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Srinidhi Naidu

A Tale of a Titan

Every teenager has at least once dreamt of studying abroad, it is one of those things that cross our minds when a popular commercial of a successful professional working abroad grabs our eyeballs or we notice a banner displayed near an IT hub. In both of these cases, the first thought process is visualizing ourselves in that spot and that’s exactly how some of us start bringing that idea into reality. Studying abroad has always been a trend and continues to be as there is certainly an aura and charm surrounding the entitlement it serves, however it also has a flipped coin of reality towards it.

Education overseas is a journey, every step leads towards the next and finally then comes the cherry on the top, which makes it all worth it. However, for many students this process is not as smooth as a sailing ship, through their voyage, they encounter numerous complexities, which may hamper reaching their harbor. Contemplating the need of the hour, Srinidhi Naidu, an educationist stepped in to build an education consultancy called EduconIndia Medical, which primarily focuses on medical education consulting abroad.

The Woman with a Midas Touch

The world of entrepreneurship has experienced many radical transformations, many entrepreneurs take the roads less traveled to find success in the longer run, but few out of those entrepreneurs create success. Talking about the woman of the moment, Srinidhi Naidu is one of those vigilant leaders, who created her reality and led its foundation on her virtues, talents, and dreams. She is the Founder and CEO of EduconIndia Medical.

Srinidhi aims at enlightening the young minds to become adept professionals of tomorrow and guiding them towards achieving their dreams. Having pursued a Management Degree, initially, Srinidhi worked at her father’s Interior Designing and Construction Company. However, she had other plans and hence decided to quit her job and step in her shoes in the consulting business. She worked as an education consultant and started building her network as she sensed a growing opportunity in this field. Many times, entrepreneurs study and analyze the market and look forward to what new can be done, but for any successful startup, the key to its success lies in the solution.

Comprehending the problems for Medical students, Srinidhi decided to manifest her vision of EduconIndia Medical. It is an overseas student consultancy organization and an ideal choice for student training and consultancy programs for global professional entrance exams including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. The organization is the exclusive and official partner of global educational giant Kaplan Medical, to present its Live Classroom lectures in India. It is the only consultancy that brings down Kaplan’s global faculty to India to train and prepare our medical students for USMLE. “From where I see myself today, I hold a perception towards my growth as an outcome of uncompromising ethics and weighted morals, this itself serves as the foundation to EduconIndia Medical”, states Srinidhi.

Clearance of the Speed Breakers

The journey to the top of the pyramid is far-fetched, but Srinidhi with her commitment and principled work ethical approach has conquered many challenges along the way. Setting up an organization from scratch is a tedious task, but the outcome is what counts. Success is more about consistency and taking risks, Srinidhi believes that the only strategy guaranteed to fail is the one that involves no risk. As a leader, every day is a challenge and is completely different from the previous one.

“Establishing your business venture is like riding a roller coaster. There are ups and downs and every turn you take is a new twist. The downs are very low, but the ups can be high too”, addresses Srinidhi. She remembers during her initial phase, she has to face numerous complexities each day, and handling the business alone was a tough decision. With a competitive market, the marketing strategies around were misleading, and to withstand the space, EduconIndia Medical had to stand tall amongst all. “It was on me to bring the company to everyone’s notice and during my first batch of students, I recollect now that we had very little time to spread the word around. Luckily, I had met this team of young digital marketers, Binesh Gaddam- the founder of ‘VHonk Digital Media and Marketing’ who worked vigorously to reach out to the targeted crowd. We soon had a class-filling batch willing to work their ways to win their dreams”, directs Srinidhi.

Srinidhi is a ferocious leader and the core strength of her achievements lies in her excellent communication, execution skills, and above all a power-packed mindset. She believes that to be a successful leader, it is imperative to understand the dignity of labor from the rock bottom hierarchy of employees. She prefers not to order but to know the exact situation and then try to come up with the best possible solution, which efficiently resolves the issues.

Also, as a female leader, Srinidhi had to break the odds and shatter-free from the barriers of societal standards set for a woman to run the business world. At first, she had to face criticism, her decisions were questioned, her hard-working momentum was examined, but Srinidhi held her horses and with her best foot forward marched towards climbing the ladder of success. At the end of the day, the mindset is what makes the leader fearless and having faith in oneself helps in the longer run.

A Word about the Current COVID-19 Scenario

As EduconIndia Medical targets the students and medicos wanting to pursue further education abroad in the medical field, hence with the COVID-19 situation at hand, the questions of doubt arise. To clear the air of reports, we have Srinidhi herself addressing the on-going scenario.

● Is COVID-19 going to affect the current residency positions in the USA?

Well, the answer to this is Yes, but in a good manner, as due to COVID-19 the impatient volume has gone high in all hospitals all across the world, especially in the United States. As such, the US depends upon international medical graduates to fill their post-graduate positions. Now, during COVID times the requirement is much higher in the US, apart from that we cannot forget the ban that the US has placed on some countries, which means there will be only a few countries applying for the current residency positions. This year the highest number of IMG has matched into residency positions and Indians are the ones which top the chart.

● Are new immigration rules going to affect us?

The answer is No, the new immigration rules do not apply to healthcare workers. Matter of fact, a lot of medical schools have been recruiting doctors all over the world for J-1 research visas for research on COVID, which are paid positions.

● The whole process seems to be cumbersome. How can EduconIndia Medical help us?

EduconIndia Medical has been working with medical graduates for over fifteen years now hence we keep in touch with all upcoming changes that keep happening. The requirements of the universities keep changing and we also make sure we know what’s happening when it comes to the residency applications. We have contacts with a lot of teaching hospitals in the United States, where we can help you get clutches once you are done with your Step 1 and Step 2 examinations. Also, we help every student through the whole residency process, application, interviews, and more. It becomes an easy process for you when one takes our services as everything is pre-planned and we give you a timeline and all you have to do is follow it.

So, EduconIndia Medical has a solution for every problem, hence it is known to be the unicorn of the medical educational consultancies. The number of students who travel to the US seeking EduconIndia Medical’s service should be in thousands and this itself speaks for the organization. It aspires to become an inevitable source for success stories bridging dreams and realities together. It has sculpted a dynamic experience with its plethora of educational insights and hit the bull’s-eye. Over time, EduconIndia Medical has aced its appraisals and triumphed in the media, newspapers, blogs, and articles.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

With the COVID-19 condition, EduconIndia Medical has continued to go the extra mile by constantly updating the platform with par excellence. Srinidhi sets her sight on making EduconIndia Medical a brand, which requires no introduction. “I want to strive to make EduconIndia Medical a brand for all the right reasons. I see ourselves as a foundation, a platform, and the best overseas consultancy. We will continue to identify the super ambitious, struggling but aspiring and continue to shape their paths and make their lives. Many more miles to go, many more milestones to hit!”.