India’s 10 Best Education Brands for 2020

India’s 10 Best Education Brands for 2020

Welcome to Education Brainiac’s India’s 10 Best Education Brands for 2020 issue, our annual feature of the best-in-class educational institutions in the country that are empowering young aspirants with the utmost expertise to excel to their maximum potential. Read on to meet these education brands—and prepare to be inspired.

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A Perfect Platform for Achieving Academic Excellence Abroad

Education is a lamp that has illuminated the light of many dreams and turned them into glorious realities. For millions of students today, education is the name of the changing game, which has facilitated them to build their reigning empires and mark their territories for succeeding years to come.

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Eternal University

A Perfect Blend of Quality Education and Divine Transformations

Sponsored by Kalgidhar Trust, the Eternal University was established by Act No. 3 of 2009 by the Himachal Pradesh government. The University has been offering more than 65 UG to Ph.D. programs in basic and applied sciences, engineering & technology, agriculture, biotechnology, food technology, nursing,

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Krishnagar Public School

A Dynamo of Performance Delivering World-class Educational Insights

Established in 2016, Krishnagar Public School came into existence when there was a growing need for an English Medium CBSE E public school for a long time. Finally, the Chairman, Mr. Naresh Chandra Das laid the foundation of the school, under the trust managed by the National Centre for Development of Technical Education (NCDTE).


Enriching Rural Masses With Worthy Education

Established in the year 2000, Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Arts, Commerce & Science College (RJSPM’s ACS) is one of its kind’s educational centers. Settled at the outskirts of Pune, to become an exceptional educational hub for the rural students,

Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University

A Stepping Stone of Zenith Success empowering Education and Ideas

Established in 2017, Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University (Swarrnim) is India’s first Startup University offering Innovation, Startup, and Entrepreneurship programs through modern education and technical wisdom. Approved by the Government of Gujarat

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