MIT-ADT University

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MIT-ADT University

An Icon of Excellence Creating a Gateway of Academic Opportunities and Exposures

Established in 1983, one of the most prestigious and promising academic establishments of Pune is the MIT Group of Institutions. It has four private state university campuses, the establishment of Vishwa Shanti Gurukul CBSE, and IB pattern schools with more than 50,000 students studying across India. In the MIT Group of Institutions, MIT ADT University is a pioneer in bringing social change and offers best-in-class educational facilities. It has 115 meticulously designed Interdisciplinary Programs, in the segment of Art, Design, Technology, Management, Vedic sciences Education, and more.

The Flag Bearers of the Institute

A visionary personality, Dr. Vishwanath Karad is the Father, Founder, and Director General who dedicated himself to human rights and democracy, UNESCO Chair Holder, a pioneer in the Privatization of Engineering Education in Maharashtra.

A charismatic leader, Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, President of this prestigious group and the brainchild behind conceptualizing MIT Art Design Technology University, is committed to offering quality education in the most unconventional fields and formats. Under his strong leadership, Atal Mission of Innovation has funded MIT -AIC centre, with more than 10 CR grants. He believes that universities are the reflection of society and they represent collective knowledge and wisdom.

MIT’s Infrastructure worth Every Penny

The University Campus is spread over 120 acres of land and was previously owned by Late Cine Actor Raj Kapoor. It is a serene location away from the hustle and bustle of city life surrounding tranquility. Pune is known as ‘The Oxford of the east’ –a premium educational hub of the country known to deliver quality education across varied fields. Despite the proliferation of the Academic Institutions in the city, MIT-ADT University stands out as a University with unique offerings. It has various facilities like 150 + Labs, Modern Gymnasium, a Swimming pool, and other amenities.

An Array of Distinct Academic Programs

Over the last decades, the nature of the Indian and Global markets has changed significantly. Now, the consumers are more brand conscious resulting in a higher demand for skilled manpower and experts across many fields.

● Some of the most influenced sectors are Product Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, UI & UX Design, Film and Television, Food Technologies, Architectural Designing, BioScience, and Engineering. The university aims at producing adept individuals, who would be able to meet the expectations and demands of society in all the aspects of designing.

● Engineering includes niche technology areas like Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, Aerospace Engineering, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, AR/VR, Network & Cyber Security, Big Data and Data Analytics Hybrid Vehicles, Energy Engineering, Embedded systems, Gaming Technology, IoT and Application, Bioinformatics, Robotic process automation, Distributed computing, and Blockchain, etc. which are the core specialization included under the Faculty of Engineering & Technology.

● Faculty of Management is known for Sectoral specialization, MBA in Hospital and Health care Management & Logistics and Supply Chain Management Agri and Food Business Management, Business Analytics, Port and Shipping Management, Project, and Construction Management. Along with general business Management programs, in Digital Media Marketing, Finance Technology, HR analytics, etc. Some of the popular MBA Programs in Executive Mode at MIT College of Management in Product leadership Development- In association with IPL, Cupertino, USA. The university is also known for its delivery of regular programs in Technology Management, Applied Data Science, etc. Global MBA, which runs in three countries and two continents, in association with the University of Business, Wroclaw, Poland is also popular among the students pursuing the high aspirations to work globally.

● The Faculty of Broadcasting and Journalism covers Mass Media communication and Journalism, Drama, Degree Programs in Film Editing, Scriptwriting Etc. The VishwaShanti Sangeet Kala Academy includes performing art in Vocal Music and Instrumental Music and Dance and is privileged to be chaired by Bharat Ratan Lata Mangeshkar. The School of Architecture includes another untapped potential and in the true sense makes this University a centre of Knowledge Excellence in all Domains of high demand. Vedic Sciences includes the Indic way of learning and is another experiential learning program for which this University is distinctly known. The Marine Engineering institute of the University is Top 5 Ranked in Marine Institute all over India.

● In a true sense the School of Holistic Education, benefits the students, to bring the Manifestation of science and spirituality for the well-being of society. Students in true sense experience the same through the World’s Largest Dome on the campus “Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar World peace Prayer Hall”.

The Achievements Wall

MIT’s high-class performance, experience, and expertise have won it many leading titles in the following years. To name a few are:

● In ARIIA- Atal Ranking on Institutions Innovation Achievement, the University has been ranked 26th Rank in All over India in the year 2020.

