LM Thapar School of Management

Leading Business Schools in India for 2021

LM Thapar School of Management

The Face of India’s Leading Management Institute – A Key towards the Entrepreneurial Mind-set

With the vision of “New India starts here”, LM Thapar School of Management (LM TSM) is a leading business school committed to developing professionals who are adept at creating and propagating sustainable and ethical management practices. It is grounded in the ethos of social entrepreneurial mindset and sustainability, aiming to create an impetus with ideas for designing, architecting, and constructing the new India of our dreams.

A Passionate Teacher with the Progressive Vision

Prof. Padmakumar Nair is the Director and Dean of LM Thapar School of Management. He is an accomplished researcher, teacher, and scholar in the area of leadership development and sustainability. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands; and a Doctor of Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. With an experience of three long decades, Prof. Nair has worked both in academia and industry in various fields such as oil & gas (Shell in Amsterdam), education (Netherlands, Denmark, US, Japan, China, and South Korea), consulting (PwC, Japan and the US) and advanced R&D (NL, Japan, and the US).

He specializes in Leading for Sustainability, Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship, and Nanomaterials with more than 55 publications in journals of international repute to his credit.

Also, he has been cited more than 2700 times in academic journals with a Google Scholar H-factor of 26.

A Comprehensive Outlook of the Institute

We develop Globally Sensitive, Excellence Seeking Management professionals with a Social Entrepreneurial Mindset.

The School was started in 2007 under the aegis of one of the premier private universities of India (Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, deemed-to-be-university), Patiala. A home away from home, the campus offers many outlets of creative independence for students to pursue their interests and hobbies, while also providing opportunities to participate in community services. The institute has a state-of-the-art Library, an insightful School Cafeteria, exceptional Health & Fitness Centre, excellent Hostel facilities, top-notch Medicare, spacious Academic Block, and overall Sports activities.

LM TSM offers four academic programs for Post-graduate, Doctoral, and Research studies. In addition to the core courses and doctoral programs, various open electives are offered to students who cater to the dynamic business trends. It offers the following courses on campus: MBA, Executive MBA, Ph.D. (Residential), Ph.D. (for Executives).

MBA: LM TSM offers a two-year full-time program with ten specializations including Business Analytics and Big Data, Energy & Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Family Business, International Business & Management, Education Management & Leadership, Human Resource Management, and more.

Executive MBA: Taught by a group of experienced Scholars, Teachers, and Practitioners will help unlock the potential to deal with challenges and opportunities offered by the modern business world. The Thapar Executive MBA program offers a choice of specializations, which have been carefully put together incorporating feedback provided by both practitioners and academia. As a participant, you can choose to take up any two of the following: Branding and Marketing Management, Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance, and Operations and Technology Management.

Ph.D. (Residential) & Ph.D. (for Executives): These Ph.D. programs offer a stimulating environment to the students towards the creation and advancement of management knowledge and practice through scholarly research. The program has been attempting to:

-Ensure that students acquire advanced knowledge of literature and theory in their area of specialization and related interdisciplinary areas.

– Equip the doctoral students with relevant tools and techniques of research so that they can identify and study intricate issues in various domains of management.

– The course curriculum in place helps the students to gain adequate expertise as scholars and academicians.

For Ph.D. (for executives), the benefits for opting for this course under LM TSM is free of cost life-long membership to join all the advanced courses, MDPs, and Modular sessions. For both, the Ph.D. programs, the specializations offered include Accounting, Finance, Economics, OB, HR, International Management, Operations, Information systems, and Marketing.

Moments of Triumph

LM TSM with its performance and educational pedagogies has achieved many milestones in the last 5 years, which include:

• The institute is given an A+ accreditation title by NAAC.

• Seven students got placed at Electrolux – Stockholm, Sweden, KPMG Crimsonwing, Malta, and Jay Kay Global, Ghana.

• The school is a member of two international accreditation agencies, AACSB International and EQUIS (EFMD). The institute’s eligibility application was approved by AACSB International in June 2017. The institute aims to get the AACSB accreditation title in the next 6-12 months.

• NIRF Ranking: The Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is ranked 31st at the university level and 54th in the MBA program (LM TSM).

LM TSM graduates as interns and full-time employees are hired by top institutions, consulting firms, consumer products manufacturers, financial institutions, technology companies, and more. Employers seek out MBA students because they demonstrate not only mastery in powerful quantitative and management tools, but also an in-depth understanding of best practices for the changing technological, global, and human dimensions of business.

From the past few years, the institution has managed to achieve excellent placement records. Last year, 60+ organizations such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, American Express, Nestle, MRF, Blackstone, ITC, have recruited their graduates. The highest package offered is 18.04 Lacs p.a. LM TSM is actively involved in collaborative programs and has signed MoUs/Letter of Intent with renowned colleges across the globe. As a result, student and faculty exchange programs are regularly executed with these universities. Also, 26 foreign faculties from leading universities have visited the school in the last 3 years.

