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Entrepreneurship is at an all high today- we see different types of business, be it small-scale or medium-scale- ruling the market with out-of-the-box concepts and more. Entrepreneurs are driven by the start-up engine, the fuel of establishing your company or business and building it into a brand is a dream every young business mind dreams of. The business world – where everyday young leaders juggle to make ends meet are the future faces of reputed brands willing to build communities for years to come. The role of entrepreneurship is a long-fetched journey that requires a constant 24*7 live wiring network to jump from one thing to a thousand more ready to get ticked off from the checklist. With all of this looking unpredictable, young leaders are yet chasing their paths and founding start-ups with their unique ideas put together with dedicated efforts.

Let us take a look at a set of cool yet surprising well-performing start-up ideas that you can opt for in the upcoming times:

  • E-book Author

Today, the focal point of everything is digital. We all spend a considerable amount of time online at our desks as we deeply know that in every way- digitalization is the magic pill today. Now, E-books have become a trend, it has seen an increasingly popular demand in the books sector acting as an axis to become successful in the books business. With the rise and grind style of lifestyle that we all experience – virtual books and audiobooks are a preferred option to the actual hard-copy books. While on the go, many individuals now read either online or listen to an audiobook while performing their chores. Well, this is a great opportunity for young leaders to jump into this niche. Be it creating a long-form or short-form of content, e-books are an ideal way of reaching your audience base.

Also, it’s hassle-free with several platforms that are on the rise of making the whole process efficient for a beginner or intermediate. The long meeting with publication houses can take a backseat, let’s just do it the modern way. On the finance aspect too, e-books are easy on the pockets and a measure of generating passive income in the future.

  • YouTube Channel

Social Media is huge today- we all know its power when we are making our services or products online or opening up to the social media world- YouTube is a platform that one should never ignore. YouTube over the years has grown at a speed one can’t imagine- its video form of content has made people realize the worth of interactive or transactional content. Starting a YouTube Channel, getting it monetized, uploading consistently, engaging with your subscriber base, and more are some of the growth drivers of YouTube.

Now, as an entrepreneur what can bring new to the game is your call and chance to either make it or break it- YouTube is all about delivering quality-based content that one wishes to watch over and over again. One of the biggest advantages of being a YouTuber is the freedom that one gets. Hence, many young leaders are willing to experiment with social media platforms and build their customer base. So, ideally scaling your YouTube presence with targeted strategies and analytics will help you build your brand identity with time. Add your unique flavor to the videos you create and remember to bring your true personality on screen as it will attract your subscribers to come and watch you every single time. Get started with selecting the right niche for you, study and research about it, and get rolling.

  • Cleaning Services

There is nothing more apt than this – considering the Covid-19 situation at hand, we all know how important it is to stay clean and hygienic. Our surroundings play a big role in determining our physical and mental health. When we work in a clean environment, we can focus and work properly. Hence, starting a commercial janitorial service centre is an excellent idea for young entrepreneurs. This is relatively new with the potential of growing into a blooming business looking at the current picture. One can also use vegan and cruelty-free cleaning products that promote the green approach. Organizations are willing to invest in such types of services/products as they want their employees and staff members to work in a safe and clean atmosphere too. So, as a young entrepreneur, you can conduct a survey and find out more about the janitorial sector and start your business. From time to time, step up your game and know-how can you offer 24*7 assistance for customer assurance and satisfaction.

  • Create a Local Grocery Delivery Service

We all know how online delivery has reached a peak point in pandemic times. The uncertainty of stepping out of the home to buy necessities and more resulted in buying all goods online. So, a local grocery delivery store is the best start-up option for young entrepreneurs. With minimal setup cost and maintenance, the young leaders can start their local business and also add exciting offers and rewards to attract early customers. Spread by the word of mouth among the local communities about your services and get started to take your first orders. Abide by timely delivery of quality products to customers and see how you can scale your small business on a large level. Also, you can help the senior citizens by offering them special services or discounts and make them your regular customers. You can also collaborate with a local partner in your area and ask them if they are willing to get their products online. For professionals, who are busy managing their daily household grocery errands, an online grocery delivery service is a life-saver. So, make sure to provide your customers with deals that fit their pockets, clock, and choices.

  • Start a Fitness App

Being stuck at home also deals with no exercise and fitness regime in particular. We start to feel lethargic and put on the extra pounds as the walk towards our kitchen pantry becomes a habit. However, it is mandatory to take care of your health and fitness at this hour. Hence, for young entrepreneurs – a fitness app can be a perfect option to kick-start their business. Build a user-friendly app, offer customers an ideal fitness package, conduct classes online, track their fitness goals and everyday progress, associate with fitness brands, and get on board the best fitness trainers. Once the start-up gains momentum, it will pick up among the fitness enthusiastic crowd; you can easily scale the business furthermore.