Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies

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Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies

Nurturing the Dreams of Many via Holistic Environment

Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies aka DR VN BRIMS, Thane Mumbai is an all-inclusive, student-centric, and modern institute for management studies where students with different sorts of backgrounds are fulfilling their dreams each year. For providing the aspiring young minds of progressive India with state-of-the-art knowledge as well as excellent infrastructure and facilities, BRIMS has also visualized itself to be a forerunner in outfitting the needs and demands of the industry. A staunch believer in delivering the best, BRIMS has opened an array of possibilities and opportunities for its learners.

Humble Beginnings and the Success Forward

On 3rd July 1973, Dr. V.N. Bedekar established a Department of Management Studies to impart knowledge of management studies to the students of Thane. Accomplishing his dream and flooring away for several aspirers, his son Dr. V.V. Bedekar set the foundation of Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies starting its academic year in 2005-06. What started as a selfless dream to provide better quality education was now going to get fulfilled. The fruitful and continuing efforts of BRIMS’ members have only cultivated the institution into a pioneer in the field of management studies, and since 2005 BRIMS has its sun rising and shining bright.

Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Thane (VPM) is the parent body of DR VN BRIMS which was established in 1935 for a social cause. Set up with the motto to deliver outstanding educational facilities to the rich and the unprivileged alike, VPM today stands tall as a preeminent knowledge hub in Thane. With a group of fifteen institutions and over 17000+ students in total covering the domains of Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, Polytechnic, and Management Studies, VPM is passionately and untiringly divulging primary and secondary education to the students.

VPM has also collaborated with top-rated institutions from across the globe, such as Northern College, Ontario, Canada for Advanced Engineering Diploma Courses and with Skovde University, Sweden for Postgraduate degree programs in Medical Biotechnology, Physiology, and Molecular Biology. VPM has established London Academy for Education & Research to ensure its global visions and come out as a dynamic organization in the country.

A Man with a Mission

The continuation of success for the institution largely goes to Dr. Nitin Joshi, Director, DR VN BRIMS. Dr. Joshi has been at the forefront of the institute, ensuring every student has his goals achieved through proper guidance and expertise. Having done his graduation and post-graduation from COET, Jalgaon, and CMRD, Pune, Dr. Joshi went on to complete his Ph.D. from DAVV, Indore. Being in the education sector since 2002, Dr. Joshi also has industry experience by working with corporate houses like MCX, Datapro. IT&T, ATCO, etc.

Dr. Joshi is a believer in institutional development with a holistic approach. Under his supreme leadership, BRIMS has added and executed several new agendas which include value-added programs for the professionals and industry. Working as a management consultant, he has also organized several management development programs and is actively involved in undertaking assignments in people management and business development.

Dr. Joshi is a certified assessor for Business Excellence for the European Foundation Quality Management Assessment (EFQM) certification program since 2016 and has assessed companies like RPG Raychem, TATA Steel Ltd, PSG Institute of Management, Godrej Construction Ltd, etc. He has also authored the book titles “Services Operations Management: Towards Excellence”. Dr. Joshi’s capabilities and expertise in leadership and management as well as his approach to learning outcomes have stemmed fruitful to BRIMS.

A Guiding Mission and an Illuminating Vision

BRIMS’ mission statement, “To be ethical, sensitive and achieve excellence in management education through a focus on research, innovation and industry interaction” speaks less than what it delivers to its end users. A guiding mission statement has only being a progress monitor for DR VN BRIMS. The institute has ensured quality knowledge delivery through experienced faculty and equipped infrastructure which maximizes its orientation to research and innovations by stimulating these creative minds.

An ethical vision, “To be a top-of-mind value-based institute, nurturing management professionals”, BRIMS has its revelation for the future very clear. The institution ensures that primacy is given to value-based learning and creating an environment where the students can trigger their minds to question and craft fearlessly and sanguinely.

