Global Education Leaders of 2021

Global Education Leaders of 2021

Welcome to Education Stalwarts’ Global Education Leaders of 2021 issue, our annual feature highlighting global educators in the Education fraternity that are putting their best foot forward in the face of adversities and bringing forth the best in their holistic students with changing advancements. Read on to learn more about these revolutionary leaders—and prepare to be inspired.

Cover Story Profile

Srinidhi Naidu

A Tale of a Titan

Every teenager has at least once dreamt of studying abroad, it is one of those things that cross our minds when a popular commercial of a successful professional working abroad grabs our eyeballs or we notice a banner displayed near an IT hub…

Special Category Profile

Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul)

A Man of Perseverance, Performance and Panache

Everyone wants to bring a change, create a revolution under their name – these are potential leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs from the present guiding individuals to make this world a better place. Recreating or Reinventing from scratch has never been easy, it’s one of those fundamental practices when either…

Special Category Profile

Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha

An Exceptional Leader shaping the Medical Coding and Health Information Management

Medical Education is considered as one of the most prominent training and with the changing demographics Medical Schools, Institutes, and Universities are transforming. By integrating a holistic structure of medical training, sciences, and updated curriculum…

Asslam Shaikh

Mentoring to meet the Demands of the Globalized Society

In the age of competition and urbanization, where every student seeks to grab excellent prospects overseas and build a successful career on their own, there are torchbearers like Mr. Asslam Shaikh prepared to take the aspirer to dive into a pool of extraordinary opportunities with his leading overseas career consultancy firm, Aliff Overseas Consultancies…

David Kirkham

An Adept Leader Empowering Young Minds through a Breakthrough and Comprehensive Platform

Education embarks on a journey of holistic development for each child. It shapes students’ dreams into realities and serves them with a solid foundation to walk on lifelong. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults…

Diane Ravitch

Striving Today for a Better Tomorrow

This excerpt showcases the sheer grit of a persona who believes in giving back to society and contributing to creating a world laid on the foundation of education for the next generation. Keeping people’s wellbeing always at the forefront, she has earned her name synonymous with conviction and commitment to help others create a difference…

Ian Findlay

An Exemplary Leader stimulating Best-in-Class Education and Health in the Upcoming Times

An avid leader envisioning to manifest his goals at every step of the journey is Professor Ian Findlay, President, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Puthisastra (UP), Phnom Penh, Cambodia…

Joseph Fung

A Trailblazer Empowering HK’s Educational Community

With an aim for social advancement change amongst local communities, while offering high-quality education with excellent resources, a dream was founded. A passionate and philanthropist leader, Joseph Fung is an action taker, who has transformed his vision into a reality…

Kalisha Vali Shaik

Guiding the Potential Minds in the Right Way

In the 21st century world of technology, globalization, and urbanization, opportunities are not fewer, only if one knows when and how to grab those. After completing basic education students set out to choose fields they think are best suited for their “dream job”…

Editors’ Pick

The Revival of Global Leadership in the Pandemic Times

The Revival of Global Leadership in the Pandemic Times

The coronavirus outbreak has made the world come to a standstill; this international pandemic has exploded with leaps and bounds with a devastating number of millions affected by it…

A Global Mindset for Leading around the Globe

A Global Mindset for Leading around the Globe

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. – Warren Bennis

Leadership is a choice more than just a trend. In this fast-paced world, as many fear stepping into the leadership…

The Global Team: Stepping up their A Game

The Global Team: Stepping up their A Game

A few years back, putting together a committed and excellent performing team to grow a business was an easy task. All one had to do was find potential professionals, interview them, hire them for their respective positions, and the go-ahead to build an exceptional team…

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