Colleges in the United States have transitioned to online exams for a few weeks as the campuses continue to remain closed due to the continuous outbreak of the pandemic. Exams have become online and open-book with schools having very little time to adjust.

In the quest of acquiring this new format of online examinations, students are likely to face new test styles and challenges in upcoming times for weeks and months as colleges look to adapt. Colleges are working on academic uprightness issues, student management in various time zones, availing competent resources for the students with disabilities, and making sure the availability of requirements for taking the exams. As schools and professors decide on how to supervise this, students can anticipate clashes with the technical staff during this unusual situation.

Numerous colleges are banking on Canvas, a web-based learning management system, which can be utilized as the juncture for conducting the online examinations. With the courtesy of this web-based application, students may face three examination formats: essay exams; series of smaller quizzes; and exams involving tools that lock web browsers restricting them to look up outside information or exit the exam until it is submitted.