● The Institutions Innovation Council has given a 5-star rating to the University from the Ministry of Education and GOI.

● Alumina of the MIT ADT University is spread all over the world as a Chief Technology Officers, Captain in the shipping industry, and as a CEO/CTO’s/COO’s in many industries, Governmental and Non-governmental organizations. The Power MBA program has a lot of industry experts and working professionals studying for the Power MBA program and they are highly satisfied with the delivery pattern of the education.

● This year one of our students has designed a Menstrual Cup receiving a grant worth 75 Lakhs. India’s first novel menstrual cup called ‘Onpery Menstrual Cup’ designed by MIT ADT University was launched on International Women’s Day. Ms. Shreya Yengul and Ms. Alomi K Parikh as fellow designers, all from an Industrial Design background under the leadership of Prof Nachiket Thakur and Prof Dhimant Panchal have mentored them. MIT ADT University is also working on various projects like Virtual Lab Development, Mobile App Development, for Police Officers and received many Consultancy Projects too.

Empowering Young Minds with Excellent Initiatives

The faculties at MIT ADT University nurture the talent for Research and Innovation through the Centre of Research and Innovation for Young Aspirant (CRIYA) to develop the university-level ecosystem for research innovation, start-up, and entrepreneurship practices. Tie-up with the renowned Mahindra Makers Lab is working with the University to prepare the Satellite LaunchPad and the Satellite Vehicle.

The selected top researchers and innovators are part of the core team. Its Domain Knowledge Excellence is another key ingredient to success benefiting students through the training organized on various value-added programs and in association with the Future Skill of Education Excellence (FUZE) including training tie-ups with ATOS, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple Training Centre, and many more. Holistic Approach of Education through Campus to Corporate Transformation, the tough competition in all spheres today is making it imperative for holistic development of the student. The School of Holistic Development works thoroughly on Personal Development focusing on Communication Excellence, Creative Writing, ADT Talks, Knowledge Webinar Series, Yoga Meditation, Speak MacKay, Spirituality lessons, Personality Development, Image Building, Hobby Development, etc. The institute offers special lessons on values, life skill training, social-economic responsibility, peace, wellness, and more. These valuable virtues instilled in students from a young age help them become responsible citizens who are capable of bringing great change.

More about the Annual Events and Extra-Curricular Activities

The university organizes Vishwanath Sports Meet every year for the active participation of students in various games and sports. More than 100+ universities and institutions from all over India participate in the 15+ games and 3500+ sports candidates. The Annual Gala Event of the University is Persona fest, which is the techno-cultural festival, in which more than 75+ events are organized with 15000+ student participation. A series of expert talks on leadership and nation-building helps the students to take the right step in their careers. The event is witnessed by 100+ Eminent Delegations. MIT ADT also organizes the University level Conference for Academicians, Educators, Industry Experts, and Students. It honors Innovators, Iconic Personalities, Nation Builders, Celebrity Artists, Industry experts with awards and recognitions.

Adhering with the Virtual Era

Staying relevant and adapting to the new normal life, MIT ADT University’s entire student’s data is on the platform. The classes and examinations in the video proctored mode are conducted on the learning management system. Accessing the digital forefront, the university conducts live sessions and virtual lab sessions in the video lecturing mode.

MIT ADT believes that reskilling is the requirement of the future generation. Hence, it has collaborations with industry-relevant skill programs like ATOS, Apple, CISCO, Coursera, ICT Academy, etc. A myriad range of value-added programs is aligned with the curriculum to deliver skilled manpower as per the industry 4.0 trends. MIT ADT fully supports the online mode of education and consistently follows the academic calendar schedule on time.

A Potential Packed Future

MIT ADT University is heading towards a lot of manufacturing and IT industry revolution leading to a lot of human resource development in the segment of the Electrical Vehicle Technology, Energy, and Design Engineering, and the Latest Technology Upgrade in Computer and IT. Providing industry-relevant specialized manpower, with the necessary skill set, is the objective of the university. It enables innovation and research culture in young aspirants from the first to the last day of the student’s entire journey. The latest technology laboratories, with the highly trained manpower, no doubt led to its mission of the world‘s best university in the upcoming years.