from these, some core strengths enhance one’s capabilities to become a global educator and accelerate the growth to the peak.