Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha

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Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha

An Exceptional Leader shaping the Medical Coding and Health Information Management

Medical Education is considered as one of the most prominent training and with the changing demographics Medical Schools, Institutes, and Universities are transforming. By integrating a holistic structure of medical training, sciences, and updated curriculum, the medical sector is striving for futuristic times and emphasize case-based learning, interpersonal skills, and educational opportunities.

Guiding students along the way are expert teachers with extensive experience, who help students at every step of their medical training and preparation to achieve their dreams. One of the resourceful personalities, Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha is a Teacher, Expert, and CEO of Medesun Medical Coding and HIM Academy.

A veteran in the field of Medical Coding and Billing, Dr. Guptha is a World Record Holder with 42 certifications like CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CPMA, CEMC, CIMC, CFPC, CUC, COBGC, CCS-P, CCS, RMC, RMA, CMBS, CMRS, CSCS, CGIC, CSBB, FCR, FNR, FOR, CHA, CHL7, AHIMA Certified ICD-10 Trainer, ICD-10-AM, and HIMAA Certified. He has bagged many honors and recognitions under his name including Genius Book of Records (Best Medical Coding Training), India Book of Records (Medical Coding Training Hyderabad), Wonder Book of Records (Online Medical Coding Training), Golden Star World Records (CPC Exam Certification) and much more.

His experience and knowledge base has laid the foundation of Medesun Global in the Medical Education forefront and grabbed a name for it over these lucrative years. The core team of the organization consists of skilled professionals dedicated to guiding students for excelling in their academic performance and future career path. The team has Certified Coders, Certified Billers, AHIMA ICD-10 Approved Trainers, Certified HIPAA Specialists, Trained more than 5000 Coders, Top Score 96%, 85% Pass rate, and 100% Job Assistance.

An Overview about Medesun

Established in 2009, Medesun Healthcare Solutions is an ISO 9001 and ISO ISMS Certified organization located in Hyderabad and Delaware USA. It abides by the mission of offering efficient and effective Medical Coding Training and Medical Billing Training with best-in-class result-equipped methodologies. With a wide-ranging experience of over 16 years in teaching, Medesun has trained over 6234 students successfully, where 5136 students are certified and have a committed and talented teaching staff of 45 members. It offers a diverse range of courses in the field of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM, CPT, HCPCS, HIPAA, HL7, Health Information Management, Medical Billing, and Coding Training.

An Online Learning Space

Our Mission is to provide affordable and quality education and to create efficient manpower to face the challenges due to the Healthcare Reform Act, HIPAA, HITECH Law, and RACs. It offers efficient and effective Medical coding training and Medical Billing Training.

With the rise of digital education, the focus now lies on the virtual teaching and learning process, Medesun Global offers comprehensive offerings to widespread medical students. It provides comprehensive Online Medical Coding and Billing Training with HIPAA Training-2021 Edition-Complete as early as in 3-4 months and takes Medical Coding, Medical Billing Board Exams from USA. The organization has a wide range of online training for degree students with Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Zoology, Genetics, MTs, PRs, B.pharm, Doctors, Bsc Nursing, GNMs, and Medical Billers only.

The online course includes Medical Terminology Videos, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Coding, ICD-10 CM Coding [Diagnosis]-2021, CPT Coding [Procedures/Surgeries]-2020, HCPCS Coding [Supplies/ Drugs], Medical Coding Advanced Level with hundreds of Practice Questions, Medical Billing in Detail CMS-1500, Clearing House, Revenue Cycle Management, Denial Management, AR work (Working on Denial and Rejections), Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, BCBS, Workers Compensation, NPI, CLIA, HIPAA Privacy and Security, Revenue Cycle Management/PQRI, Sample files for Coding and Billing (Job Oriented), and 5 Mock Exams-2021. The Medesun Medical Coding Training Online is rated as number one by industry experts.

The organization works with a holistic approach and its medical coding training offered includes ICD-10-CM for diagnosis coding, CPT for procedure coding, HCPCS for Supplies and Drug Coding, IP-DRG for hospital coding, ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS for Australia, and KSA medical coding. This training program is designed in a way that prepares the prospective coder for AAPC/AHIMA Medical coding certification exams. This program is for all students which includes beginners, intermediate, or professionals. It covers basic to advanced insights and is accessible at one’s ease and doesn’t require the students to give up on their existing jobs.

Medesun offers actual hands-on experience in addition to that the students will be learning how to do Demographics Posting, Medical Coding, Charge Posting, EOB/Payment Posting, and creating clean CMS 1500 forms. There is no other training model or course that provides you this level of teaching and guidance.

An Insight about Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Coders and Billers play an important role in the financial success of private practices and other health care facilities; hence let’s understand these concepts further:

● Medical Coding

Medical coding is converting a diagnosis or symptoms, procedures, and drugs into codes. Its application includes a diagnosis for insurance claims, administrative decisions, researching the quality of health care, planning for future health care needs, and many more. It is important for medical coders to always use the current editions of the coding manuals for correct and accurate medical coding and billing and also refer to the manuals and then assign the codes. It is of utmost significance to maintain the privacy and security of medical coders.

● Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims to insurance companies to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether they are private companies or government-owned. The work is submitted to insurance companies for payment purposes, data collection, research, billing, and quality improvement purposes.

The medical billing clerks review records and work with health insurance companies to calculate amounts due from patients. Online medical billing training will teach students the skills needed to succeed in this career.

A Sneak Peek into Career Opportunities and Exposures

According to the need of the hour, the medical sector is one of the most important sectors considering the recent pandemic times. Hence, one can be assured that the Medical coding and billing program is a recession-proof career. The medical sector further has multiple fields, which offer a vast scope of opportunities for professional growth on a national and international scale. With high global demand and excellent pay scale, these jobs are a reality for future medical professionals, who aim to strive in this career path. Moreover, one can climb the ladder of success by increasing their knowledge and attending new courses and training programs provided by Medesun. The students who complete the training program are issued a course completion certificate and can approach any medical coding and billing company for placement. They are selected on merit and should meet all the respective company standards.

A one-stop destination for coders and billers to study, learn and grow holistically with resourceful and affordable facilities. The overall key to success in completing the course can be built around establishing short- and long-term goals. Goals can be achieved by • Selecting a realistic timetable for the completion of the course • Planning study time • Meeting the course objectives • Reviewing and assessing all course content • Completing all assessment material • Preparing for the examination.

A Bunch of Medesun’s Top-notch Benefits

Medesun believes in providing its students with affordable online training which is convenient, reliable, and scalable. At the organization, learning and training happens according to one’s own pace with fraternity experts and keeping in mind the industry standards and requirements. Students from leading cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Mysore, Indore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Noida, Kerala, and many more take online medical coding training with 24/7 access, start to complete training in early as in 3 to 4 months, self-paced and other advantages.

The online training program is designed to fit every aspirant’s needs and has a prosperous career in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Santosh Guptha is drafting a strategy and plan to implement Medical Coding in Indian Hospitals. Medical Coding helps in statistics, proper decision making, control healthcare costs, Control fraud, and abuse, and offer better patient care.