Vali Kalisha Shaik

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Kalisha Vali Shaik

Guiding the Potential Minds in the Right Way

In the 21st century world of technology, globalization, and urbanization, opportunities are not fewer, only if one knows when and how to grab those. After completing basic education students set out to choose fields they think are best suited for their “dream job”. But 80 percent of the time, they end up choosing the wrong fields. Comprehending the need and finding the answers, Kalisha Vali Shaik, an academician turned entrepreneur, established First Step Educational Consultancy with the sole vision of mentoring the students to “the right way”. A teacher and student counsellor himself, Mr. Kalisha Vali is well responsive about child psychology and with his firm taking the students a step closer to success.

“Do what you love, else love what you do”. Mr. Kalisha Vali has ardently followed this quote for First Step Educational Consultancy studies, evaluates and then recommends the best out of available career options according to students’ area of interest. Their sole responsibility is to realize a child to search for his expertise and skillset and have a clear mindset for the future by doubt clearing.

The Humble Beginnings

A man with a vision, an idea, and an unwavering zeal is unstoppable. Mr. Kalisha Vali, a persona of thousand potentials and revolutionary approach, started as an Assistant Professor at K L University, Andhra Pradesh, where he later got promoted to Head of Dept. His journey of counseling started as HOD, where he used to counsel students as well as their parents. It is when he realized how a single misperception can cause disorder in a student’s professional life, hampering not only his self-confidence but also making him susceptible to more wrong decisions in the future. Mr. Kalisha Vali was already into counseling as part of the regular academic curriculum. Talking to students, clearing their doubts, and presenting them with ample career opportunities via holding seminars and workshops along with programs like marketing activities even on live telecast at the university was his daily routine.

All his experiences and hard work became the foundation stone for First Step Educational Consultancy. A believer of progressive methodology, Mr. Kalisha Vali emphasized the need and significance that technology and contemporary expertise hold in everyone’s lives. He encourages his students to merge technical education into their area of interest for enhanced outcomes. While working along with fellow teachers and students, Mr. Kalisha Vali learned how even teachers lack a lot of existing goings-on around and hence are unable to deliver concentrated output. He thus began developing their basics and enthused them via his work. He says, “I keep on educating them on the basics and ways they can choose other career options rather than following Engineering courses just like a ‘sheep in a flock’.” The students’ satisfaction has become his ultimate motivation to wake up early every day.

The firm’s unique goal and Mr. Kalisha Vali’s supreme leadership have made the First Step to be recognized as the only consultancies for career counseling for students as well as career placements in India and abroad & only consultancy to provide accurate information. The efforts of the firm are suitably enclosed in its vision that “We imagine to be an eager, ambitious and inventive that continually addresses the difficulties of the field.” Emphasizing his duty as an educational consultant, Mr. Kalisha Vali promises his aspirants of their dream future in his mission statement, “Our central goal is to help every student in understanding each viewpoint and situation by means of each accessible chance of correspondence for their future way and constructed their path.”

Overcoming the Troublesome Pathways

Every success story involves tackling challenges, emerging victorious, and learning new approaches. When Mr. Kalisha Vali started his firm, he had only one thing in his mind. His lone purpose of helping his students with his capabilities and crafting a blueprint of their future in front of them. Whether it be his job as an assistant professor or his obligations as the CEO of the firm, Mr. Kalisha Vali has been criticized, disapproved and his proficiencies were looked down on. He says he was even bullied initially at his position of assistant professor. But the optimistic personality that he is, Mr. Kalisha Vali never led these minute distractions to hinder his only aim of helping the students, academically or professionally.

Mentioning the people who believed in his potentials, Mr. Kalisha Vali acknowledges, “I would like to thank Dr. Bhasker Vardhi who has selected me based on my knowledge rather than an experience I would even like to thank President Er. Koneru Satyanarayana Garu and Vice President Mr. Koneru Raja Harin of KL Deemed University how he has given an opportunity to prove myself”. Mr. Kalisha Vali, a man of untiring willpower and a big heart stood up to all challenges stanchly and is today a recognized figure in the education consultancy business.

His experiences as a professor and counselor have provided him with ample exposure to comprehend the basic requirement when dealing with a troubled student. Mr. Kalisha Vali has advocated the use of technology and knowledge on the latest trend in the market. This basic know-how can help a student in putting up options for a better career choice. “One best will be creating a habit to schedule your daily task and make sure that you will learn any new thing in years just by implementing the 20 – 80 rule,” Mr. Kalisha Vali quotes.

The team of the First Step is the backbone of the firm. It is a perplexing task for Mr. Kalisha Vali to keep them encouraged during hard times given how different socio-political backgrounds and various skills they possess. Mr. Kalisha Vali advocates the firm’s vision as the ultimate motive for every employee working under him. Every team member is assigned a definite task according to his/her specializations and expertise, working with distinctive aims and being accountable to every learner.

Worth Achievements

For a man like Mr. Kalisha Vali who resolutely relies on assisting his students with every promising support, achievements can count only as their contentment. He proudly describes how his counseling led a student to choose the correct path in fabrication works who today owns a workshop and is fairly earning well. “That happy face on the student cannot be equal to any millions or billions of money. That smile makes me happier and even motivates me more towards this sector and helping other students in choosing their career,” Mr. Kalisha Vali shares. Mr. Kalisha Vali has been selected HOD at the age of 29 at K L University. Additionally, he will be the first South Indian to be awarded a Ph.D. in Hotel Management.

“There Are Not a One Size Fits All Methodology”

Mr. Kalisha Vali is a believer in taking a risk. He asks his students to never settle for less for there are a lot of opportunities waiting to be grabbed only if they possess a definite skillset and are passionate about it. One has to come out of his comfort zone if he wishes to surmount the world. Education doesn’t just help, “education in the right way” definitely helps. Lastly, accentuating the importance of consultation he quotes, “Studies don’t have to appear to be a dreary undertaking you just need to receive legitimate techniques that will help you arrive at your ultimate objective.”