AAFT University of Media and Arts

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AAFT University of Media and Arts

An Exceptional Realm for Artists, Creators, and Digital Influencers of Tomorrow

AAFT University of Media and Arts is part of the Marwah Studios, a renowned national and international provider of entertainment and media. It is an extension of the dream which translated into action in the year 1993 and gained momentum by rising to the next level by the establishment of the AAFT University. With more than two decades of proficiency in the field of film technology, the university has imparted revolutionary media education and training to more than 17000 students becoming one of the largest media education hubs in Asia. The institute has a myriad range of courses that include 50+ professional courses in the disciplines of Cinema, Fashion Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Animation, Advertising, Music, Dance, Event Management, Digital Marketing, DJ, Interior Design, Performing Arts, Acting, Interior Design, and many more. It has achieved many prestigious honors and awards worldwide and continues to transform numerous dreams into realities.

It encourages the free flow of creative ideas, thought processes, and perspectives while molding students into thinkers and performers. AAFT is an industry pioneer giving direction to its students to grow as professionals, handle responsibilities, and produce artwork that has a major impact on communities, society, and the world.

It is an advanced creative platform holistically bestowing students to excel their maximum artistic potential and shine their element in the entertainment fraternity. The institute inculcates and nurtures student’s natural capabilities towards film and television through intensive training and aims to set new standards in India by diving deep into the dynamics of the entertainment industry. It has four international and national accreditations that are recognized in the industry as benchmarks of educational quality.

Meet the Seasoned Maestro

A veteran personality, Dr. Sandeep Marwah is the Founder and President of AAFT. He has laid the foundation of this university fueling its growth and adding glory to the art industry. He is a renowned Indian film producer, director, and educator prominently known for his contribution to media and cultural exchange across the globe. His principled work ethical approach has won him 500 international, national, and state recognitions along with the recently achieved Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2018. He is also the Chancellor of AAFT University which is India’s first dedicated Film, Media, and Arts University.

His vim and vigor to build a platform that encourages a learning environment filled with excitement, adventures, and challenges. This has helped the group to successfully train over 17,000 students to date and more in the upcoming times. His dedicated efforts, expertise, and enthusiasm have helped the university to grow in leaps and bounds. He has a fierce vision of nurturing talent and building employability of the students through industry-oriented training and also providing them with different opportunities and exposures.

“Every immense journey starts with a single step and advances by winning different hurdles with self-confidence. AAFT has faith in setting the bar high with a luminous system of holistic education. We work to build strong minds blended with passion and global notice for brilliance, thereby, turning challenges into opportunities”, words of wisdom from the President’s desk.

The New Age Program of Entertainment Education

“With a vision to produce global leaders of highest intellectual and ethical caliber, AAFT delivers high-quality technical education in emerging areas of media and creative arts.”

At AAFT, the institute gives equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical orientation as a blend of both makes students excel in their performance. The university aims for excellent academic distinction through a team of dedicated faculty, motivated to keep up with the global atmosphere in all spheres of influence. It bestows the students with a principled environment ensuring holistic education meets the requirements of the 21st century. The growing number of students at the university is a sign of AAFT being a center of excellence in India, which is headed to the start of the new era fostering artistic talents like never before. It prepares students under different controls like Camera and Lighting, Direction, Editing, Acting, Still Photography, Sound Recording, Art Direction, Script Writing, and Script Development. AAFT is a powerhouse of performance producing leaders in creative fields like advertising and public relations, music, digital media, fashion, and more.

AAFT welcomes students from more than 120 countries, where the majority of them are from Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and the Pacific Rim regions and neighboring countries. This offers students a global community of learning and a platform for cultural exchange. AAFT stands-out among all the other institutes as it delivers its students with ‘out-of-the-box’ offerings. Some of the key features are 1000+ celebrity interaction, 200+ faculties, 50+ international faculty, 120+ feature films, 2300+ short films produced, 17000+ alumni, 4500+ TV Programme Association, 10th in the world ranking, 400+ awards and accolades, 120+ countries students enrolled, 500+ placements opportunities, and much more.

Ace Infrastructure and Comprehensive Academic Programs

The infrastructure at AAFT is State-of-the-Art and fully equipped with contemporary studios, labs, high-end equipment, and more. It has air-conditioned classrooms with LCD projectors, a fully equipped Chroma Studio, Advanced Video Editing Lab, Post Production Lab, Photography Lab, and Print Lab.

AAFT offers a broad range of degree and diploma courses at the bachelor’s and master’s level along with short-term programs and certifications. The campus has research centers that are operated by the top echelons of the Indian and International community. These experts interact with the students regularly and share their insights, valuable experience, and guide them thoroughly. It also has in-house community radio, film club, news agency, rehearsal hall, screening theatre, and production studio for imparting practical exposure to the students. It is the right place to gear up with a world-class competitive edge.

The constant engagement of students in live projects, summer training, full-term optional/ compulsory internships, on-the-job training, study tours, skill enhancement events, and inbound workshops aimed at solving real-time problems. The students also get to learn by participating in cultural fests, symposiums, club activities, case studies, camps, community services, workshops, seminars, events, shows, galleries, and more. AAFT strongly believes that films represent much more than entertainment conducting festivals that embrace the magic of film, television, digital technologies, and literature. Designed for and by young people, each global festival caters to people from all walks of life with just interest in film, whether to watch and enjoy, create their work or take things a stage further and find out more about a career in the film or television industry. All the festivals organized by IFTC act as the medium to offer the most accessible way to learn about and stimulate discussion among film enthusiasts about the personal and world issues that are currently important to them. These festivals entertain, educate, motivate and inspire the youth through film screenings, industry workshops, practical masterclasses, filmmaking projects, and outreach activities.

The students can connect with guest performers, hosts, artist-in-residence through star-studded events throughout the year as AAFT conducts workshops through celebrities. Such activities are steered for students to gain practical knowledge and create awareness regarding interpersonal skills, positive attitude, skillful mindset, team building, time management, and allowing them to have an open approach towards everything. This in turn helps students to look at a wider spectrum of things, learn about different opinions, new perspectives, and become a speaker, leader, reader, and keen observer of their prompt surroundings. AAFT shapes young minds to become potential artists of tomorrow through inclusive development.

Salient Pointers to Leverage Placements

The placements team provides complete assistance to all students to find the most suitable job opportunities as per the language learned, their skills, talents, and interests. It has successfully provided job placements to trained and talented students in various Embassies, Multinational companies, Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism, Retail, and Event Management sectors in India and abroad. The opportunities and exposures at AAFT are immense as the institute collaborates with directors, producers, and committees of talent search giving beginners a piece and chance of fame.

The Notable Alumni

AAFT alumni are associated with various media organizations or are freelancing in their chosen field of creative work. The list of achievers, in name and fame, has continued to swell with time. AAFT trained Media & Entertainment professionals will soon revolutionize the entertainment industry through their work of art. Their sincerity, dedication, and hard work will surely make the world a better place than it is now. The millennial and Gen Z bunch of talent has marked their territories for years to come.