Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology

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Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology

Raising Quality Education a Notch Up

Representing a glorious heritage of more than four decades, the Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology (FIMT) was established by “The Fairfield Group of Institutions”. Based in New Delhi, this institute aims at imparting quality education to young minds and empowers them to become successful future professionals of the country. A NAAC Accredited college & ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015, FIMT is committed to achieve academic excellence and generate educational streams for its students.

Offering high-class educational insights with a power-packed experience of long years, FIMT is recognized for its quality in teaching and learning, which makes it one of the BEST affiliated colleges of GGSIP University. In addition, the programs are recognized by the most prestigious associations in their respective fields.

The Institution offers a myriad range of programs in BBA (GENERAL), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application), BA (JMC), Bachelor of Education- B.Ed., Bachelor of Commerce B.Com. (H.), BA-Eco. (H.), BBA-LLB (Integrated), BA-LLB (Integrated), and BA-Eng. (H.)

A Maestro leading to the Forefront

Mr. Vijay Kumar Nangalia is the Chairman of FIMT. He was born in one of the most picturesque tea estates in the world-famous Dooars area of West Bengal in 1968. At the young age of 18, Vijay started his career along with pursuing his studies. He completed his post-graduation in Medical and Management from renowned universities of India.

Initially, he started his career in the medical field and was involved with the Institute of Public Health & Hygiene founded in 1976, which is a leading and the only institution in India imparting Para Medical Training to personnel’s from the Indian Defense Force, Paramilitary Forces, Civil Aviation, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Ministry of Home Affairs. It also receives students from UNHCR, WHO, and neighboring countries for training.

Vijay established the Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology (FIMT) in 2006 in his continued pursuit of instilling and developing the standard of higher education in India. Within a short span, of time, FIMT has become one of the trailblazer institutions under the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India, and the only Institute to host the Bar Council of India Inter-University National Moot Court Competition, International Teaching Faculty, and Student Exchange Programs, and International Collaborations.

Through his contribution in academic sectors, he aims to mark a paradigm shift in modern pedagogy of teaching and generate social contributors in India. “We, at the Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology (FIMT), are acutely conscious of our responsibilities in this regard and have been striving to render quality management education with values, to those seeking managerial skills for the past 15 years. Our overarching emphasis has been on Excellence with Values. We have ensured that FIMT students can find complete self-expression in the institutes’ ambiance. We are, thus, rendering every help to them to make their dreams come true. It gives me great pleasure to commend FIMT to the youth of India”, states Vijay.

A Brief about FIMT’s Overall Composition

FIMT has a beautiful main campus located on National Highway-8, near the IG International Airport, New Delhi. It has a luscious green pollution-free and eco-friendly campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure for students to experience holistic surroundings. FIMT offers opportunities to students who are committed to higher education – by providing a supportive community, where students and faculty interact together in the learning process. The institute believes that faculty-student interaction leads to increased positive cognitive and compassionate development, increased perseverance and an optimistic institute experience.

The institute envisions achieving excellence in technology-led teaching, education, training, and research for continuous improvement in the quality of Management, IT, Journalism, Education, Law, or any other technical education field. The university offers key assets like a humanistic approach, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative vision, and focus on academic rigor, while also being committed to educating professionals and experts who will make a difference in society.

FIMT’s practice-based approach towards learning starts in the classroom helping students to become international professionals. This Institution not only provides opportunities for the students but also a better place for the career-oriented faculty members as well as for the other non-teaching staff members.

“The Faculty development is an indispensable component of institutional effectiveness in higher education and is strongly reflected in levels of student engagement, enthusiasm, and learning. Faculty members, who engross in professional growth experiences benefit also in terms of increased vivacity, well-versed pedagogy, education innovations, and learned teaching. Professional development contributes to the effective use of emerging technologies and establishes a firm foundation for the overall development of high-quality programs and curriculum”, reckons FIMT.

Adhering to the Significant Objectives

The Institution is working with these Key Objectives:

To attract, maintain, and nurture outstanding faculty members.

