Implementing the Dream to Reach & Unveil the Interplanetary Wonders

Dr. Srimathy Kesan, a gallant soul, with the vision of fulfilling every child’s curiosity of reaching beyond the blue blanket, rousing her students through her exciting life story and is educating the heady minds with her venture, Space Kidz India for mounting their eccentricity at the global level by her knowledge and passion for teaching. Started in 2011, “Space Kidz India” (SKI) along with Dr. Kesan’s mentoring is facilitating young minds to explore and revolutionize their ideas in the field of science, art and culture. Dr. Kesan aims to rescind the traditional Indian Education System and twitch the unmapped road of “Space Education” through her distinctive line-ups for the forthcoming inventors.

Dr. Kesan was married at the tender of 18. Her journey of coming back to her professional life after a fissure of nearly 16 years is indeed extraordinary. She was a paratrooper, NCC Best Cadet, and a National Level Basketball champion during her school and college which always kept her vigorous and enthused. Dr. Kesan says she is a believer of destiny and that, “when the right time comes, everything will start falling into places but you should keep on trying with passion.”

My Kidz Are My Source of Inspiration

When asked about what keeps her going? How she manages to stay enthusiastic and positive all the time, Dr. Kesan’s reply was heart-warming. She believes that her kids are the reason for her strength and for her being energetic and workaholic all along. Dr. Kesan analyses her work and is an advocate of finding resolutions to every probable problem through the fiend’s point of view which makes her, as she believes, more procreant.

She is the first person from India who has been honoured with the ambassador status by the top 3 space organizations (Euro Space Center, Russian Space Center & NASA) in the world also an Ambassador to the World Peace Organization, Ambassador and National Secretary for “India turns Pink”, a platform which creates awareness for breast cancer. She has been working for the juvenile home, adopting a government school to endow the children there and also worked with her team during the calamities in Tamil Nadu, which gave her an immense source of satisfaction.

Launching the Dreams by Defeating the Bugs That Came Along

The visualization of launching a satellite by high school students came true when in 2015, the young scientists of SKI designed and launched the first-ever “Near Space Launch Vehicle” (NSLV), a balloon satellite named NSLV KALAM 1 that was flown to stratosphere and created numerous archives besides a special mention by the Limca Book of World Records for being the first student team to launch balloon from India that reached an altitude of 1,07,000 ft. Team SKI also planned and launched “World’s Lightest Satellite” aka Kalam SAT, that was fully 3D printed, measuring 3.8 cm3 and weighed 64 grams. It was launched by NASA along with multiple experiments on Terrier Orion sounding rocket on 22 June 2017 from the Wallops Island flight facility in Virginia.

The efforts and perseverance by the team brought prodigious glory to SKI. “Gulab Jamoon to the stars”, a book was written by Srinivas Laxman, senior space journalist of India. Various magazines including Forbes and the India Post deliberated about the astounding journey of SKI. “This was truly a huge feather in our cap, my childhood dream of being featured on the “wrapper of FORBES” has come slightly close”, says Dr. Kesan. KALAMSAT V2 was launched by ISRO on 24th January 2019. KALAMSAT V2 was the first to use fourth stage (PS4) of the PSLV as an orbital platform. The satellite was taken to its designated orbit (~470KM) by PSLV-C44. Space Kidz India is the only organization with the erratic centenary to launch 13 balloon satellites, 2 suborbital satellites, and 1 orbital satellite.

Disclosing the obstacles she faced being a woman in this exclusive Space industry, Dr. Kesan states, “I am a staunch believer in the saying, “No Pain, No Gain”. Today from where I began to where I am, is a testimony of the same.”

Being a Kid with Her Kidz

To emphasize the students on their work, Dr. Kesan authorizes the children to come up with their notions and decipher ongoing problems that keep them full of activity and motivated rather than reiterating the same tasks. She also encourages them with the stories of the hurdles she encountered in her life starting from being the first girl cadet to hold a sword, rifle shooter and dancer, to getting married at 18 and today rebounding to work in the Space Industry.

Not only scholastically, but Dr. Kesan also aspires to deliver her students the psychosomatic needs and whelming the morals into their instinct by being a mother to them.

Drudges That Enumerated the Vision and Mission

Remembering how difficult it was to use daily life appliances without the access of the art labs at first, Dr. Kesan quotes how she and her crew erudite them on their own. SKI emboldens their kids for path-breaking innovations and inculcates the same through meetings with scientists and cosmonauts like Salizan Sharipov (Director of Yuri Gagarin Space Centre, Moscow) and Astronaut Marsha Ivins (NASA) to India along with Retd. Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma – Hero of Soviet Union, Space traveler, and the only Indian Cosmonaut.

SKI also plan their almanac challenges like “Young Scientist India”, “Youth Icon”, and “I 4 India – Innovate for India” for indoctrinating the ideas from all over the country. Dr. Kesan targets to create a state of the art exclusive space university that teaches trailblazing technology to help the pioneers built and operate satellites, rockets, and UAVs.

Forge Advice for the Aspirants

Dr. Kesan urges the new aspirants to plan everything before-hand and execute them with valour. According to her, failures are going to be a success quotient one day.