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We all know how much students love extra-curricular activities. Undoubtedly, they have their best time when they are fully engrossed in activities- that they love doing and have a good time learning. As we know, every student is different; there is a chance that no two students can like the same activity. So, to find out which activity is best for a student and how it will help him/her in the future is a task. 

First, understand the importance of extracurricular activities. We all know the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; this talks about how only working here studying can be tedious. Following a monotonous routine, every day results in no growth and also caters to continuous being in a comfort zone. This way the students are not able to discover new options and open doors to more opportunities. Hence, extra-curricular activities are a must for students for their development in all phases of their learning journey. Now, the question arises, how extra-curricular activities are a boon for career growth. The activities facilitate cognitive skills among students, wherein they can build various sets of skills like decision-making, teamwork, communication, focus, and more. Such capabilities are additions to a great resume and a resourceful career. So, let’s have a look at some of the best extra-curricular activities:

  • Sports

Playing sports can be a hobby, an interest, a talent, or part of a fitness regime. However, overall sport is the ultimate way to boost both physical and mental health. For students, this is a stress buster as students have long study hours and also have to deal with preparation for tests and more. So, indulging or actively participating in sports is a great way to learn, develop, increase energy, and create a balance in overall life. Most schools and colleges have their sports teams and require infrastructure to train students to become sport enthusiastic on a global scale. This trait is one of the best for career growth as playing sports makes you feel team-spirited which is an advantage for a good resume.   

  • Languages

Learning a language is fascinating and it also expands your horizon to a different set of professions. With the help of language learning, students have shown enhanced problem-solving skills, improved communication skills, better memory function, creative thinking capacity, and good performance across the curriculum. A second language has been made compulsory in many schools for students at an early age. So, overall language learning is a valuable addition to your portfolio which will make you stand out. With the willingness to learn and the patience to do it every day, many organizations choose candidates with the ability to understand and translate international languages.    

  • Music, Dance, and Art

Being creatively intelligent is a trait that is unique in every sense. The way creative minds work is beyond imagination and words. The most powerful personalities in history are the ones with creative intelligent minds. Hence, creative skills play a big role in shaping our careers. It boosts lateral thinking, gives a unique perspective, creates higher imagination levels, brings our original ideas, and more. So, students should enroll themselves in any form of music, dance, or art-related activities for establishing a creative mind. These sorts of extra-curricular activities increase their confidence, teach them about the association with other artists, help them in self-presentation, and more.   

  • Reading 

Above every other skill and capability, reading is what makes you stand out. The world’s most powerful personalities are readers for life. How and why is reading the number one skill, it’s simple- because books are an encyclopedia of knowledge about well-researched topics written by the experts themselves. The best way to learn is by reading books, this doesn’t imply reading only a specific genre of books. It completely depends on one’s interest and taste, you could like fiction, non-fiction, or any other categories but the most important part is to just read. If you are not a reader, inculcate the habit of reading in your life, it will help you lifelong. Reading helps with writing, thinking, talking, ideating, processing, and more. Hence, read daily and make it a fun activity to read different kinds of books time and again to grow your knowledge base. 

All these extracurricular activities and more are vital in the longer run. At a young age, students should try to explore and discover themselves as much as possible. Their interests, talents, skills, capabilities, and more will help them excel in their life throughout.