To achieve the goals by providing professional education and training to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, belief, sex, political affiliation, and financial status.

To develop knowledge and skills of the students through teaching, training, and research in the field of Management, IT, Education, Journalism & Mass Communication, and Law.

To cultivate an association with business organizations for providing practical acquaintance through Summer Training Program, On Job Training, Seminars, Workshops, and Expert lecturers.

To inculcate a high sense of responsibility and commitment among the students. The best part of Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology is the Cooperation and support towards the Staff and the students.

Visionary and Enlightening Principles of Wisdom

The following structured characteristics and aspirations enable the Institution to understand its vision:

To empower students of diverse backgrounds and varied aspirations.

To endow with opportunities towards self-fulfillment and competitiveness in an increasingly global society through innovative and flexible learning.

To effect and sustain a student-centric culture that capitalizes on the uniqueness of multi-cultural society.

To enable the effective contribution of students towards sustainable development by the inculcation of skills for transforming lives and communities.

To have an effective pool of highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession in the global society.

To improve the quality of life and contribute sustainable development of the region and the nation in harmony with our Culture, Heritage, and Environment.

All about Placement and Training

Taking into consideration the welfare of its students, FIMT provides multiple placement opportunities and organizes several placement drives throughout the year. With an independent campus placement driver, it’s an impeccable record in quality placements. The institute provides perfect grooming of scholars and their presentations to create them stand out for placements. The university provides its students with multiple placement opportunities and organizes several placement drives. FIMT has established an Entrepreneurial Development Cell and therefore the cell is consistently working towards creating new entrepreneurs and has generated many successful entrepreneurs in various fields who are associated with the institute.

The institute has successfully inculcated the key drivers of entrepreneurial spirit and culture, providing employment opportunities to students, creating employers and entrepreneurs, grooming skills to run the industry effectively, arranging guest lectures, seminars, one to one interactions, and assisting students in sourcing finance, recognizing market, preparation of the business plan, and merchandise development.

At FIMT, co-operating with students and recruitment agencies for sourcing the right talent is just one of the key activities, amongst many others. These agencies are an extended arm of FIMT- and the institute gladly calls them partners. Partner engagement is one of the university’s priorities and partners empanelled with FIMT have an access to the overall recruitment system.

The university features a sizable number of recruitment partners and over the years, the scholars are recruited by a number of the leading companies from various industries. It’s engaged with several organizations within the industry meaning to create a high-quality workforce that meets the need of the industry and also boosts the career growth of the students.

At FIMT, boosting innovation, and helping students gain skills that equip them for fulfilling careers is a goal. It integrates theory into the applied real-life experience and challenges students to expand their minds and grow their mindset. It promotes industry-academia interaction through industry visits, workshops, seminars, and other ways to encourage non-traditional learning for students.

Staying true to FIMT’s Virtues

The institute is committed to giving its best to all the stakeholders imbibing the philosophy:

● We believe in the all-round development of the beginners, which includes the values of Vivekananda

● We want to create an environment where our ethnicity and traditions go hand in hand with the material world.

● We are persistent in bringing out the best in all students by acceding them to explore their full potential, resulting in a confident, committed, and successful individual.

A Presentation of Student Support Services

FIMT believes that experience is an excellent teacher and internships are one of the best ways for students to explore possible career paths and gain valuable knowledge in their field of study. This training/internship period is a learning curve for every student, who wants to understand the nature of work in various organizations and attain meaningful information for the future. These internships have structured learning goals, provide students with regular mentorship, and strengthen their resume, giving them a real advantage when they are ready to look for a full-time job.

Alongside, it also has an accommodation & transportation facility, summer training, Department of Library & Information, Sports & Recreation Room, Online Feedback, and many more student facilitated resources. This student-centric approach creates an atmosphere, where students, faculty, and the institute are willingly working towards building a brand entity of performance and growth.

“If you want an inspiring and challenging education that will shape who you are and who you will become, FIMT will broaden your horizons, connect you to the world, and guide you on the unique path needed to achieve your goals”.