A Perfect Platform for Achieving Academic Excellence Abroad

Education is a lamp that has illuminated the light of many dreams and turned them into glorious realities. For millions of students today, education is the name of the changing game, which has facilitated them to build their reigning empires and mark their territories for succeeding years to come.

Serving these students to conquer their visions throughout their journey are educational organizations, which are leaving no stones unturned for building every student’s striving careers. One such establishment ruling the educational domain since 2005 is EduconIndia, a top-rated Indian Medical Student Consultancy offering Overseas Educational Services for training students for Global Professional Entrance Exams including the include GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. EduconIndia is an official partner of Kaplan Medical USA and exclusively hosts Kaplan’s Live in Person lectures in India.

Meeting the Harbor of Success

A charismatic leader and visionary, Srinidhi is the Founder and CEO of EduconIndia. This organization is the brainchild of Srinidhi’s talented persona, who has set new dimensions in the field of consultancy and stocked its stature and status beyond the horizon. In her long career span, she has turned all of her misfortunes and failures into glorious victories and worked with a ‘never give up’ approach. Standing true to all her words and values, she has added many colors to every student’s rainbow and made achievements rain throughout their splendid careers.

Students here in India are extremely passionate about education and are ambitious by default. However, due to several reasons, many times they fall short on resources to give shape to their dreams. Confronting this issue, Srinidhi believes that with every student given the utmost educational insights, tomorrow’s generation will become a powerhouse of learners, dreamers, thinkers, and leaders of their times. Whenever a student joins EduconIndia, it is an amalgamation of his/her dream, passion, and hard work to reap into a flourishing tree. Srinidhi aims education will steer growth and quality of life for her students so that it could support anyone in the mere future.

Amidst the pandemic situation, Srinidhi states that the entire education sector is undergoing a paradigm shift. As the saying goes change is the only constant, right now the best option available is to go with the flow, follow the digital approach, and take a day at a time. With the readily existing resources, the internet today is home to unlimited information, if consumed and operated righteously. It is the responsibility of the students and parents to take initiatives, start setting goals for a productive online day, and devour the best of educational insights available on the go. Srinidhi addresses, “I think with time, the concept of education is rightly reaching minds. The very few parts stuck to the wrong conception are changing and I hope there won’t be any in the future. Education is a right for all the rightful reasons.”

Learning the Virtual Way

The pandemic has resulted in many modifications especially for the education sector, for students to get back on track after a long gap and continue to learn has been the need of the hour. With these multiple prevailing factors, a handy option that lies making it convenient for both students and teachers is seeking the digital approach. EduconIndia has acknowledged this scenario and hosted an Online Course for students to continue to pursue their education and dreams. However, the question arises, is online education the same as a traditional education? Well, the answer is a big yes, EduconIndia has designed its course keeping in mind the current conditions, how to get hold of this course and make it relatable to students.

Bestowing Remarkable Educational Insights

Eternal University regularly revises its course curriculums keeping in view the latest developments, industrial requirements, and global placement opportunities. There is ample provision of Choice Based Credit System in all the professional courses on the pattern of foreign universities for ensuring diverse training, career goals, and adjustment of students in India and abroad. All the undergraduate and postgraduate students are helped and encouraged to spend their last semester for their thesis, project work, training, and certification with the industry.

The duration of the course is 7 weeks long with In-Person interactive lectures taught by award-winning US medical basic science faculty. The key pointers of this course are Live Lectures, Latest & Comprehensive Content, Med Advising, Networking Opportunity, and Lecture Notes. Once enrolled in the course, the students get immediate access to the online resources with over 200 hours of Step 1 on-demand online video lectures, featuring clinical correlates and high-quality animations to review at one’s pace. The students are able to play the video lectures at 1.5x speed with flag topics for future review and take notes on individual video clips. There is a set of full-color lecture notes with 7 volumes in print and eBook forms.

Students are readily accessible with a Question Bank with over 2100 newly updated test-like questions, which are mobile-friendly and also available in the Kaplan app Assessment testing. With these diagnostic tests available, the students are able to measure their performance through topical assessment exams. There are two full-length simulated exams to determine the test readiness and to practice the pacing and stamina, to know if the student is ready for the test day. The medical advisors know every exam and every part of the medical residency application process and are also creating a personalized plan that will help one succeed in the USMLE exam.

A Take on the Competition

Be it any industry, competition is a term that everyone is dealing with. Over the years, EduconIndia has become a reputed brand and has made it in the news for its achievements, student success rate, its increasing outreach, and much more. Once, there is an upscale for any organization, the next step is to maintain that graph or further keep on growing it. However, Srinidhi believes competition is a very healthy term, but one has to understand what to compete with. Competing with oneself is always best to start with. “A healthy competition that spreads around the desire to grow to get better is the right kind of competition. It keeps you active, vigilant, on your toes, and makes you want to do better with your grades holding a broader positive perspective. One should always feel the need to outgrow only to mark betterment”, states Srinidhi.

EduconIndia is a consultancy having a PAN India license, the main reason for it to stand out from the crowd among the numerous overseas consultancies is because of its unique and diligent approach towards its profound products and services. It has shattered the track records and set new standards to win on a global scale. With its top-notch coaching and student guidance, it has escalated to the top in no time conquering its territory for many more years to go. The environment at EduconIndia is also one of the many reasons students and their parents choose to pitch in, this consultancy works with compassion towards everyone surrounding it. The atmosphere here radiates positivity, happiness, and togetherness, EduconIndia works on confidence, fuels every student’s passion and keeps their determination undeterred through their experienced faculty, lifting their spirits, and stands beside the students all the time to help them evolve into responsible adults.

The Way ahead from Here

Due to this pandemic, the future ahead looks unprecedented, but the best possible way to cope with it is to give the best shot today. If the present moment lies within your hands, try to make it yours and deliver with the best of amenities available today. Srinidhi is an innovator and with her dynamic team, she aims to triumph over any hurdles that arise before her. In her professional front, she has successfully tackled many speed breakers and emerged as a victorious leader always. “To serve and retain the quality study methodology for the benefit of passionate students aiming to study abroad and ensure their success all along is the ulterior motive of the company. We stand and strive to cater to the educational options of the broad student community-based in India”, concludes EduconIndia.