The MBA Program boasts a curriculum that challenges students to view the business through an international scope. The Summer Internships abroad offer a unique opportunity for students to gain much-needed global exposure. The Global Immersion Program at LMTSM provides unique first-hand experience with the business and culture of the host country. Up to 50% of the credits can be earned from one of its partner Universities abroad including Dual Degree options.

Making the Right Digital Choices for Management Education

LM TSM faculty and staff have embraced the technology and its advantages from the beginning of this institute. When it moved to the state-of-the-art campus in Dera Bassi, the institute got additional means to practice the learnings with the help of modern equipment available on the campus. The classes are equipped with inbuilt systems, projectors, and dedicated internet connections which helps conduct classes online and offline at the same time.

It was the first campus in the vicinity to switch to the online mode of classes in March 2020 even before the government announced to do so when the COVID-19 pandemic was hit. With absolute no compromise in the student learning from the school. All the activities related to teaching, placements, and development activities are being conducted and received well by students of the campus. It also has a dedicated studio room where faculty can record the lectures and create their archive of lectures for the students. The faculty and students have seamlessly adapted to hybrid learning. From teaching to examination, all aspects of teaching-learning and evaluation have been modified to suit an online environment. There are open book exams while take-home exams were introduced as a methodology to case study-based examination to evaluate the students effectively.

Initiatives to shape the New India’s Students

LM TSM has curated a unique bunch of initiatives for empowering its students holistically.

Staying true to FIMT’s Virtues

The institute is committed to giving its best to all the stakeholders imbibing the philosophy:

  • Sustainability in Practice: LM TSM has started a year-long experiential learning course that aims to provide the students with a unique experience to recognize and understand real-life problems around them and build their capacity to develop effective and implementable solutions. The course comprises of theoretical and practical aspects, with the practical implementation being at the core:

THEORY: The students explore the idea of sustainable development and interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability like energy, ethics, environment, people, natural resources, and economics to understand the inevitability of sustainable development. In addition, the students learn about group dynamics, project development, and execution.

PRACTICE: In teams of 4 to 5, the students design and execute real-life projects which are dedicated to resolving sustainability challenges faced by society and businesses. These projects target a variety of domains including health, education, agriculture, pollution, energy, and so on, and are linked to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME): LM TSM is a signatory member of the PRME since 2015 which is a United Nations-supported initiative committed to raise the sustainability profile in business education and to equip current business students with an understanding and ability to bring change tomorrow. It is committed to implementing the six principles of PRME as an institute of higher education in management. The school integrates PRME principles into its curriculum and is in line with the School’s mission and program goals.
  • Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship (SCE): The core course on SCE requires students to start their tiny enterprises for their experiential learning.
  • Winter Startup Internship: In this internship, the students work with the founder team to understand the application of various management, technology, and strategy-related tools and practices after their first semester.
  • Mentorship program: The school has an interesting mentoring where students are mapped with Thapar alumni who act as their mentors for a three-month mentorship program.
  • Apprenticeship program: The students get to work on consultative problem-solving assignments provided by the industry leaders as live projects.
  • In-practice courses: It has also started in-practice courses in all areas of specializations to provide a stronger industry connection and perspective to the students.
  • Business Labs: The school faculty has initiated the following two business labs within the school:

Starting a Startup: Students learn how to start and promote their start-up

B-school Bulls: Students learn about the business world by engaging with the stock market investment.

For both these labs, there are independent websites and social media identities managed by the students. Alongside their full-time MBA education, the students undertake part-time work in these business labs to apply various skills and tools that they learn in various courses they undertake in their MBA.

A Noteworthy Collaboration

LM TSM is a part of a consortium which includes: Danube University Krems/Austria (coordinator), University of Tampere/Finland, Beijing Normal University/China, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences/Germany, Eötvös Loránd University/Hungary for MARIHE, which is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (EU) under the action of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD). Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees aims to foster excellence, innovation, and internationalization in HEIs; boost the attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and support the EU’s external action in the field of higher education, and improve the level of competencies and skills of Master graduates and their employability. Also, the International students coming to LMTSM campus from abroad to undertake thesis projects in the area of entrepreneurship.

A Promising Future

LM TSM is in the advanced stage of evaluation for AACSB accreditation and NBA accreditation. The school is one of the most entrepreneurial business schools in the country as it aims at transforming the mindset of students from just being job seekers to job creators. It is one of the few b-schools in the country to champion the cause of sustainability so that students are sensitized to global sustainability-related challenges so that they can contribute to their organization after their placement to make their operations more sustainable.