Asslam Shaikh

Aslam Shaikh_Global Education Leaders of 2021

Asslam Shaikh

Mentoring to meet the Demands of the Globalized Society

In the age of competition and urbanization, where every student seeks to grab excellent prospects overseas and build a successful career on their own, there are torchbearers like Mr. Asslam Shaikh prepared to take the aspirer to dive into a pool of extraordinary opportunities with his leading overseas career consultancy firm, Aliff Overseas Consultancies and show them where they can go with hard work and the correct path. Based in Mumbai, it has opened thousands of doors for students according to their capacity and area of interest. Under the admirable headship of Mr. Shaikh, it guides, motivates, and delivers remarkable options in foreign education, clearing doubts and holding hands till the students achieve success.

With the broad vision of helping a million students across the country through quality guidance and counseling in 5 years, Mr. Shaikh aims to craft them as capable, determined, and glorious personalities in their respective careers. The students are gradually led via a step-by-step process to choose what suits them best without worrying about their grades or finances. It is his incessant exertions that the firm has established itself at the ground level and has improvised the lives of over 23000 students in the country.

The Leader behind the remarkable vision

Mr. Asslam Shaikh, a gallant and zealous personality, is the founder and CEO of Aliff Overseas Consultancies. A man with an exceptional dream and forward-looking approach is also an educationist and entrepreneur along with holding posts such as the ex-president of BNI Plus and an executive member of Academic Committee of Bombay Industries Association as well as a proud member of Indo-German, Indo-American, and Swiss-India Chamber of commerce. Mr. Shaikh believes in constant learning and keeps himself updated with the current expertise and opportunities for his students via attending training sessions at foreign universities.

Starting in 2008, from a small office of 100 sq. feet with a simple vision to provide affordable and high-quality foreign educational opportunities to Indian students. His efforts and determined zeal and the values that he believes in, have led Aliff with an impressive portfolio of over 190 colleges across 14+ countries offering a vast range of programs and specializations. Mr. Shaikh has himself channeled over 1000 students on the correct path and has also been attentive in taking feedback of his work from students on overseas campus. He is credited with the unique “Student Value Pyramid” that helps students see where they stand, what inspires them and helps them achieve their dream via his thoughtfully designed nine steps “TradeMark Solution” so that students can reach out to the pinnacle.

So, what makes Mr. Shaikh work so passionately and encourage the future generation to build up their future? What provokes Mr. Shaikh to motivate his students? The answer lies in believing in his mentors, choosing the right friends, networking with successful people, prominent books, and constant learning. For the advancement and progressive graph of his firm, Mr. Shaikh relies his faith on networking and continuous learning. He visits his students, different universities across the globe where there are ample opportunities to gain knowledge of different education systems, cultures, and people. He says “google will not prepare you to make your impression of the world.”

Learning from obstacles and Moving Ahead

Every success story is full of intermissions and obstacles unless overcome, but how one can defeat them is what defines success. Mr. Shaikh’s story has been through the same course. Initiating through conventional methods with low exposure, Mr. Shaikh gradually shifted the focus towards emerging trends and state-of-the-art proficiency. It took time, but the fruits were sweeter than he might have thought. Realizing the demands of their clients and the industry of futurist programs and technical know-how, the firm has undergone numerous alterations only to emerge excellently. Ever since then neither Mr. Shaikh nor Aliff has stopped learning & unlearning, exploring new avenues, or accepting fresh ideas for their students and universities.

The hurdles that came through only empowered Mr. Shaikh to work for the greater good. There are examples of how Aliff has been God’s gift to students. A cobbler’s son in Mahim studied abroad (Singapore) and was able to buy the first residential flat for his family. A student with 78% having lost hope in IIT was successful in getting admission into the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. An average student from Mumbai studied MBA from Ireland and is now working with Dell at a senior level. Not only this, several students with a meager score of 70% to 85% got free educational facilities in Germany and are pursuing their masters in Engineering & IT. Mr. Shaikh rightly believes, “You don’t always need high marks or personality or finance – it’s the right guidance which can help you to achieve your dream faster.”

Achievements that glorified his efforts

The satisfaction of a student after achieving the means of happiness and security for his family and himself can only determine the success of Mr. Shaikh’s struggles. But several achievements are the cherry on the cake. For his commendable leadership and constructive persona, Mr. Shaikh has been awarded the ‘Genius’ Award by Times Education (The Times of India) and CSR award for the Development in the Education Sector 2020. Along with which Aliff has garnered Singapore Education Specialist by Singapore Tourism Board and British council Silver Partner Award for IELTS coaching. Aliff also holds a Visa success rate of 95%, and an Admission success rate of 100%, and has bestowed Scholarships worth Rs. 23+ Crore awarded to their students to date.

No company is successful without a resolute and admirable team. Mr. Shaikh recognizes his team’s potentials and to make their work more progressive and fun, he organizes various events and celebrations programs such as Diwali decorations, Navratri – color code to wear, Eid – lunch, Ramzan – iftaari and also encourage his performing staff to take up a foreign trip to visit international universities and inculcate knowledge and meet students on campus who share their experiences.

“Do not follow the rat race”

The most important aspect of having a mentor to guide one is that h/she always encourages and builds confidence in oneself to try something new. That is what Mr. Shaikh believes in too. He asks his students to “never follow the rat race”. Everyone has their own experiences with their performance which helps them to improvise and innovate ideas. Focusing on what matters most he says, “Self-learning is poisonous. Be global, travel, explore life is too short to be a citizen of just one country. Above all, take care of your health. Healthy mind, body & soul is a basic prerequisite to play the big game in life. ”