Involving a Broad-based Curriculum and a Plethora of Opportunities

BRIMS has been well-known for research-based learning to its students. But, what makes the institute stand out apart from the crowd? BRIMS is dedicatedly aspiring for the learners to imagine, create and deliver their ideas to not only India but to the world. For this purpose of which, BRIMS has established several amenities for its students. Starting from modern classrooms and well-equipped IT labs including auditoriums, conference rooms, and project work areas to libraries, playgrounds, reliable security infrastructure, and a dependable and pleasant location, everything promises a vibrant environment to explore and capture a bunch of opportunities coming way. The institution’s research orientation is manifest from the publications of its faculty member’s research papers and other works in the international SCOPUS indexed journals and the Faculty Development Programs conducted for other institutes by them.

To imbibe the ethos of research in other institutes, BRIMS also conducts national/international research conferences every year and releases its research journal “Srujan” which is a peer-reviewed journal with ISSN. BRIMS has also set up an e-library platform along with a web-OPAC platform and rich databases of the quality journal with updated resources for the students who desire greater and in-depth knowledge of research topics in the management domain. The institute has also contributed to Ph.D. aspirers by establishing a Ph.D. research centre under the University of Mumbai .

The students at BRIMS are not only blessed with competent faculty who are Ph.D. and UGC-NET qualified with a rich blend of industry-academia but also market experts and guests who are called upon to deliver their knowledge surplus and technical know-how required in the market. Opportunities like these are made possible through the establishment of the Institute Innovation Council (IIC) which operates as per AICTE guidelines. IIC has facilitated the institute by involving the students’ brilliant ideas and thoughts and cultivating those into competitions like Innovative Business Plan and business problem-solving. The interactive guest sessions by renowned industry stalwarts and entrepreneurs have been tremendously helpful. The students were awarded the prestigious “Dandekar Trophy 2019” as the winners of “BMA Innothon”, which is an intercollegiate event for real-world business problem-solving.

A Bundle of Opportunities and Attractive Placements

The IIC of BRIMS has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars from the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell, for taking several initiatives and in 2019-20, sixty-eight activities including Design Thinking Workshop, Youth Innovation Challenge, International Conference, Guest sessions by renowned industry innovators and entrepreneurs, InnoBiz – Innovation Competition, International and local exposure visits to industries, Webinar series, and student-centric contests were organized. BRIMS has also collaborated with VPM’s Polytechnic College for the establishment of Innovation Lab for providing necessary resources. All these training and performance guidance has culminated into attractive internships and placement offers ranging from 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs.

Students’ expertise is getting recognized by eminent brands and they are getting opportunities to work with Flipkart, Toppr Technologies, Reliance Jio, VIVO Mobiles, Oppo Mobiles, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, R K Foodland, Property Realty, Affluent Software (Singapore, International Placement), Capgemini, Jet Freight Logistics and many more. The growth in terms of the number of placements, salary packages, and several companies visiting campus has been remarkable. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, BRIMS’s placement cell contributed to online/virtual internship opportunities for more than a hundred students with globally known brands like TATA Teleservices, Flipkart, Reliance, etc. Industry connect of the institute is fantastic with faculty members’ networking due to membership in various industry bodies like BMA and being certified assessors for Business Excellence by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries).

An alumni meet is organized every year by BRIMS where the globally successful alumni of the institute share their experiences in the industry and also the value that BRIMS holds for their vibrant careers. The alumni are also involved in training and guiding the students for better choices and keen expertise required in the marketplace via special programs like guest sessions, webinars, and as representatives in College Development Committee and Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC).

COVID-19 and the Future Ahead

The pandemic could only pose a break in the learning process at BRIMS which was overcome by a unique platform called “BRIMS Connect” which helped the faculties and students continue their knowledge-sharing and also acknowledge and felicitate individual achievements of students, faculty, and staff. The efforts of BRIMS have been rightly recognized with awards like NAAC Accreditation, Top Outstanding B-School of Excellence in India by CSR-GHRDC B-Schools Survey 2020, and Outstanding B-School of Excellence by GHRDC in 2019.

The journey that started in 1973 still has a long way to go. With achievements and recognitions coming its way, BRIMS promises a bright future and a plethora of opportunities to every student who knocks on its door. Delivering excellence and timely facilities have been the driving force of BRIMS.