Revolutionizing the Process of Teaching with Impeccable Coaching

With the aim to make the students apprehend the concepts the way a teacher attempts to illuminate it to them, Ms Ashton Horn is an English teacher, writer, model, a former softball player who played for 15 years and was an All-State pitcher in high school, her emotional connect with her passion to bombard the educational potentials of the society and her strive to teach every aspiring student around the world with the application of Montessori Schooling and presenting the pupils with the right track for triumphing the principal endpoint in life. Creative, resilient, passionate, motivated, determined, etc. are some of the many extraordinary words that delimit her immense thirst to imbibe her students a sense of healthy success to give out brilliant results through their educational performances. With her considerable teaching experience to preach the students from high schools and middle schools with ages 3-35, Ms Ashton Horn is currently serving as an English teacher in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China.

So Many Roles to Play

Ms Ashton Horn is a native of Davenport, Iowa in America. She played as well as coached softball players, while in high school, for which she received all-conference honors each year in college. She is a recipient of a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Education including a minor degree in psychology. She also has a TESOL Certificate meant to teach English globally. Being featured as a writer in four magazines and a book of poems published, Ms Horn is a notorious writer as well. She also has her children’s book about a Killer Whale coming in the mid-autumn festival. Disclosing the confidence, public speaking skills and the “dare to break out and try something new” attitude she got for her passion, Ms Horn considers is the result of walking the ramp during the petite modeling profession she had back in Iowa. She is fluent in English, German, French, Arabic, and Russian and wishes to accomplish Chinese as well.

Ms Horn has an experience of working with both American and international apprentices while in the Writing Centre at Western Illinois University campus, where she supported with rudimentary tutoring and research writing and Master’s thesis writing for graduates in the Education and English departments. Correspondingly she taught online in Shunyi, Beijing for a year afore coming to China.

Ms Horn is also an English poet best known for The Life of the Fire Moon, a beautiful collection of poems that portrays events from Ms Horn’s life. Through this poetry, Ms Horn describes human emotions, hopes and dreams, the despair of falling, and the ability to rise from the ashes and become whole again.

The Strive to Be the Best Mentor

Ms Horn endeavours to become the finest teacher she can be. She twitches from assisting the pioneers to setback the hurdles that emanate along the way. She states she has a habit of researching the syllabi around the world to ensure that her apprentices get the best they desire for. She imagines a world where every student who seeks to learn is delivered with educators like her who put their heart and soul for the progress of the upcoming world. Ms Horn relies on the fact that Montessori methods of schooling can act as a supplement piece to struggling students in non-Montessori schools. Being a pugnacious student herself in Math, Ms Horn says she realizes how problematic it is for a pupil to comprehend what the instructor is trying to preach. She does her utmost to work for these students and persuade them to never give up and grind hard to shingle a place in this dominating and changing world and in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Berlin, Paris, London, and New York.

Talking of the loving memories with her kids, Ms Horn quotes what stays close to her heart is at the lunchtime when the students ask her to pronounce various food, drinks, and cutlery in Chinese and how she makes mistakes in the pronunciation to let the kids have a giggle which lightens their mood. Creating a positive environment among the students in the classroom is what Ms Horn bashes every hour of her day. Ms Horn received the Teacher of the Month award for her exceptional and motivating tutoring in the incredibly competitive Chinese school system. She contemplates teaching in the Chinese school system as an honor since she got the opportunity to learn different types of curricula, such as Montessori, IB, and company-owned curriculum which she considers will benefit her as her career progresses.

The biggest obstacle that clogged her path was when Ms Horn realized that her sister has cerebral palsy due to which she had to quit her full-time job and start online tutoring so that she could support her with every promising aid. Subsequently knowing that she will recuperate soon, Ms Horn moved to Beijing to continue with her work. Remembering her days with her beloved sister, Ms Horn quotes, “I think saying goodbye to my sister was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Inculcating the Morals and Guiding the Way through It

Ms Horn follows the way the Chinese teachers teach culture and language to their students. She says,” Each of us has something in which we excel as far as content and teaching, and it’s important to build each other up and encourage each other when in the classroom.” She believes to have a spontaneous approach to help her co-workers when vital which builds values and is responsible for a vision to offer the apprentices with the best education including ethics such as the sense of responsibility, harmony, courage, gratitude, integrity, and freedom of expression.

Ms Horn gains a lot of knowledge from her colleagues in China. She cites what she accomplished the best is decision-making and the way she started planning everything advances in a reduced amount of time.

Tip to Fellow Aspirants

Ms Horn believes in the American saying, “In Loco Parentis”, which is Latin term meaning “to act in place of parent”. Her determinant approach is to care for her learners by framing her path with great learning material and synchronization among her colleagues.

“Teaching is an art, find your own way to work your craft.”